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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Contact our Customer Support Center for the latest information relating to product names and model numbers. The utmost care has been taken to ensure the integrity of the contents of this document. In the unlikely event that a questionable item, error, or omission is found, please contact our Customer Support Center. Any liability for passive damages or damage of any kind occurred due to data loss incurred by a defect of the product, repair performed by the third party other than Olympus or an Olympus authorized service station, or any other reason is excluded. Trademarks and registered trademarks: · · Microsoft, Windows and Windows Media are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. [. . . ] Sequential file numbers are reassigned automatically. h Erasing One File at a Time 1 Press the FOLDER/INDEX button to select folder. a 2 Press the 9 or 0 button to select the file to be erased. 3 Press the ER ASE ( s ) button. a File to be erased 4 Press the 9 button to select [Start]. 5 Press the PLAY/OK (`) button. Erase: Start - File Erase! h Erase All Files from a Folder a 1 Pre ss t he F O L D E R / INDEX button to select the folder to be erased. a Folder to be erased 2 Press the ER ASE ( s ) button twice. Erase: Cancel 3 Press the 9 button to select [Start]. 4 Press the PLAY/OK (`) button. All Erase! Erase Done Notes: · An erased file cannot be restored. b [\ ] or [] ]: Press the 9 or 0 button (Changes the item). Rec Mode · To go to the main menu screen after the sub menu setting, select [Main Menu] from the sub menu screen. Mode: HQ 5 Press the PLAY/OK (`) button to confirm the setting. 6 Press the STOP (4) button to close the menu. Note: · The recorder will stop if you leave it idle for 3 minutes during a menu setup operation, when a selected item is not applied. h Recording Modes [Rec Mode] The recording mode can be chosen from [HQ] (high quality sound recording), [SP] (standard recording), and [LP] (long-term recording). In Menu mode selection: Mode: HQ VN-7800PC VN-6800PC VN-6500PC VN-5500PC VN-3500PC Approx. 40 min. 05m35s 00m00s Notes: · The recording time shown above is for one continuous file. The available recording time may be shorter than specified if several files are recorded (Use the remaining time and recorded time only as references). · The above-noted recording times indicate times after deletion of the manual data stored in the recorder. h Microphone Sensitivity [Mic Sense] Microphone sensitivity is adjustable to meet your recording needs. Microphone sensitivity indicator In Menu mode selection: Sense: Conf. (i) Note: · To ensure successful recording, make a test recording to select appropriate microphone sensitivity before recording. 05m35s 00m00s h Using the Variable Control Voice Actuator [VCVA] When the microphone senses that sound has reached a preset volume, the built-in Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) starts recording automatically, and stops it when the volume drops. VCVA indicator In Menu mode selection: VCVA: Off VCVA: On 8 05m35s - 00m00s Adjust the Start/Stop Actuation Level: a 1 While the recorder is during recording mode, press the 9 or 0 buttons to adjust the pause sound level. · The VCVA level can be set to any of 15 different values. a VCVA Level b Start level (moves to the right/left according to the set level) 05m35s 00m00s Note: · The record/play indicator light is lit during recording. When the recorder is in Standby mode, the Record/Play indicator light flashes and [VCVA] flashes on the display. b h Set the LowCut Filter [LowCut] (For VN-7800PC/VNLowCut Filter indicator 00PC only) The recorder has a LowCut Filter function to minimize low-frequency sounds and record voices more clearly. This function can reduce noise from air conditioners, projectors and other similar noises. In Menu mode selection: LowCut: Off LowCut: On 05m35s 00m00s h Set the Voice Filter [Voice] (For VN-7800PC/VN00PC only) The recorder has a Voice Filter Function to cut low and high frequency tones during normal, fast, or slow playback, and enable clear audio playback. In Menu mode selection: Voice: Off Voice: On Voice: On h Locking Files [Lock] Locking a file keeps important data from being accidentally erased. Locked files are not erased when you choose to erase all files from a folder. Erase lock indicator In Menu mode selection: Lock: Off Lock: On 05m35s 00m00s h System Sounds [Beep] Informs a button operation or a wrong operation of the recorder by sound. System sounds may be turned off. In Menu mode selection: Beep: Off Beep: On Beep: On h LED [LED] You can set it so the Record/Play indicator light does not turn on. In Menu mode selection: LED: Off LED: On LED: On h LCD Contrast Adjustment [Contrast] Display contrast can be adjusted in 12 levels. In Menu mode selection: You can adjust the LCD display contrast level from [0] to []. Contrast:Level06 h Set the Display Language [Language] You can select the display language for this recorder. In Menu mode selection: Lang. : English Lang. : Français Idioma: español Sprache: Deutsch Lingua: Italiano Lang. : English - h Formatting the Recorder [Format] If you format the recorder, all files will be removed and all function settings will return to defaults except date and time settings. Transfer any important files to a computer before formatting the recorder. 1 The Sub Menu opens. 3 Press the PLAY/OK ( `) button. · [ ^ ] ] and [Cancel] flashes alternately. Format: Cancel 4 Press the 9 button to select [Start]. 5 Press the PLAY/OK ( `) button. · After the [Data All Cleared] message is on for 2 seconds, [Sure?Cancel] will turn on. Sure?: Cancel 6 Press the 9 button again to select [Start]. 7 Press the PLAY/OK (`) button. · Formatting begins and [Format Done] displays when formatting ends. Format! Format Done Notes: · It may take up to a minute to finish the initialization. Do not remove the battery or detach the battery compartment from the recorder during that time. [. . . ] A4: The recorder may be set to fast (slow) Playback. Specifications Recording medium: Built-in flash memory Overall frequency: HQ mode: 200 to 13, 000 Hz SP mode: 200 to 7, 000 Hz LP mode: 200 to 3, 000 Hz Recording time: VN-7800PC, VN-800PC: GB HQ mode: Approx. Microphone: Electret Condenser Microphone (monaural) Speaker: Built-in ø 23 mm round dynamic speaker Maximum power: 250 mW Maximun headphone output: 150 mV (according to EN 50332-2) - Wide band characteristic headphone output: 75 mV (according to EN 50332-2) - Earphone jack (monaural): ø 3. 5 mm diameter, impedance 8 Microphone jack (monaural): ø 3. 5 mm diameter, impedance 2 k Power supply: Two AAA (LR03) batteries or Two Ni-MH rechargeable batteries Continuous battery: Alkaline batteries: Approx. Dimensions: 102 (L) mm x 37 (W) mm x 18. 8 (T) mm (without protrusions) Weight: 64. 8 g (including battery) · The above-noted recording times indicate times after deletion of the manual data stored in the recorder. · The manual data can be deleted by connecting to a computer and deleting or by formatting the recorder. [. . . ]


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