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[. . . ] Warning regarding data loss: · Recorded content in memory may be destroyed or erased by operating mistakes, unit malfunction, or during repair work. · For important recorded content, we recommend you to write it down some where. · Any liability for passive damages or damage of any kind occurred due to data loss incurred by a defect of the product, repair performed by the third party other than Olympus or an Olympus authorized service station, or any other reasons is excluded from Olympus's liability. [. . . ] If you experience noise, move to another place, or move the recorder further away from such equipment. · Do not attempt to recharge alkaline, lithium or any other non-rechargeable batteries. · If you notice anything unusual when using this product such as abnormal noise, heat, smoke, or a burning odor: 1 remove the batteries immediately while being careful not to burn yourself, and; 2 call your dealer or local Olympus representative for service. · Do not use the batteries if you find something wrong with them such as leakage, color change or deformity. · Unplug the charger if the charging is still incomplete after the specified time it should take. · Should any batteries liquid get on skin or clothing, promptly wash it off with clean water. · When using rechargeable batteries that have not been used for a while, be sure to recharge them before use. When the operating time becomes shorter even if the rechargeable battery is fully charged under the specified condition, replace it with a new one. 2 Getting started 1 Inserting Batteries Recording indicator light is lit while recording. Recording a b c d e f g ``` ` Strap hole · Strap is not supplied. Battery indicator: When [ ] appears on the display, replace the batteries as soon as possible. When the batteries are too weak, [ ] and [Battery Low] appears on the display and the recorder shuts down. a Current date/ b Recording mode indicator/ c Microphone sensitivity indicator/ d Total number of recorded files for the date/ e Current file number/ f Elapsed recording time/ g Remaining recording time 2 Turning on the power Slide the POWER switch to the [ON] position. Turning off the power: While the recorder is in stop mode, slide the POWER switch to the [OFF/HOLD] position. Power save mode: If the recorder is on and stops for 10 minutes or longer, the display shuts off and it goes into power save mode. HOLD: If you slide the POWER switch to the [OFF/HOLD] position, the current conditions will be preserved, and all buttons and switches will be disabled. · When you use this recorder for the first time after purchasing, or when you switch it on after removing the batteries for more than 30 minutes when exchanging batteries etc, the time will return to the default setting and the [Set Time & Date] will appear. If the recorder is in recording mode and the REC (x) button is pressed, recording pauses. If the REC (x) button is pressed again, recording resumes. Microphone sensitivity High Turn the microphone in the direction of the source to be recorded. This is a highly sensitive mode which can record surrounding noises. (AL) · Recorder will not be able to record anymore when [Memory Full] or [Maximum File Size is reached] appears. · When remaining recording time is less than 60 seconds, the recording indicator light starts flashing. When the recording time is decreasing to 30 or 10 seconds, the light flashes faster. Playback a b c d Changing the playback speed Playback speed can be changed to the following settings: 0. 5x, 0. 75x, normal, 1. 25x, and 1. 5x. s the 0 or 9 button is pressed and held while the recorder is in playback If mode, the file advances with sound. s the 0 or 9 button is pressed while the recorder is in stop mode, the If recorder moves to the beginning of the file. [. . . ] Recommended settings Rec Mode [HQ] (high quality sound recording) [HQ] (high quality sound recording) [SP] (standard recording) MIC SENSE [LOW] Set Previous Next [HIGH] [HIGH] Troubleshooting Q1: The power cannot be turned on. Q3: No sound or quiet sound is heard from the speaker while playing back. Conduct adjustments like separating the earphones from the microphone further, do not point the microphone at the earphones, lower the volume on the recording monitor, and so on. [. . . ]


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