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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Nokia E63 User Guide 9211424 Issue 1 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, NOKIA CORPORATION declares that this RM-437 product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at http:// www. nokia. com/phones/declaration_of_conformity/. © 2008 Nokia. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Eseries, Nokia E63, and Visual Radio are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners. [. . . ] · Writing language -- Change the writing language. Travelling 80 Receive landmarks Select Menu > Communic. Open a message that contains a landmark you have received from another device. Scroll to the landmark, and press the scroll key. To save the landmark in your device, select Options > Save. To forward the landmark to compatible devices, select Options > Send. To show the received landmark on the map, select Options > Show on map. To find out how to navigate to the received landmark, select Options > Show route. Media Your device contains a variety of media applications for both business and leisure time use. Select Options > Flash to always use flash, never use it, or use it automatically according to surrounding light conditions. If the light is dim, select Options > Night mode > On before capturing an image. To adjust the image, select Options > Adjust > White balance or Colour tone. Camera Select Menu > Media > Camera. Capture an image To capture images in a sequence, select Options > Sequence mode. To capture timed images, select Options > Selftimer, and the desired time-out. Tip: To access the various camera modes quickly, select Options > Show toolbar. Your device supports an image capture resolution of up to 1600x1200 pixels. To capture an image, use the display as a viewfinder, aim at your subject, and press the scroll key. The device saves the image in Gallery, or in the folder you have defined. If you do not want to keep the captured image, select Options > Delete. Select Options > Go to Gallery to view the image in Gallery. To view the captured images, select Menu > Media > Gallery > Images. Record a video clip 1. The remaining recording time is shown at the top of the display. Media 81 2. To pause the recording, select Pause; to resume the recording, select Continue. The device saves the clip in Gallery, or in the folder you have defined. If you do not want to keep the recorded video clip, select Options > Delete. Select Options > Play to view the video clip in the RealPlayer application. With the Nokia Podcasting application, you can search, discover, subscribe, and download podcasts over the air; and play, manage, and share podcasts with your device. Define the connection and downloading settings before using the application. Select Options > Settings > Connection and Download. Media Camera settings Select Options > Settings. To adjust image quality, to select whether images remain on the display after capturing them, and to change resolution, default name, or memory in which to save your new images, select Image. To search for podcasts using keywords and podcast show titles, select Search. To search for new podcast episodes to subscribe to, select Directories. [. . . ] The use of wireless teledevices in an aircraft may be dangerous to the operation of the aircraft, disrupt the wireless telephone network, and may be illegal. Additional safety information Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always, clearly marked. They include below deck on boats, chemical transfer or storage facilities and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles such as grain, dust, or metal powders. You should check with the manufacturers of vehicles using liquefied petroleum gas (such as propane or butane) to determine if this device can be safely used in their vicinity. Emergency calls Important: This device operates using radio signals, wireless networks, landline networks, and user-programmed functions. If your device supports voice calls over the internet (internet calls), activate both the internet calls and the cellular phone. [. . . ]


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