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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Nokia C3­00 User Guide Issue 2 2 Contents Text and multimedia messages Flash messages Nokia Xpress audio messages Nokia Messaging Service Voice messages Message settings Contacts Music Media player FM radio Photos Capture images and record video clips View your images and video clips Applications Alarm clock Gallery Extras Voice recorder To-do list Calendar Settings Profiles Tones Display Date and time Shortcuts Synchronisation and backup Connectivity Call and phone Accessories Configuration Restore factory settings 15 16 17 17 17 17 18 19 19 19 20 20 20 21 21 21 21 21 22 22 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 24 26 27 27 27 Contents Safety Support Nokia C3 in brief Key features Keys and parts Get started Insert SIM card and battery Switch on or off Antennas Charge the battery Headset Insert a microSD card Remove the microSD card Connect a USB data cable Attach the wrist strap Magnets and magnetic fields Access codes Home screen Keypad lock Use your device without a SIM card Applications running in background Calls Make and answer a call Loudspeaker Dialling shortcuts Write text Write text using the keyboard Predictive text input Navigate the menus Messaging 4 5 5 5 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 14 15 15 © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. Contents Web or Internet Connect to a web service Operator menu SIM services Green tips Save energy Recycle Product and safety information Index 28 28 28 29 29 29 29 30 37 3 © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. 4 Safety WATER-RESISTANCE Your device is not waterresistant. SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the device on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. [. . . ] Connectivity Your phone has several features that allow you to connect to other devices to transmit and receive data. You can also connect the phone to a wireless LAN to access the internet. WLAN connectivity You can use a wireless local area network (WLAN) to connect to the internet. You can search and connect to available networks, save and manage preferred networks, and modify connectivity settings. Your device supports automatic WLAN hotspot authentication and will automatically detect if this type of authentication is required to access the internet, for example, in some public places. If a WLAN connection is not used for about 5 minutes, it closes automatically. Features using wireless LAN increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery life. Settings Hidden WLANs do not broadcast their service set identifier (SSID). When you save the hidden network, it is displayed in the list of available WLANs. Important: Always enable one of the available encryption methods to increase the security of your wireless LAN connection. Using encryption reduces the risk of unauthorised access to your data. Saved WLANs Display, manage, connect to, and prioritise your saved wireless LANs (WLAN). Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > WLAN and Saved WLANs. Manage your WLANs Select Options and from the following: Connect -- Connect to the WLAN manually. All rights reserved. 25 security code and phone number, and select Send. Edit WLAN parameters Scroll to a WLAN, and select Edit and from the following: Connection method -- Connect to an available WLAN automatically. Bluetooth wireless technology Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your device, using radio waves, to a compatible Bluetooth device or accessory that is within 10 metres (32 feet). Set up a Bluetooth connection 1 Select My phone's name, and enter a name for your device. 4 To pair your device with any Bluetooth device in range, select Paired devices > Add new device. Scroll to a found device, and select Add. 26 Settings Enter a passcode (up to 16 characters) on your device, and allow the connection on the other Bluetooth device. Packet data General packet radio service (GPRS) is a network service that allows mobile phones to send and receive data over an internet protocol (IP) based network. To define how to use the service, select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Packet data > Packet data connection and from the following: When needed -- Establish a packet data connection when needed by an application. Always online -- Automatically connect to a packet data network when you switch the device on. You can use your device as a modem by connecting it to a compatible PC using Bluetooth technology. [. . . ] EXCEPT AS REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW, NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE MADE IN RELATION TO THE ACCURACY, RELIABILITY OR CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT. NOKIA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVISE THIS DOCUMENT OR WITHDRAW IT AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. The availability of particular products and applications and services for these products may vary by region. Please check with your Nokia dealer for details and availability of language options. [. . . ]


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