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[. . . ] Nokia Digital Radio Headset DAB Issue 1. 0 ENGLISH Nokia, Nokia Connecting People and the Nokia Original Accessories logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. © 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved. Introduction With the Nokia Digital Radio Headset DAB, you can receive digital radio broadcasts in the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) format, make and answer calls, and listen to music from a compatible device. [. . . ] To If you do not have access to a digital improve indoor reception, move close radio service, make sure you have a to a window while wearing the valid subscription to the service and headset. that you are in the coverage area of the service. Digital radio services Get started The headset contains the following parts shown on the title page: USB plug (1), volume down key (2), volume up key (3), call key (4), clip (5), headphone connector (6), rewind key (7), play/pause key (8), fast-forward key (9), DAB radio key (10), and microphone (11). The headset can be used with a compatible Nokia mobile device that has a micro USB connector and with compatible headphones that have a 3. 5 mm stereo plug. The headset supports the USB 2. 0 Full Speed standard. ENGLISH Warning: When you use the headset, your ability to hear outside sounds may be affected. Do not place credit cards or other magnetic storage media near the device, because information stored on them may be erased. Basic use Connect headphones Insert the plug of your headphones into the headphone connector, and insert the USB plug of the headset into the USB connector in your mobile device. For optimal performance, use the headphones supplied with the headset. Listen to digital radio Before you start using the headset to listen to radio broadcasts on your compatible Nokia device, make sure the Nokia Digital Radio DAB/DAB+ application is installed in the device. The headset uses the headphone cable as an antenna for the built-in radio receiver. For details on using the application, see the in-device help of the application. Wear the headset Place the speaker pads of your headphones on your ears (12). ENGLISH To select the next DAB radio station on the station list in the application, press the fast-forward key. To select the previous station, press the rewind key. Listen to music You can use the headset to listen to music on your compatible mobile device. Warning: Listen to a headset at a moderate level. Change the volume To change the headset volume, use the To play a song, select the song in the volume keys. For Calls details, see the user guide of your To make a call, use your mobile device device. in the normal way when the headset is To select the next song, press the fastconnected to your device. To select the previous If your mobile device supports voice song, press the rewind key. To scroll dialling, press and hold the call key, through the songs quickly during and proceed as described in the user playback, press and hold either key. To pause or restart playback, press the To answer or end a call, press the call play/pause key. [. . . ] Check product environmental information and how to recycle your Nokia products at www. nokia. com/werecycle, or with a mobile device, www. nokia. mobi/werecycle. ENGLISH The crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol on your product, battery, literature, or packaging reminds you that all electrical and electronic products, batteries, and accumulators must be taken to separate collection at the end of their working life. For more information on the environmental attributes of your device, see www. nokia. com/ecodeclaration. [. . . ]


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