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[. . . ] PT-E05 Jp En Fr De Sp Cs Kr Instruction Manual Underwater Case for digital camera Mode d'emploi Caisson étanche pour l'appareil photo numérique Bedienungsanleitung Unterwassergehäuse für Digitalkamera Manual de instrucciones Caja estanca para la cámara digital Thank you for buying the Underwater Case PT-E05. Please read this instruction manual carefully and use the product safely and correctly. Wrong usage may cause damage to the camera inside the Case due to water leakage, and repair may not be possible. Before use, perform an advance check as described in this manual. Introduction Unauthorized copying of this manual in part or in full, except for private use, is prohibited. [. . . ] CAUTION: In case the digital camera is loaded in the Case without removing the eyecup and the rear lid of the Case is closed, the pickup viewfinder pops out. Remove the eyecup, then push in the pickup viewfinder. En EN 16 Remove the filter from the digital camera If a filter is attached to the lens of the digital camera, remove the filter before loading the digital camera in the Case. CAUTION: The digital camera cannot be loaded in the Case while the filter is attached to the lens. Be sure to remove the filter before loading. Prepare the digital camera Compatible digital camera This product (PT-E05) is exclusively for use with the E-520 Digital Camera. Checking camera operation Refer to the digital camera's instruction manual for details on how to make sure the camera is operating correctly. Open the Case 1 Slide and hold the slide lock towards the arrow direction (1) and turn the open/close dial counter clockwise (2). 2 Turn the open/close dial to the position where it cannot be turned further. 3 Open the rear lid of the Case gently. Slide lock 1 2 En CAUTION: Do not exert too much force while turning the open/close dial. Doing so may damage the dial. EN 17 Attach the zoom and focus gears provided with the optional underwater port to the lens. To control the zooming and manual focusing of the camera's lens, attach the zoom gear and focus gear (provided with the optional underwater port) to the lens' zoom ring and focus ring. Refer to the optional underwater port's instruction manual for more details on how to attach the gears. [Example 1] Attaching the 14-42 mm zoom gear provided with the PPO-E05 to the lens For details, refer to the instruction manual for the PPO-E05. [Example 2] Attaching the optional underwater zoom/focus gears (PPZR-E03/E04/E05) to the lens For details, refer to the instruction manual for the zoom/focus gears. [Example 3] Attaching the provided zoom/focus gears to the PPO-E01/E02/E03 Lock lever En Zoom/focus gear Use the lock gear to clamp the zoom/focus gear. CAUTION: · Make sure that the zoom gear is clamped firmly by the lock lever. · For details on the correct attachment position of the zoom gear on the lens, refer to the instruction manual provided with the optional underwater lens port. EN 18 How to attach the camera table to the digital camera In order to load the camera into the Case, attach the camera table (located on the front-lid side of the Case) to the digital camera. 1 The eyecup and the hot shoe cover of the digital camera can be stored in the camera table. 2 Attach the camera table to the tripod seat section on the bottom of the digital camera. Use the camera's tripod screw hole for attaching. 3 The camera table has fixed up-down and front-rear orientations. To ensure that it is properly attached, refer to the illustration on the right. Up Front Down Rear Using the UFL-2 underwater electronic flash with the underwater optical fiber cable En 1 Set the RC mode of the camera to ON so that the camera's built-in flash is activated. 2 Load the camera in the Case with the camera's built-in flash popped up. Refer to the UFL-2 instruction manual for the UFL-2 operation. EN 19 Using the electronic flash with the TTL cable To attach the Electronic Flash to this Case using TTL cable, connect the hot shoe cable to the camera and to the hot shoe cable connector on the front lid side of this Case as described below. Note that the camera's built-in flash cannot be used when an external electronic flash and case are installed. Be sure to set the automatic pop-up setting of the camera to OFF so that the builtin flash will not pop up automatically. 1 Before loading the camera in the Case, connect the hot shoe cable's connector to the Case's hot shoe cable connector. 2 Set the automatic pop-up setting of the camera to OFF. The camera's built-in flash is designed to pop up automatically when shooting under low light or against backlight in any scene mode other than the AUTO or underwater modes. MENU [Y] [f] FLASH [AUTO POP UP] [OFF]: The built-in flash will not pop up automatically. When using the electronic flash, be sure to turn it ON before turning the camera on. [. . . ] Q11: : Please tell me about repairs. En A11 : Please contact a service station of our company or your dealer, if repair should be necessary. Repair, disassembly or modification by you or third parties not authorized by Olympus invalidates the guarantee. Q12: : What are the model numbers of the accessories for the PT-E05?A12 : The following accessories are available: 1 O-rings for the PT-E05 body (POL-E05A, POL-E05B): These are silicon rubber O-rings that have to be installed in the PT-E05 body to make it waterproof. 2 The following waterproof ports are available for use with the PT-E05 Choose the one corresponding to the lens you are using. EN 37 Waterproof Port Withstanding depth Applicable Lens 14-45 mm Note Packaged with the PPZR-E01 underwater zoom gear for 14-45 mm lens. [. . . ]


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