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[. . . ] Keep it dry. PROTECT YOUR HEARING Listen to a headset at a moderate level, and do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is in use. 4 Get started Get started Your phone You can insert two SIM cards into your phone, but only one card can be active at a time. You can switch from one number to the other without switching off your phone. You can use the active SIM card to view or call or send messages to the contacts saved on the inactive SIM card. The length of time required to switch between the SIM cards may vary, depending on the network signal strength and the amount of available memory on your SIM card. Insert a SIM card and the battery 1 2 3 4 5 Place your finger in the recess at the bottom of the device, and carefully lift and remove the back cover (1). [. . . ] A compatible headset needs to be attached to the device for the FM radio to function properly. You need at least one saved channel for the clock radio to function properly. PIN codes The PIN code supplied with the SIM card protects the card against unauthorised use. The PIN2 code supplied with some SIM cards is required to access certain services. If you enter the PIN or PIN2 code incorrectly three times in succession, you are asked for the PUK or PUK2 code. If PIN code request is activated for either of the SIM cards, you will be asked to enter the PIN code when the phone is switched on. To set how your device uses PIN codes, select Menu > Settings > Security settings. Support When you want to learn more about how to use your product or you are unsure how your device should function, go to www. nokia. com/support, or using a mobile device, nokia. mobi/support. If this does not resolve your issue, do one of the following: • • Reboot your device. Restore the original factory settings. If your issue remains unsolved, contact Nokia for repair options. Before sending your device for repair, always back up the data in your device. Product and safety information 11 Product and safety information About your device The wireless device described in this guide is approved for use on the (E) GSM 900 and 1800 MHz networks. Warning: To use any features in this device, other than the alarm clock, the device must be switched on. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that will corrode electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery, and allow the device to dry completely before replacing it. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries, and warp or melt certain plastics. When the device warms to its normal temperature from a cold temperature, moisture can form inside the device and damage electronic circuit boards. Do not attempt to open the device other than as instructed in this guide. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged. • • • • • • • • • • Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the device. Unauthorised antennas, modifications, or attachments could damage the device and may violate regulations governing radio devices. Persons who have such devices should: • • • • • Always keep the wireless device more than 15. 3 centimetres (6 inches) from the medical device. Hold the wireless device to the ear opposite the medical device. Turn the wireless device off if there is any reason to suspect that interference is taking place. Follow the manufacturer directions for the implanted medical device. If you have any questions about using your wireless device with an implanted medical device, consult your health care provider. Hearing aids Some digital wireless devices may interfere with some hearing aids. [. . . ] You should never rely solely on any wireless device for essential communications like medical emergencies. Depending on your device, you may also need to complete the following: • • • 2 3 4 Insert a SIM card if your device uses one. Remove certain call restrictions you have activated in your device. Press the end key as many times as needed to clear the display and ready the device for calls. Press the call key. Change your profile from Offline or Flight profile to an active profile. Enter the official emergency number for your present location. [. . . ]


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