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[. . . ] PT-045 Instruction Manual PT-045 http://www. olympus. com/ ©2008 Printed in China VN053001 En Thank you for buying the Underwater Case PT-045 (hereinafter Case). Please read this instruction manual carefully and use the product safely and correctly. Wrong use may cause damage to the camera inside the Case due to water leakage, and repair may not be possible. Before use, perform an advance check as described in this manual. Introduction Unauthorized copying of this manual in part or in full, except for private use, is prohibited. [. . . ] 29 Specifications. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 En EN 7 1. Preparations Check the contents of the package. En Check that all accessories are in the box. Contact your dealer if accessories are missing or damaged. LCD hood (on the body) Optical fiber cable adapter Silicone grease LCD hood strap Case body Silica gel (1g) Lens cap Hand strap (Check that the O-ring is installed) O-ring remover PT-045 OLYMPUS distributor list Instruction manual (this manual) EN 8 Names of the parts 3 4 5 En 2 1 6 7 8 9 0 cb a 1 2 *3 *4 5 Palm grip Diffuser Shutter lever ON/OFF button Accessory mount 6 7 8 9 0 Front lid Open/close dial Lens ring Loading guide rails LCD inner hood a O-ring b Tripod seat c Light shield hood EN 9 de f g En h i j k o *d *e *f *g *h *i *j *k *l & button/arrow pad MENU button Zoom buttons Mode dial knob F button/arrow pad q button # button/arrow pad OK/FUNC button button nm l *n DISP. /E button o LCD monitor window *m AFL button (*1)/arrow pad (*1) During Underwater WideAngle 1 or Underwater Macro shooting mode, the down arrow pad functions as the AF LOCK button. Memo: The Case operation parts marked by * corresponds to the operation parts of the digital camera. When the operation parts of the Case are operated, the corresponding functions of the digital camera will operate. For details of the functions, refer to the instruction manual for the digital camera. EN 10 Using the accesories Install the strap Install the strap on the Case body. Installation illustration Installation completed En Hand strap Hand strap ring How to use the hand strap Pass your hand through the hand strap and adjust the length with the stop button. stop button EN 11 Installation and removal of the LCD hood Installation Strongly push the mounting projections of the LCD hood as shown in the figure into the guides above and below the LCD monitor window. Removal Remove the mounting projections of the LCD hood from the guides above and below the LCD monitor window by widening the LCD hood. En Guides Installation Removal Mounting and removing the lens cap Fit the lens cap onto the lens ring as shown in the figure. Be sure to remove the lens cap before shooting. EN 12 Using the fiber cable adapter The fiber cable adapter is required when connecting the separately available UFL-1 underwater flash to the Case using an underwater optical fiber cable (optional: PTCB-E02). How to install 1 Remove the white diffuser while pulling it up, then attach the optical fiber cable adapter to the diffuser shown in the figure below. En 2 Put the underwater optical fiber cable plug all the way into the optical fiber cable (optional: PTCB-E02) insertion slot. Remove the underwater optical fiber cable and attach the white diffuser when you do not use it while taking picture. EN 13 2. 2 Turn the open/close dial to the position where it cannot be turned further. 3 Open the rear lid of the Case gently. En 1 Slide lock 2 Open Open/close dial CAUTION: Do not exert too much force while turning the open/close dial. Doing so may damage the dial. EN 16 Load the digital camera 1 Confirm that the digital camera is OFF. 3 Insert 2 piling up silica gel bags (1g) between the bottom of the digital camera and the Case. 2 En 3 CAUTION: The silica gel bag will be caught when the Case is sealed and water leakage will occur. Once silica gel has been used, the moisture absorption performance will be impaired. Always replace the silica gel when the Case is opened and closed. Make sure the camera is loaded properly Check the following points before sealing the Case. · Is silica gel inserted all the way at the specified location?· Is there any dirt or foreign matter on the O-ring or the O-ring contact surface on the front lid?Maintaining the Waterproof Function" (P. 25) of this manual. EN 17 Seal the Case 1 Close the rear lid of the Case gently. · The Case is sealed when the dial is turned 180 degrees. En Close CAUTION: · If the open/close dial is not fully turned, the Case will not be sealed. · Close the rear lid of the Case so that the lens cap or LCD hood strap doesn't catch. If it catches, water leaks may result. Check the operation of the loaded camera After sealing the Case, check that the camera operations normally. 1 Push the ON/OFF button on the Case and confirm that the camera turns ON/OFF. 2 Turn the mode dial on the Case and confirm that the camera mode switches properly. [. . . ] · When wiping the Case, take care not to cause scratches. EN 24 6. Maintaining the Waterproof Function Whenever you open the rear lid of the Case, always be sure to perform the O-ring maintenance operation as described below. Perform at the location without sand or dust, after washing and drying your hands. En Remove the O-ring 1 Insert the O-ring remover between the O-ring and the O-ring groove. (Be careful not to scratch the O-ring groove with the tip of the O-ring remover. ) 3 Hold the O-ring with your fingertips after it has come out of the groove and remove it from the Case. Remove any sand, dirt, etc. After visually checking that dirt has been removed from the O-ring, checks for sand and other foreign matter adhered, damage and cracks can be done by squeezing the entire circumference of the O-ring lightly with your fingertips. EN 25 Remove any foreign matter adhered to the O-ring groove using a lint-free clean cloth or cotton swab. [. . . ]


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