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[. . . ] INTERFERENCE All wireless devices may be susceptible to interference, which could affect performance. Switch the device off in aircraft, near medical equipment, fuel, chemicals, or blasting areas. QUALIFIED SERVICE Only qualified personnel may install or repair this product. ACCESSORIES AND BATTERIES Use only approved accessories and batteries. [. . . ] Synchronisation and backup Select Menu > Settings > Sync and backup. Select from the following: Phone switch -- Synchronise or copy selected data, such as your contacts, © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. 24 Settings Note: Using WLAN may be restricted in some countries. Connect to a WLAN Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > WLAN. Search for available wireless local area networks (WLAN) Select Available WLANs and the desired WLAN. Save a connected WLAN Scroll to the WLAN, and select Options > Save. Modify internet connection settings Select Internet connection > Ask first or Do not ask. If you select Ask first, you are asked for the connection method every time you open an application that requires an internet connection, such as Browser or Mail. If you select Do not ask, the device connects to a saved WLAN, if available, when an application requires an internet connection. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. calendar entries, notes, or messages, between your device and another device. Sync with server -- Synchronise or copy selected data between your device and a PC or network server (network service). Automatically redial ten times after an unsuccessful attempt Select Automatic redial > On. Get a notification of incoming calls while you are in a call Select Call waiting > Activate (network service). If you are concerned about security, deactivate the Bluetooth function, or set Phone visibility to Hidden. Connect your PC to the internet You can use Bluetooth technology to connect your compatible PC to the internet without the PC Suite software. Your device must be able to connect to the internet (network service), and your PC must support Bluetooth technology. After connecting to the network access point (NAP) service of the device, and pairing with your PC, your device automatically opens a packet data connection to the internet. This device is compliant with Bluetooth Specification 2. 1 + EDR supporting the following profiles: generic access, handsfree, headset, object push, file transfer, dial-up networking, serial port, SIM access, and generic object exchange. To ensure interoperability between other devices supporting Bluetooth technology, use Nokia approved accessories for this model. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to determine their compatibility with this device. Features using Bluetooth technology increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery life. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. Settings Display or hide your number to the person you are calling Select Send my caller ID (network service). Set the display language Select Language settings > Phone language. [. . . ] The actual SAR level of an operating device can be below the maximum value because the device is designed to use only the power required to reach the network. That amount changes depending on a number of factors such as how close you are to a network base station. The highest SAR value under the ICNIRP guidelines for use of the device at the ear is 1. 09 W/kg. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. 35 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL NOKIA OR ANY OF ITS LICENSORS BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA OR INCOME OR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES HOWSOEVER CAUSED. [. . . ]


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