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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 19) Step How to Use the Camera Step Printing "Camera Settings" (p. 58) Contents Names of Parts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Menus for Playback, Editing, and Printing Functions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 2 EN Camera Settings Using the Direct Buttons Frequently used functions can be accessed using the direct buttons. Zoom lever (p. [. . . ] When the camera and TV are connected by both an AV cable and an HDMI cable, the HDMI cable will take priority. Open the connector cover in the direction of the arrow. HDMI micro connector Connect to the HDMI connector on the TV. HDMI cable (type D/sold separately: CB-HD1) 52 EN For information on using the menus, see "Setup menu" (p. 6). Type C Type D (CB-HD1) 3 Turn on the TV, and change "INPUT" to "VIDEO (an input jack connected to the camera). " For details on changing the input source of the TV, refer to the TV's instruction manual. Depending on the TV's settings, the displayed images and information may become cropped. To operate images with the TV remote control 1 Set [HDMI Control] to [On], and turn off the camera. Operate by following the operation guide that is displayed on the TV. With some TVs, operations cannot be performed with the TV remote control even though the operation guide is displayed on the screen. If operations cannot be performed with the TV remote control, set [HDMI Control] to [Off] and operate using the camera. Saving battery power between shots [Power Save] s (Settings 2) Submenu 2 Off Changing the display language [l] [l s (Settings 2) Submenu 2 l Application Power Save Application The language for the menus and error messages displayed on the monitor is selected. Cancels [Power Save]. 10 seconds, the monitor automatically turns off to save battery power. Languages On To resume standby mode Press any button. EN 53 For information on using the menus, see "Setup menu" (p. 6). Setting the date and time [X] [X t (Settings 3) X "Date, time, time zone, and language" (p. 16). To select the date display order 1 Press I after setting Minute, and use FG to select the date display order. 2 Press the A button to set. X Y MD Time To check the date and time Press the INFO button while the camera is turned off. 26 00 : 00 Date order Cancel MENU Y/M/D Set OK Choosing home and alternate time zones [World Time] t (Settings 3) World Time You will not be able to select a time zone using [World Time] if the camera clock has not first been set using [X]. screen. ) P NORM 14M 100 0004 '11/02/26 00:00 FILE To crop an image [P] [P 1 Use the zoom lever to select the size of the cropping frame, use FGHI to move the frame, and then press the A button. Single Print Print OK More 6 7 Use HI to select an image. Press G to make the detailed printer settings for the current image. Cropping frame Set OK To make the detailed printer settings 1 Use FGHI to select the setting, and press the A button. Print Info <x Date File Name P Exit MENU 1 Without Without 2 Use FG to select [OK], and press the A button. P OK Cancel Back MENU Set OK Set OK EN 57 8 9 If necessary, repeat Steps 6 and 7 to select the image to be printed, make the detailed settings, and set [Single Print]. Press the A button. Print To cancel printing 1 Press the m button while [Do Not Remove USB Cable] is displayed. 2 Select [Cancel] using FG and then press the A button. Print Cancel Do Not Remove USB Cable Cancel MENU Print Back MENU Set OK Continue Cancel 10 Use FG to select [Print], and press the [Print Info] screen is displayed. A button. When [Option Set] is selected in [All Print] mode, When printing is finished, the [Print Mode Select] screen is displayed. Print Mode Select Print All Print Multi Print All Index Print Order Exit MENU Set OK Set OK 11 Press the m button. 12 When the message [Remove USB Cable] is Print Reservations (DPOF*1) displayed, disconnect the USB cable from the camera and printer. In print reservations, the number of prints and date imprint option are saved in the image on the card. This enables easy printing at a printer or print shop supporting DPOF by using only the print reservations on the card without a computer or a camera. *1 DPOF is a standard for storing automatic printout information from digital cameras. 58 EN Print reservations can be set only for the images stored on the card. DPOF reservations set by another DPOF device cannot be changed by this camera. Making new DPOF reservations with this camera will erase the reservations made by the other device. DPOF print reservations can be made for up to 999 images per card. 4 Use HI to select the image for print reservation. [. . . ] To claim under warranty the customer must take the product and this Warranty certificate before the end of the one year warranty period to the dealer where the product was purchased or any Olympus authorized service station listed in the instructions and request the necessary repairs. 2 The customer shall transport the product to the dealer or Olympus authorized service station at his own risk and shall be responsible for any costs incurred in transporting the product. 3 This warranty does not cover the following and the customer will be required to pay repair charge, even for defects occurring within the one year period referred to above. a. Any defect that occurs due to mishandling (such as an operation performed that is not mentioned in the Handling Care or other sections of the instructions, etc. ) b. [. . . ]


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