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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] m-5000 DIGITAL CAMERA Instruction Manual ThankyouforpurchasinganOlympusdigitalcamera. Beforeyoustartto useyournewcamera, pleasereadtheseinstructionscarefullytoenjoy optimumperformanceandalongerservicelife. Keepthismanualina safeplaceforfuturereference. We recommend that you take test shots to get accustomed to your camerabeforetakingimportantphotographs. Intheinterestofcontinuallyimprovingproducts, Olympusreservesthe righttoupdateormodifyinformationcontainedinthismanual. Thescreenandcameraillustrationsshowninthismanualwereproduced duringthedevelopmentstagesandmaydifferfromtheactualproduct. Step 1 Strap LI-42BLithium-IonBattery LI-41CBatteryCharger Checking the contents of the box DigitalCamera USBCable AVCable OLYMPUSMaster2 CD-ROM microSD Attachment Otheraccessoriesnotshown:InstructionManual(thismanual), warrantycard Contentsmayvarydependingonpurchaselocation. Step 2 4 Step 3 5 Preparing the Camera "PreparingtheCamera"(p. 10) Shooting and Playing Back Images "Shooting, Playback, andErasing"(p. 14) Step Step How to Use the Camera "ThreeWaystoAdjustSettings"(p. 3) Printing "Directprinting(PictBridge)"(p. 42) "PrintReservations(DPOF)"(p. 45) Contents Names of Parts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] Multi-connector A/Vcable(supplied) 2 UsethecameratoselectthevideosignalformatthatmatchesthatoftheconnectedTV ([NTSC]/[PAL]). 3 TurnontheTV, andchange"INPUT"to"VIDEO(aninputjackconnectedtothecamera). " FordetailsonchangingtheinputsourceoftheTV, refertotheTV'sinstructionmanual. 4Setthemodedialtoq, anduseABCDtoselecttheimageforplayback. DependingontheTV'ssettings, thedisplayedimagesandinformationmaybecomecropped. Saving battery power between shots [POWER SAVE] ESETUPPOWERSAVE Submenu 2 OFF ON Turning off the camera sounds [F SILENT MODE] FSILENTMODE Submenu 1 OFF ON Application Cancels[POWERSAVE]. Whenthecameraisnotbeingused forapprox. 10seconds, themonitor automaticallyturnsofftosavebattery power. Application Thisactivatestheindividualsettings of[SOUNDSETTINGS]. Theelectronicsounds(operating sound, shuttersound, warningsound) andplaybacksoundsaremuted. [SOUNDSETTINGS](p. 38) To resume standby mode Pressanybuttonorturnthemodedial. EN 41 Printing Direct printing (PictBridge*1) ByconnectingthecameratoaPictBridgecompatibleprinter, youcanprintimagesdirectly withoutusingacomputer. TofindoutifyourprintersupportsPictBridge, refer totheprinter'sinstructionmanual. *1 2 Turn on the printer, and then connect the printer and camera. Multi-connector Dbutton PictBridgeisastandardforconnectingdigital camerasandprintersofdifferentmakersandprinting outpicturesdirectly. Theprintingmodes, papersizes, andother parametersthatcanbesetwiththecamera varydependingontheprinterthatisused. For details, refertotheprinter'sinstructionmanual. Fordetailsontheavailablepapertypes, loadingpaper, andinstallinginkcassettes, refertotheprinter'sinstructionmanual. USBcable(supplied) Printing images at the printer's standard settings [EASY PRINT] EASY PRINT START PC / CUSTOM PRINT OK 1 Display the image to be printed on the monitor. "Viewingimages"(p. 15) Printingcanalsobestartedwhenthecamera isturnedoff. AfterperformingStep2, useAB toselect[EASYPRINT], presstheEbutton. UseCDtoselectanimage, andpresstheE button. 3 4 Press D to start printing. To print another image, use CD to select an image, and press the E button. To exit printing Afteraselectedimageisdisplayedonthe screen, disconnecttheUSBcablefromthe cameraandprinter. EXIT PRINT OK 4 EN Changing the printer's settings for printing [CUSTOM PRINT] 4 Use AB to select [SIZE] (Submenu 3), and press D. Ifthe[PRINTPAPER]screenisnotdisplayed, the[SIZE], [BORDERLESS]and[PICS/ SHEET]aresettotheprinter'sstandard. PRINTPAPER 1 Follow Steps 1 and 2 for [EASY PRINT] (p. 42), and press the E button. USB SIZE STANDARD BORDERLESS STANDARD PC EASY PRINT CUSTOM PRINT EXIT BACK SET OK MENU SET OK 5 2 3 Use AB to select [CUSTOM PRINT], and press the E button. Use AB to select the print mode, and press the E button. Submenu 2 Application Thisprintstheimageselectedin Step6. Thisprintsanimagemultipletimes ononepage. Severallayoutoptions areavailable. Thisprintsimagesbasedontheprint reservationdataonthecard. Use AB to select the [BORDERLESS] or [PICS/SHEET] settings, and press the E button. Submenu 4 Application Theimageisprintedwithaborder aroundit([OFF]). Thenumberofimagespersheet ([PICS/SHEET])isselectableonly when[MULTIPRINT]isselectedin Step3. OFF/ON*1 (Thenumberof imagespersheet variesdepending ontheprinter. ) *1 PRINT ALLPRINT MULTIPRINT ALLINDEX PRINTORDER*1 *1 Theavailablesettingsfor[BORDERLESS]vary dependingontheprinter. If[STANDARD]isselectedinSteps4and5, theimageisprintedattheprinter'sstandard settings. [PRINTORDER]isavailableonlywhenprint reservationshavebeenmade. "PrintReservations (DPOF)"(p. 45) 100-0004 IN 4 SINGLEPRINT PRINT OK MORE EN 43 6 7 Use CD to select an image. Press B to make detailed printer settings for the current image. To make detailed printer settings 1UseABCDtomakesettingsandpress theEbutton. PRINT INFO 2UseABtoselect[OK], andpressthe Ebutton. P IN OK CANCEL BACK MENU SET OK 8 1 WITHOUT WITHOUT <x DATE FILE NAME P If necessary, repeat Steps 6 and 7 to select the image to be printed, make the detailed settings, and set [SINGLEPRINT]. Press the E button. PRINT EXIT MENU SET OK 9 Submenu 5 Submenu 6 <× 0to10 Application Thisselectsthenumber ofprints. Selecting[WITHOUT]does notprintanyfilenameon theimage. PRINT CANCEL DATE WITH/ WITHOUT BACK MENU SET OK 10 Use AB to select [PRINT], and press the E button. Printingstarts. When[OPTIONSET]isselectedin[ALLPRINT] mode, the[PRINTINFO]screenisdisplayed. willbedisplayed. FILENAME WITH/ WITHOUT P (Proceedsto Thisselectsaportionofthe thesetting imageforprinting. screen. ) Afterprintinghasfinished, [PRINTMODESELECT] PRINT MODE SELECT To crop an image (P) 1Usethezoombuttontoselectthesizeofthe croppingframe, useABCDtomovethe frame, andthenpresstheEbutton. PRINT ALL PRINT MULTI PRINT ALL INDEX PRINT ORDER EXIT MENU SET OK Cropping frame WT SET OK 44 EN To cancel printing 1PresstheEbuttonwhile [TRANSFERRING]isdisplayed. 2Select[CANCEL]usingABandthen presstheEbutton. Single-frame print reservations [<] 1 2 Set the mode dial to q, and then press the button to display the top menu. Use ABCD to select [L PRINT ORDER], and press the E button. PRINT ORDER TRANSFERRING PRINT CANCEL OK CONTINUE CANCEL < U SET OK EXIT MENU SET OK 11 Press the button. 12 When the message [REMOVE USB CABLE] is displayed, disconnect the USB cable from the camera and printer. 3 Use AB to select [<], and press the E button. x0 Print Reservations (DPOF ) *1 2009. 08. 26 12:30 100-0004 4 NORM 12M Inprintreservations, thenumberofprintsand dateimprintoptionaresavedintheimageonthe card. Thisenableseasyprintingataprinteror printshopsupportingDPOFbyusingonlytheprint reservationsonthecardwithoutacomputerora camera. *1 SET OK 4 Use CD to select the image for print reservation. [. . . ] Thissymbol[crossed-outwheeledbinDirective 2006/66/ECAnnexII]indicatesseparatecollection ofwastebatteriesintheEUcountries. Pleaseusethereturnandcollectionsystems availableinyourcountryforthedisposalofthe wastebatteries. Disclaimer of Warranty · Olympusmakesnorepresentationsorwarranties, eitherexpressedorimplied, byorconcerningany contentofthesewrittenmaterialsorsoftware, andin noeventshallbeliableforanyimpliedwarrantyof merchantabilityorfitnessforanyparticularpurpose orforanyconsequential, incidentalorindirect damages(includingbutnotlimitedtodamagesfor lossofbusinessprofits, businessinterruptionand lossofbusinessinformation)arisingfromtheuseor inabilitytousethesewrittenmaterialsorsoftware orequipment. Somecountriesdonotallowthe exclusionorlimitationofliabilityforconsequentialor incidentaldamages, sotheabovelimitationsmaynot applytoyou. · Olympusreservesallrightstothismanual. Use Only Dedicated Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger Warning Unauthorizedphotographingoruseofcopyrighted materialmayviolateapplicablecopyright laws. Olympusassumesnoresponsibilityfor unauthorizedphotographing, useorotheractsthat infringeupontherightsofcopyrightowners. Westronglyrecommendthatyouuseonlythe genuineOlympusdedicatedrechargeablebattery andbatterychargerwiththiscamera. Usinga non-genuinerechargeablebatteryand/orbattery chargermayresultinfireorpersonalinjurydueto leakage, heating, ignitionordamagetothebattery. Olympusdoesnotassumeanyliabilityforaccidents ordamagethatmayresultfromtheuseofabattery and/orbatterychargerthatarenotgenuineOlympus accessories. Provisions of warranty Copyright Notice Allrightsreserved. Nopartofthesewritten materialsorthissoftwaremaybereproducedor usedinanyformorbyanymeans, electronicor mechanical, includingphotocopyingandrecording ortheuseofanytypeofinformationstorage andretrievalsystem, withoutthepriorwritten permissionofOlympus. Noliabilityisassumed withrespecttotheuseoftheinformationcontained inthesewrittenmaterialsorsoftware, orfor damagesresultingfromtheuseoftheinformation containedtherein. Olympusreservestherightto alterthefeaturesandcontentsofthispublicationor softwarewithoutobligationoradvancenotice. 1 Ifthisproductprovestobedefective, althoughithas beenusedproperly(inaccordancewiththewritten SafetyPrecautionsandOperatinginstructions suppliedwithit), duringaperiodoftwoyearsfrom thedateofpurchasefromanauthorizedOlympus distributorwithinthebusinessareaofOlympus ImagingEuropaGmbHasstipulatedonthewebsite: http://www. olympus. com, thisproductwillbe repaired, oratOlympus'optionreplaced, freeof charge. Toclaimunderthiswarranty, thecustomer musttaketheproductandthisWarrantyCertificate beforetheendofthetwo-yearwarrantyperiod tothedealerwheretheproductwaspurchased oranyotherOlympusservicestationwithinthe businessareaofOlympusImagingEuropaGmbH asstipulatedonthewebsite:http://www. olympus. [. . . ]


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