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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] OLYMPUS CORPORATION shall not be responsible in any way for lost profits or any claims by third parties in case of any damage occurring from incorrect use of this product. OLYMPUS CORPORATION shall not be responsible in any way for damage, lost profits, etc. caused by the loss of image data due to defects, disassembly, repair or modification of this product by people, other than third parties specifically authorised by OLYMPUS CORPORATION or for other reasons. WARNING 1. There is the possibility of occurrence of the following types of accidents. [. . . ] When not using the buckle opener, hold the buckle opening lever with your thumb and index finger from the side and pull it up slowly. Insertion of silica gel Before closing the case, place the provided bag of silica gel (to prevent fogging) between the right side panel of the flash and the case. Insert the bag with the longer, glued side first. Inserting the flash Carefully insert the FL-20 Electronic Flash into the hot shoe of this case. Make sure that the protruding part of the camera's zoom lever fits properly in the notch in case's zoom lever. Follow the steps shown in the illustration; insert the flash all the way into the hot shoe; turn and tighten the shoe lock dial of the flash. To remove the FL-20 from this case, follow these steps; turn and loosen the shoe lock dial of the flash; holding the flash's dial firmly with a finger, slide the case out of the flash's hot shoe. CAUTION : · Insert the silica gel all the way at the specified location and with the specified orientation. When the orientation is not correct, the silica gel bag will be caught when the Case is sealed and water leakage will be caused. · Attempting to seal the Case with the bag inserted only part of the way will cause the silica gel bag to get caught by the O-ring and water leakage will occur. · Once silica gel has been used, the moisture absorption performance will be impaired. Always exchange the silica gel when the Case is opened and closed. CAUTION : · Be sure to turn the flash off before inserting it into this case. ·Do not apply excessive force to the flash when inserting it. · When removing the flash from this case, hold the flash so as not to drop it. E-17 E-18 Check the loading status. Always perform the following final checks before sealing the Case. Has the electronic flash been inserted properly into the hot shoe of the case?· When opening the Case, take sufficient care that no water will drop from your hair or body onto the Case and the flash. · Before opening the Case, make sure that your hands or gloves are free of sand, fibers, etc. · Do not open or close the Case at locations where water or sand is to be sprayed. When this cannot be avoided because you have to exchange the battery, place a sheet downwind from some object and take care that no water or sand is sprayed. · Never touch the electronic flash and/or batteries when your hands are wet with sea water. in advance with pure water and keep it in a plastic bag so that you can wipe the salt from your hands and fingers before handling the camera. Otherwise, dirt or other foreign matter could attach itself to the O-rings and/or the contact surfaces, allowing water to penetrate the case during the next dive. · Before removing the flash, make sure the flash's shoe lock dial is loose. This could damage the flash or the case. Cleaning the case with pure water After using this case, remove the flash, then seal it again with the TTL cable still connected, and rinse it with pure water as soon as possible. After use in salt water, the case should be immersed for an extended period of time in a bowl of pure water to remove any salt water or salt residues. CAUTION : · Water may enter the case under localized high water pressure (such as from a hose. ) Before cleaning the case with water, the flash should be removed. · Operate the mode dial knob and buttons of the case when it is in clean tap water to remove any salt from their shafts. [. . . ] (3) In order to avoid deformation of the O-ring when the Case is not used for a long time, remove the O-ring from the Case, apply a thin coat of the special grease, and store the O-ring in a clean plastic bag. For reuse, confirm that the O-ring is free of damage and cracks, that it has sufficient elasticity, that the surface is free of stickiness and other abnormalities, and use it after applying a thin coat of the special grease. Excessive application of grease does not improve the waterproof function or the permissible withstand pressure. (5) Deterioration of the O-ring is accelerated by the use conditions and the storage conditions. [. . . ]


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