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[. . . ] Keep it dry. GLASS PARTS The front cover of the device is made of glass. This glass can break if the device is dropped on a hard surface or receives a substantial impact. If the glass breaks, do not touch the glass parts of the device or attempt to remove the broken glass from the device. Stop using the device until the glass is replaced by qualified service personnel. 6 Safety PROTECT YOUR HEARING Listen to a headset at a moderate level, and do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is in use. Get started 7 Get started Keys and parts Top 1 2 3 4 Micro-USB connector Charging indicator light Nokia AV connector (3. 5 mm) Power key Front 1 2 3 4 5 6 Earpiece Call key Microphone Menu key End key Front camera 8 Sides Get started 1 2 3 4 5 6 Charger connector Volume up/Zoom in key Voice key Volume down/Zoom out key Key lock switch Camera key Back 1 2 3 4 5 Loudspeaker Back camera Camera flash Back cover release latch and secondary microphone Wrist strap hole Get started 9 Touch screen To control your phone, lightly touch the screen with your fingertips. [. . . ] You need to use a Nokia Video Connectivity Cable (available separately), and may need to modify the TV-out settings and aspect ratio. To modify the TV-out settings, select > Settings and Phone > Accessories > TV-Out. 1 2 3 Connect a Nokia Video Connectivity Cable to the video input of a compatible TV. Connect the other end of the Nokia Video Connectivity Cable to the Nokia AV Connector of your phone. Browse for the file you want to view. Do not connect products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device. If you connect an Videos and TV external device or headset, other than those approved by Nokia for use with this device, to the Nokia AV connector, pay special attention to volume levels. 77 Videos and TV Videos About Videos Select > Videos. You can browse, download, and watch videos on your phone when out and about. Using services or downloading content may cause transfer of large amounts of data, which may result in data traffic costs. To browse the videos you have tab. To download videos from Nokia Store, open the Watch a video Select a video to play. Select and hold If the video is not in the same aspect ratio as the screen of your phone, you can zoom in or stretch the picture, so it fills the screen. Select 78 Music and audio Video subtitles are shown automatically if the subtitle file has the same name and file location as the video file. The SRT and SUB subtitle file formats and ANSI and Unicode character encoding are supported. If you have any credit or downloads, or you have subscribed to unlimited downloading with your Nokia account, do not close the account. Protected content Digital rights management (DRM) protected content, such as pictures, videos, or music, comes with an associated licence that defines your rights to use the content. DRM protected songs cannot be used, for example, as ringtones or alarm tones. You can view the details and status of the licences, and reactivate and remove licences. Manage digital rights licences > Settings > Phone > Phone management > Security settings > Select Protected content. The sound clip is automatically saved to the Sound files folder in the Files application. Select Play music through a radio About the FM transmitter Select > Pl. via Radio. You can play music stored in your phone through any compatible FM radio, such as a car radio or a home stereo system. The operating distance of the FM transmitter is approximately 2 metres (6 feet). Obstructions, such as walls, other electronic devices, or public radio stations may 82 Music and audio cause interference to the transmission. The FM transmitter may cause interference to nearby FM radios operating on the same frequency. [. . . ] The highest SAR value under the ICNIRP guidelines for use of the device at the ear is 0. 73 W/kg. SAR values may vary depending on national reporting and testing requirements and the network band. Additional SAR information may be provided under product information at www. nokia. com. Copyright and other notices DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, NOKIA CORPORATION declares that this RM-675 product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at http://www. nokia. com/ phones/declaration_of_conformity/. [. . . ]


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