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[. . . ] Nokia Speakerphone HF-310 User Guide 9213540 Issue 1 EN DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, NOKIA CORPORATION declares that this HF-310 product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. The product is in conformity with the limits defined in Directive 2004/104/EC (amending Directive 72/245/ EEC), Annex I, paragraph 6. 5, 6. 6, 6. 8 and 6. 9. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at http://www. nokia. com/phones/declaration_of_conformity. © 2009 Nokia. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People and the Nokia Original Accessories logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. [. . . ] Enter the Bluetooth passcode 0000 to pair and connect the speakerphone to your device. In some devices, you may need to make the connection separately after pairing. If pairing succeeds, the speakerphone is shown on the list of currently paired Bluetooth devices in your mobile device. When the speakerphone is connected to your device and ready for use, the green indicator light flashes slowly. You can pair the speakerphone with up to four devices but connect it to only one device at a time. Disconnect the speakerphone To disconnect the speakerphone from your mobile device, do one of the following: · Switch off the speakerphone. · Disconnect the speakerphone in the Bluetooth menu of your device. 8 Get started · Move the speakerphone more than 10 metres (33 feet) away from the device. You do not need to delete a pairing with the speakerphone to disconnect it. Connect the speakerphone manually When you switch on the speakerphone, it tries to connect to the device that was last connected to it. To manually connect the speakerphone to the last used device (for example, after connection loss), ensure that the other device is switched on, and press and hold the answer/end key for about 2 seconds. To connect the speakerphone to another paired device, make the connection in the Bluetooth menu of the device. You may be able to set your mobile device so that the speakerphone connects to it automatically. To activate this feature in a Nokia device, change the paired device settings in the Bluetooth menu. 9 Mount in a car 3. Mount in a car You can attach the speakerphone to the sunvisor, windscreen, or dashboard in your car. General safety instructions The figure shows possible mounting locations. When you install the speakerphone in a car, ensure that it does not interfere with or hinder the systems used in the operation of the vehicle (for example, airbags) or disturb your field of vision while driving. Check that the deployment of the airbags is not blocked or impaired in any way. Only operate the speakerphone if it is safe to do so under all driving conditions. To use the speakerphone when it is attached to the sunvisor, ensure that the sunvisor is up against the car roof. Do not adjust the mounting device while driving. Attach to a sunvisor You can attach the speakerphone to the sunvisor of your car using the supplied clip. 10 Mount in a car 1. To attach the speakerphone to the clip, insert the catch on the clip into the slot at the back of the speakerphone (1). Slide the clip around the sunvisor from the driver's or passenger's side (3), and wrap the strap attached to the clip around the sunvisor from the back. Tighten the strap to keep the speakerphone securely in place, and firmly press the hook and loop end of the strap against the felt on the strap. Fold the sunvisor up against the car roof (5). Attach to a windscreen You can attach the speakerphone to the windscreen using the supplied mounting device. 11 Mount in a car 1. Insert the catch on the mounting device into the slot at the back of the speakerphone (1). [. . . ] Important: Battery talk and standby times are estimates only and depend on network conditions, features used, battery age and condition, temperatures to which battery is exposed, and many other factors. The amount of time a device is used for calls will affect its standby time. Likewise, the amount of time that the device is turned on and in the standby mode will affect its talk time. 16 Care and maintenance Care and maintenance Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The following suggestions will help you protect your warranty coverage. [. . . ]


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