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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. Please read these instructions for information about using the product correctly and safely. To ensure successful recordings, we recommend that you test the record function and volume before use. Register your product on www. olympus-consumer. com/register and get additional benefits from Olympus! EN Introduction · The contents of this document may be changed in the future without advanced notice. Contact our Customer Support Center for the latest information relating to product names and model numbers. [. . . ] Locked files are not erased when you select to erase all files from a folder ( P. 39). File Divide Refer to "Dividing Files [File Divide]" ( P. 60). Property File and folder information can be confirmed from the menu screen. When the file is selected: [Name] (File name), [Date] (Time stamp), [Size] (File size), [Bit Rate]*1 (File format), [Artist]*2 (Artist name) and [Album]*2 (Album name) will appear on the display. *1 When a linear PCM format file has been selected, [Bit Rate] area displays the sampling frequency and bit rate. *2 When a file contains no tag information, the display contents of this area are blank. When [Recorder] is selected, [Artist] and [Album] will not appear on the display. When the folder is selected: [Name] (File name), [Folder]*1 (Number of folder) and [File]*2 (Number of file) will appear on the display. *1 When [Recorder] is selected, [Folder] will not appear on the display. *2 Files which cannot be recognized by this recorder are not included in the number of files. · Select the files for which you would like to confirm information in advance before operating the menu. , Rec Menu Mic Sense Microphone sensitivity is adjustable to meet recording needs. [High]: Highest recording sensitivity suitable for recording at a distance or low volume, such as at conferences with a large number of people. [Middle]: Suitable for recording meetings and seminars with a small number of people. · When you would like to clearly record a speaker's voice, set [Mic Sense] to [Low] and hold recorder's built-in stereo microphone close to the speaker's mouth (5-10 cm) when recording. Rec Mode The recorder can record in the linear PCM format (For WS-760M, WS-750M only). High resolution recording at a high sampling rate and high bit rate equivalent or superior to that of a music CD is possible. Moreover, it also supports the MP3 and WMA formats. 5 Menu setting method 1 Select the recording format. [PCM]*: This is an uncompressed audio format which is used for music CDs and the like. [MP3]: MPEG is the international standard established by a working group of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). [WMA]: This is an audio compression encoding method that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation in the US. * For WS-760M, WS-750M only. EN 49 Menu setting method 2 Select the recording rate. When [PCM] is selected: [44. 1 kHz/16 bit]*1 When [MP3] is selected: [256 kbps]*1, [192 kbps]*2, [128 kbps] When [WMA] is selected: [ST XQ], [ST HQ], [ST SP], [HQ], [SP], [LP] *1 For WS-760M, WS-750M only. · To record a meeting and lecture clearly, set other than [LP] in [Rec Mode]. · When the external monaural microphone is used while [Rec Mode] is set to a stereo recording mode, it enables recording only with the L channel microphone. [. . . ] Use to connect from the earphone jack output of the recorder to the microphone input jack when recording. Converting plug adapters (PA331/PA231) which convert to the monaural mini plug (ø3. 5) or monaural mini plug (ø2. 5) are also enclosed. s Compact zoom microphone (unidirectional): ME32 7 Accessories (optional) EN The microphone is integrated with a tripod, making it suitable for when you wish to record from a distance, such as from your table at a meeting or conference. s Highly sensitive noisecancellation monaural microphone (unidirectional): ME52W This microphone is used to record sound at a distance while minimizing surrounding noise. s Tie clip microphone (omnidirectional): ME15 Small concealing microphone with a tie-clip. s Telephone pickup: TP7 Earphone type microphone can be plugged into your ear while phoning. 86 Specifications General points 4 Speaker: Built-in ø 18 mm round dynamic speaker 4 Recording format: Linear PCM* (Pulse Code Modulation) MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer3) WMA (Windows Media Audio) * For WS-760M, WS-750M only. -- 70 dBv 4 MIC jack: ø 3. 5 mm mini-jack, impedance 2 k 4 EAR jack: ø 3. 5 mm mini-jack, impedance 8 or more 4 Input level: 4 Sampling frequency: Linear PCM format [44. 1 kHz/16 bit] *1 44. 1 kHz 4 Input power requirement: Batteries: AAA battery (LR03) or Olympus Ni-MH rechargeable battery External power supply: USB connecting AC adapter(A514) 5 V MP3 format [256 kbps] *1 [192 kbps] *2 [128 kbps] 44. 1 kHz 44. 1 kHz 44. 1 kHz 4 External dimensions: 98. 5 mm × 40 mm × 11 mm (without protrusions) 4 Weight: 51 g (including battery) WMA format [ST XQ] [ST HQ] [ST SP] [HQ] [SP] [LP] 44. 1 kHz 44. 1 kHz 22 kHz 44. 1 kHz 22 kHz 8 kHz 4 Operating temperature: 0°C - 42°C/ 32°F - 107. 6°F 4 Tuning frequency range: FM radio: 87. 50 MHz to 108. 00 MHz Frequency response: 4 During recording mode (Microphone jack): Linear PCM format [44. 1 kHz/16 bit] *1 40 Hz to 21 kHz 7 Specifications 4 Maximum working output: 80 mW (8 speaker) *1 For WS-760M, WS-750M only *2 For WS-650S only MP3 format [256 kbps] *1 [192 kbps] *2 [128 kbps] 40 Hz to 20 kHz 40 Hz to 19 kHz 40 Hz to 17 kHz 4 Maximum headphone output: 4 Wide band characteristic headphone output: 4 Recording medium: â 150 mV (according to EN 50332-2) 75 mV â (according to EN 50332-2) Built-in NAND FLASH memory: WS-760M: 8 GB/WS-750M: 4 GB/ WS-650S: 2 GB microSD card (For WS-760M, WS-750M only): 512 MB to 16 GB EN 87 Specifications WMA format [ST XQ] [ST HQ] [ST SP] [HQ] [SP] [LP] 40 Hz to 19 kHz 40 Hz to 16 kHz 40 Hz to 9 kHz 40 Hz to 13 kHz 40 Hz to 8 kHz 40 Hz to 3 kHz 4 During voice file playback mode (All Playback Mode): Recording mode [44. 1 kHz/ 16 bit] *3 [128 kbps] [ST XQ] [LP] Recording mode [44. 1 kHz/ 16 bit] *3 [128 kbps] [ST XQ] [LP] Built-in speaker *1 12 h. 15 h. 4 During recording mode (Built-in stereo microphone): 70 Hz to 20 kHz (However, when recording by the MP3 format or the WMA format, the upper limit value of the frequency response depends on each recording mode) *1 For WS-760M, WS-750M only *2 For WS-650S only Earphone playback *1 22 h. 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