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Manual abstract: user guide OLYMPUS SP-565 UZ

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA Instruction Manual ThankyouforpurchasinganOlympusdigitalcamera. Beforeyoustartto use your new camera, please read these instructions carefully to enjoy optimumperformanceandalongerservicelife. Keepthismanualinasafe placeforfuturereference. Werecommendthatyoutaketestshotstogetaccustomedtoyourcamera beforetakingimportantphotographs. Intheinterestofcontinuallyimprovingproducts, Olympusreservestheright toupdateormodifyinformationcontainedinthismanual. Thescreenandcameraillustrationsshowninthismanualwereproduced duringthedevelopmentstagesandmaydifferfromtheactualproduct. Step 1 3 Step 2 4 Preparing the Camera "PreparingtheCamera"(p. [. . . ] LOW/HIGH 1/2/3 Selectstheoperatingsoundandvolumeofthe OFF(Nosound)/ shutterbutton. Adjuststheimageplaybackvolume. SHUTTERSOUND 8 qVOLUME VOLUME OFF(Nosound)/ LOW/HIGH 5levelsexcluding OFF(Nosound) EN Adjust the settings for the functions while referring to "Using the Menu" (p. Make the settings for the functions while referring to "Using the Menu" (p. 3). Viewing the image immediately after shooting [REC VIEW] xSETUPRECVIEW Submenu 2 OFF Submenu 3 -- LCDONLY Application Theimagebeingrecordedisnotdisplayed. Thisallowstheuserto prepareforthenextshotwhilefollowingthesubjectinthemonitoror viewfinderaftershooting. Thelastimagebeingrecordedisdisplayedonthecurrentlyselected displaydevice(monitororviewfinder). "Switching between the monitor and viewfinder"(p. 25) ON CURRENT Evenwhensetto[ON], youcanresumeshootingwhiletheimageisbeingdisplayed. Selecting where the top menu is displayed [MENU DISPLAY] xSETUPMENUDISPLAY Submenu 2 LCDONLY CURRENT Application Thetopmenuisalwaysdisplayedonthemonitor. Thetopmenuisdisplayedonthecurrentlyselecteddisplaydevice(monitororviewfinder). Thesubmenuchosenin[MENUDISPLAY]willbedisplayedonthescreenwhenthefollowing operationsaredone. Pressingthebutton PressingtheDbuttoninplaybackmode Pressingthebuttoninshootingmode EN Resetting the file names of images [FILE NAME] xSETUPFILENAME Foldername DCIM Foldername 100OLYMP Filename Pmdd0001. jpg Adjusting the CCD and image processing function [PIXEL MAPPING] xSETUPPIXELMAPPING Thisfunctionhasalreadybeenadjusted atfactoryshipping, sonoadjustmentis neededrightafterpurchase. Approximately onceayearisrecommended. Forbestresults, waitatleast1minuteafter takingorviewingpicturesbeforeperforming pixelmapping. Ifthecameraisturned offduringpixelmapping, repeatthepixel mappingprocess. 999OLYMP Pmdd9999. jpg Automatic numbering Automatic numbering Month:1toC (A=October, B=November, C=December) Day:01to31 Adjusting the CCD and image processing function 1 Presstheobuttonwhen[START] (submenu2)isdisplayed. ThecamerachecksandadjuststheCCD andtheimageprocessingfunctionatthe sametime. Pmdd Submenu 2 Application Thisresetsthesequentialnumber forthefoldernameandfilename wheneveranewcardisinserted. *1 Thisisusefulwhengrouping imagesonseparatecards. Evenwhenanewcardisinserted, thiscontinuesthenumberingfor thefoldernameandfilenamefrom thepreviouscard. Thisisusefulfor managingallimagefoldernames andfilesnameswithsequential numbers. RESET AUTO *1 Thenumberforthefoldernameisresetto100, and thenumberforthefilenameisresetto0001. EN Adjust the settings for the functions while referring to "Using the Menu" (p. Make the settings for the functions while referring to "Using the Menu" (p. 3). Adjusting the brightness of the monitor [s] xSETUPs 1Use78 toadjustthebrightnesswhile viewingthescreen, andthenpresstheo button. s Setting the date and time in another time zone [DUALTIME] xSETUPDUALTIME Thedateandtimesetinthe[ON]settingare reflectedontheimagefilenamesanddate prints. Submenu 2 Submenu 3 OFF -- (Proceeds tothe setting screen*1. ) Application Switchestothedateand timesetin [X(Date/time)]. Switchestothedate andtimethatweresetin [DUALTIME]whenusing thecamerainanother timezone. BACK MENU SET OK ON Setting the date and time [X] xSETUPX "Setting the date and time" (p. 12) *1 Thesettingprocedureisidenticaltothatin"Setting the date and time" (p. 12) Thedatedisplayorderisthesameasthat setwith[X]. To select the date display order 1Press: aftersettingMinute, anduse 78 toselectthedatedisplayorder. X Y MD TIME 2008 10 26 12 30 YMD Dateorder CANCEL MENU EN Using the alarm [ALARM CLOCK] xSETUPALARMCLOCK When[X]hasnotbeenset, [ALARMCLOCK]isnotavailable. Submenu 2 OFF TIME ONETIME SNOOZE*2 SOUNDTYPE VOLUME DAILY *1 *2 Submenu 3 -- Submenu 4 -- (Proceedstothe settingscreen*1. ) OFF/ON 1/2/3 LOW/HIGH Application Thealarmiscanceled. Thealarmisactivatedonceaccordingtothetime, thesoundtypeandthevolumesettingsthatare madehere. (Submenus3and4canbesetinthe Thealarmisactivateddailyatthesamesettings. samewayas[ONETIME]. ) Thesettingprocedureisidenticaltothatin"Setting the date and time" (p. 12) Inthissetting, evenifthealarmisstoppedonce, thealarmwillbeactivatedevery5minutes, upto7times. Tocheckthealarmtime, pressthegbuttonwhilethecameraisturnedoff. Thecurrentand alarmsettimesaredisplayedforapprox. 3seconds. Aftermakingthedetailedsettingsof [ONETIME]or[DAILY], presstheo buttontoturnoffthecamera. To activate the alarm To stop the alarm Whenthealarmisactivated, pressanybutton toshutoffthealarmandturnoffthecamera. When[SNOOZE]issetto[OFF], thealarm stopsautomaticallyandthecameraturnsoff after1minuteofnooperation. Selecting a video signal system to match your TV [VIDEO OUT] xSETUPVIDEOOUT TheTVvideosignalsystemvariesdependingonthecountriesandregions. Beforeviewingcamera imagesonyourTV, selectthevideooutputaccordingtoyourTV'svideosignaltype. Submenu 2 NTSC PAL Application ConnectingthecameratoaTVinNorthAmerica, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc. ConnectingthecameratoaTVinEuropeancountries, China, etc. Thefactorydefaultsettingsdifferaccordingtotheregionwherethecameraissold. 0 EN Adjust the settings for the functions while referring to "Using the Menu" (p. Make the settings for the functions while referring to "Using the Menu" (p. [. . . ] Thissymbol[crossed-outwheeledbinWEEE AnnexIV]indicatesseparatecollectionofwaste electricalandelectronicequipmentintheEU countries. Pleasedonotthrowtheequipment intothedomesticrefuse. Pleaseusethereturnandcollectionsystems availableinyourcountryforthedisposalofthis product. Thissymbol[crossed-outwheeledbinDirective 2006/66/ECAnnexII]indicatesseparate collectionofwastebatteriesintheEUcountries. Pleasedonotthrowthebatteriesintothe domesticrefuse. Pleaseusethereturnand collectionsystemsavailableinyourcountryfor thedisposalofthewastebatteries. Provisions of warranty 1 Ifthisproductprovestobedefective, althoughit hasbeenusedproperly(inaccordancewiththe writtenHandlingCareandOperatinginstructions suppliedwithit), duringaperiodoftwoyears fromthedateofpurchasefromanauthorized Olympusdistributorwithinthebusinessareaof OlympusImagingEuropaGmbHasstipulated onthewebsite:http://www. olympus. comthis productwillberepaired, oratOlympus'soption replaced, freeofcharge. Toclaimunderthis warranty, thecustomermusttaketheproduct andthisWarrantyCertificatebeforetheendof thetwo-yearwarrantyperiodtothedealerwhere theproductwaspurchasedoranyotherOlympus servicestationwithinthebusinessareaof OlympusImagingEuropaGmbHasstipulatedon thewebsite:http://www. olympus. com. Duringthe one-yearperiodoftheWorldWideWarrantythe customermayturntheproductinatanyOlympus servicestation. PleasenotethatOlympusservice stationsdonotexistinallcountries. [. . . ]


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