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[. . . ] Electronic Flash FL-36R Instruction Manual Names of parts Flash Wide panel gP. 28, 34 When the subject is dark or low-contrast, the built-in AF illuminator emits light to facilitate focusing. Light-emitting area Remote sensor gP. 9 Checking the package contents The following items are included with the electronic flash. If anything is missing or damaged, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the electronic flash. 2 EN Electronic flash Bounce lock release button (left-right direction) gP. [. . . ] The flash intensity is displayed in a flash intensity ratio. 4-3 m Flash intensity control OFF Wide panel switch disabling on Guide number display on 29 EN Setup mode Mode display MODE button Value display Dial Function The ISO sensitivity and aperture value setup will be adjusted automatically by the camera. You can adjust the ISO sensitivity and aperture value on the electronic flash. Default value ISO, F communication in AUTO mode Available only in AUTO mode, with cameras with communication capability. ISO sensitivity selection in AUTO mode Works with a camera without communication capability. Also works with a camera with communication capability when the ISO, F communication is set to [OFF]. on The ISO sensitivity can be set with the dial. 100 30 EN All reset All reset resets the custom setups to the factory default settings. 1 Press the MODE and LIGHT buttons simultaneously for 2 or more seconds to reset to default settings. The distance display unit (m/ft) is not altered by the all reset operation. LIGHT button MODE button 31 EN Wireless flash This flash is compatible with the Olympus wireless RC flash system. Using the electronic flash with an Olympus digital camera that is also compatible with this system, gives you wireless remote control over the flash emission. The flash mode and other controls are set on the camera and it controls the electronic flash automatically. You can also combine several flashes to create a multiple flash array. To find out if your camera is compatible with this system, refer to the camera's instruction manual. In wireless photography mode, the camera controls the electronic flash through a light communication system with the camera's built-in flash. Adjust the following settings on the camera and the electronic flash in advance. Channel: Changes the channel so the camera will not receive mistaken signals from other Olympus wireless RC flash systems operating nearby. Select a channel between 1 and 4 and set the same channel on the camera and the electronic flash. Group: You can control remotely up to three groups (A, B, C) of flash arrays with different flash modes and other settings. On the electronic flash set in advance the group with which the flash will be emitted. 32 EN Basic wireless photography This function will be explained using an example of the electronic flash used together with an Olympus digital SLR camera E-3. Refer to the camera's instruction manual for details on the setup range of flash and the operations on the camera. RC mode 1 2 Place the camera and the electronic flash. 35) Press the MODE button of the electronic flash repeatedly to set the flash control mode to RC mode. MODE button 3 Set [#RC MODE] on the camera to [ON] and set the camera's built-in flash to a condition that it can be emitted. Set the flash mode and the flash intensity on the camera. Flash intensity value Group Select the flash mode and adjust the flash intensity individually for groups A, B, and C. 12. 16 TTL M OFF +1. 0 1/8 ­ LO 2 Normal flash/Super FP flash Switch between normal flash and Super FP flash. Communication light level Set the communication light level to [HI], [MID], or [LO]. Channel Set the communication channel to the same channel used on the electronic flash. Flash control mode Flash intensity 33 EN Channel Group 4 While holding down the MODE button, turn the dial to select the channel and group. When 2 seconds pass with the MODE button held, the camera enters custom setup. 5 MODE button After shooting preparations are completed, take some test shots to check the flash operation and images. 6 Begin shooting while checking the charging completed indications of the camera and the electronic flash. The charge condition of the electronic flash is not communicated to the camera. Shoot the picture only after checking that the CHARGE lamp at the back of the electronic flash is on, or that the AF illuminator part at the front of the electronic flash is blinking. When the camera's flash intensity control mode is set, the actual flash light intensity will be the total of the flash intensity value set on the electronic flash and that set on the camera. x Notes The firing angle of the flash cannot be controlled automatically so be sure to check it beforehand. Pressing the ZOOM button on the electronic flash once will display the firing angle for about 2 seconds. [. . . ] Do not immerse batteries in water or expose to moisture including rain, seawater and animal urine. Do not throw a battery in fire or heat it. 51 EN Caution for usage environment To protect the high-precision technology contained in this product, never leave the flash in the places listed below, no matter if in use or storage: · Places where temperatures and/or humidity are high or go through extreme changes. Direct sunlight, beaches, locked cars, or near other heat sources (stove, radiator, etc. ) or humidifiers. When the electronic flash has not been used for a long period, mold or moss may form. [. . . ]


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