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[. . . ] The flash should be fired no more than 10 times in succession at intervals of 2. 5 seconds, after which it should be left unused for at least 10 minutes. 1 Wide panel 2 Light-emitting area 3 Remote sensor 4 AF illuminator/LED window 5 Auto light receptor 6 Catch light plate 7 Control panel 8 AUTO CHECK lamp 9 TEST button/CHARGE lamp 0 OK button a Bounce lock release button b BACK LIGHT button c ON/OFF button d Latch e Dial (a: flash compensation button; b: MODE button; c: LED light button; d: ZOOM button) Preparing a Battery (Sold Separately) (Sold Separately) Choose from the below batteries: · 2 Insert the batteries with correct +/­ polarity. Attaching to the Camera Confirm that both the camera and electronic flash are off. [. . . ] (I) To fire a test flash, press the TEST button while the CHARGE lamp is lit. The AUTO TEST CHECK lamp blinks for about 5 s to indicate that the flash has fired successfully. If the lamp does not blink, adjust settings or change the distance to the subject. EN 13 Restoring Default Settings Keeping the OK 1 The control panel button pressed, press the BACK LIGHT button for 2 s. Wireless Flash Settings Wireless control is available with Olympus digital cameras that support RC mode. It can also be mounted on a camera for wireless control of multiple remote flash units. For information on cameras that support this system, see the camera manual. The camera can adjust flash settings * separately for up to 3 groups; choose the group to which the flash belongs. channel Group * Including flash control mode , flash level , and flash compensation. 14 EN Placing Wireless Flash Units Since the communication is performed with the flash emission of the camera, the flash positioning range varies with camera. Opposite to that indicated Slide the direction by the [LOCK ] icon (1) and slide the flash onto the stand until it clicks securely into place (2). Slide the latch to the [LOCK ] position to latch the flash in place. To remove the flash, slide the latch in the direction opposite to the [LOCK ] arrow and slide it from the stand. Flash may not fire due to the angle or distance between the camera and the object. EN 15 Fixing the Irradiation Angle Point the flash head at a wall or ceiling for bounce flash photography. Pressing the bounce lock release 1 the light-emitting section up/down button, turn and left/ right. 90° 7° 180° · The estimated range display changes when the wide panel is used. The ZOOM display will blink if the lens has a focal length of 12 mm or more. [. . . ] Do not mix old and new batteries, or batteries made by different manufacturers. Do not connect substances such as metal to the (+) or (­) of batteries. 22 EN Specifications FL-600R External electronic flash for digital still camera 36 (ISO100), 12 (ISO100, using the wide panel) Covers the angle of view of 12­42 mm lenses (equivalent to 24­85 mm in 135 format) (With wide panel: 8 mm lens, equivalent to 16 mm in 135 format) Flash modes : TTL-AUTO, AUTO, MANUAL, FP TTL AUTO, FP MANUAL, SL AUTO, SL MANUAL, RC Flash emission period : Approx. 1/20000 to 1/500 seconds (except in Super FP flash) Flash emission count : Approx. [. . . ]


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