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[. . . ] DIGITAL CAMERA C-725 Ultra Zoom REFERENCE MANUAL <Click Here> CAMERA OPERATION MANUAL Explanation of digital camera functions and operating instructions. DIGITAL CAMERA - PC CONNECTION OPERATION MANUAL Explanation of how to download images between your digital camera and PC. DIGITAL CAMERA C-725 Ultra Zoom REFERENCE MANUAL Thank you for purchasing an Olympus digital camera. Before you start to use your new camera, please read these instructions carefully to enjoy optimum performance and a longer service life. We recommend that you take test shots to get accustomed to your camera before taking important photographs. The images and illustrations in this manual may differ from their real versions. For customers in North and South America For customers in USA Declaration of Conformity Model Number : C-725 Ultra Zoom Trade Name : OLYMPUS Responsible Party : Olympus America Inc. [. . . ] 2 Press Ññ to select MOVIE PLAYBACK on the MOVIE PLAY screen. 3 Press movie playback ends, the display automatically returns to the When beginning of the movie. The MOVIE PLAYBACK screen MOVIE PLA PLAYBACK PLAYBACK FRAME BY FRAME EXIT PLAYBACK: Plays back the entire movie. EXIT: To play back other movies, exit the movie playback mode and select a different movie. 5 Press Ññ to select items. When FRAME is selected, follow the instructions below. É. When EXIT is selected, the MOVIE PLAY screen appears. To exit, press Displaying movies using the arrow pad Ñ: Displays the beginning of the movie. É: Every time you press the button, the previous frame appears. The movie can be displayed continuously in reverse by holding the button down. : Displays the MOVIE PLAYBACK screen. 91 Chapter 7 MOVIE PLAYBACK Playing Back Movies -- MOVIE PLAY (Cont. ) Chapter 7 INDEX Movies can be displayed as indexes of still frames. Record mode when the movie is shot HQ SQ Mode dial setting Record mode when stored as an index SQ2 (1024x768) SQ2 (640x480) 1 Follow steps 1-3 on page 90. Ññ 2 PressINDEXto select INDEX on the MOVIE PLAY screen. screen INDEX The screen appears. The card access lamp blinks while the movie is being accessed. 133) appears if there is not enough memory left on the card to display the index. INDEX OK CANCEL to select CANCEL 3 Press Ññ Saves theOK or on the card. OK : index CANCEL : Cancels the index. 92 Playing Back Movies -- MOVIE PLAY (Cont. ) 4 Press É. to run the selected movie. To exit, press Note The interval between automatically selected frames varies depending on the recording time of the movie. INDEX is not available when " CARD FULL" appears (indicating insufficient memory). 93 Chapter 7 Close-up Playback Chapter 7 Pictures displayed on the monitor can be enlarged. Each time you turn the zoom lever towards T, pictures are enlarged by 1. 5, 2, 2. 5 or 3 times. Mode dial setting pad, the picture you want 1 With the arrowthe select cannot be enlarged. Press the arrow When picture is corresponding to the direction you want to view. The enlarged picture is shifted in the desired direction, allowing you to view a different portion of the image. 2. 5x TIPS How to return the picture to the original size (1x) T Turn the zoom lever to W. How to display another picture T Turn the zoom lever to W to return to 1x, then select the desired picture by using the arrow pad. Note If picture rotation is attempted during close-up playback, close-up playback is canceled. 94 Picture Rotation Chapter 7 There may be times when you want to rotate a picture. For example, pictures taken with the camera held vertically are also oriented vertically (i. e. With picture rotation, you can turn them horizontally, 90 degrees clockwise, or counter-clockwise. Mode dial setting vertically 1 Display apicture in oriented the single-frame playback mode (P. 88). 100-0024 HQ Normal playback of a vertically oriented picture '04. 12. 23 21:56 24 the 2 Each timepressed, button is the picture is rotated as shown. 100-0024 HQ Picture rotated 90° counter-clockwise from normal playback position '04. 12. 23 21:56 24 100-0024 HQ Picture rotated 90° clockwise from normal playback position '04. 12. 23 21:56 24 Note Movie pictures cannot be rotated. [. . . ] · To select all images, click Edit > Select all. When the image file has been copied to the computer, you can view images by double-clicking the image files in the "Hard Disk" folder. The files will be opened in the default image viewer of the operating system. If you want to view the image a different size or process it, you will need to open the image with software that supports JPEG or TIFF images files, such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop or CAMEDIA Master software. The lamp on the right of the viewfinder or the card access lamp blinks while the image is being copied. [. . . ]


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