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[. . . ] DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. Please read these instructions for information about using the product correctly and safely. To ensure successful recording, we recommend that you test the record function and volume before use. EN Introduction · The contents of this document are subject to change without notice. Contact our Customer Support Center for the latest information relating to product names and model numbers. [. . . ] Preset call mode · Press the 9 or 0 button to select a preset station. a Preset number Plug in the earphones a 4 FM radio mode operations EN b 9 0 button `OK button Auto/Manual mode · Press the 9 or 0 button to adjust the frequency and tune to a radio signal (Manual reception). · Press and hold the 9 or 0 button to scan through the receivable radio stations (Auto reception). b Tuning frequency · If you press the `OK button while a frequency that you have not preset is being received, the recorder will tune in to the station whose preset number is closest to the frequency that was being received. 1 Perform Steps 1 through 3 from "FM radio mode operations" ( P. 48). 2 Press the `OK button to select a reception mode. · If you have preset stations, the reception mode changes at each press of the `OK button. 50 FM radio mode operations Adding a radio station You can add radio stations from Auto/ Manual reception to the preset stations. 3 Press the `OK button. · Up to 30 radio stations can be preset. Plug in the earphones Deleting a preset radio station 1 Tune to the preset radio station you wish to erase. 2 Press the ERASE button. + - button `OK button 4 FM radio mode operations SCENE/INDEX button 1 Tune to the radio station you want to preset. · Select [Cancel] and press the `OK button to return to the previous display. 3 Press the `OK button. 2 Press the SCENE/INDEX button. · Select [Cancel] and press the `OK button to return to the previous display. Note · The preset numbers are automatically assigned according to the frequency. EN 51 Recording from the FM radio For WS-813: When recording from the FM radio: Even if the sound of the FM radio is clear, in certain conditions there may be cases of electric interference when the recording starts. Also, be sure to record in places with good reception. Plug in the earphones 4 Press the STOP ( 4) button to stop recording. 4 Recording from the FM radio EN STOP ( 4 ) button REC ( s ) button · [ K ] disappears and the reception display re-appears. 1 Tune to the broadcast program you wish to record ( P. 25, P. 48). 2 In menu settings relating to FM radio, set [Output] to [Earphone] ( P. 67). · If [Output] is set to [Speaker], you cannot record. · When you record FM radio, the recording is stored automatically in the [FM Radio] folder in the [Recorder] folder. Notes · When recording from the FM radio, be sure to connect the earphones to the EAR jack. · When FM radio is recorded, the file name assigned to the recording ( P. 33) is appended with a date and time. 813_0001_120715_0915. WMA a Recording mode indicator b Preset number c Tuning frequency d Elapsed recording time e Remaining recording time Date: [120715] (2012, July 15) Time: [0915] (9. 15 am) 3 Press the REC ( s ) button to start recording. · The LED indicator light turns on and [ K ] appears on the display. a b c d e 52 Menu setting Menu setting method Items in menus are categorized by tabs, so select a tab first and move to the desired item to set it. You can set each menu item as follows. STOP ( 4 ) button MENU button 3 Press the `OK button to move the cursor to the item you want to set. + - button 9 0 button `OK button 4 Press the + or - button to move to the item you want to set. 1 While the recorder is in stop mode, press the MENU button. · The menu appears on the display. 5 Menu setting method 5 Press the `OK button. · The display shows the setting of the selected item. 6 Press the + or - button to change the setting. · Menu items can be set during recording or playback. 2 Press the + or - button to move to the tab that contains the item you want to set. · You can change the menu display by moving the settings tab cursor. 7 Press the `OK button to complete the setting process. · A message appears on the screen to inform you that the setting has been entered. EN 53 Menu setting method 4 Setting menu during playback: Function [Property] [Voice Playback] *2 *4 [Noise Cancel] *4 [ Voice Balancer] *2 *4 [ Voice Filter] *3 *4 [Play Mode] [Equalizer] *5 [Skip Space] [Play Scene] [Backlight] [LED] To menu item options Setting · Pressing the 0 button without pressing the `OK button cancels the setting process and returns you to the previous screen. 8 Press the STOP ( 4) button to close the menu screen. · If the menu screen is open during recording or playback, pressing the STOP ( 4) button allows you to return to the recording or playback screen without interrupting recording or playback. Notes · The recorder stops if you leave it idle for 3 minutes during a menu setup operation and do not set a selected item. · When menu settings are entered during recording or playback, the menu settings are canceled if 8 seconds elapse with no buttons being pressed. 5 Menu setting method EN 4 Setting menu during FM radio reception (WS-813 only): · During recording in [FM Radio] mode, only the [Backlight] and [LED] settings are available. Function [Rec Mode] [Auto-preset] [Scan Level] [Backlight] [LED] [Output] To menu item options Setting 4 Setting menu during recording: Function [Rec Level] [Zoom Mic] *1 [Low Cut Filter] [ VCVA] [Backlight] [LED] To menu item options Setting *1 *2 *3 *4 *5 WS-813 only. Function active only in [Music] mode. 54 Menu setting method + File Menu Voice Detect Property File and folder information can be confirmed from the menu screen. When a file is selected: [Name] (File name), [Date] (Time stamp), [Size] (File size), [Bit Rate]*1 (File format), [Artist]*2 (Artist name) and [Album]*2 (Album name) appear on the display. *1 When a linear PCM format file has been selected, the [Bit Rate] area displays the sampling frequency and bit rate. *2 When a file contains no tag information, [UNKNOWN_ARTIST ], [UNKNOWN_ALBUM] appear on the display. When a folder is selected: [Name] (Folder name), [Folder]*1 (Folder number) and [File]*2 (File number) appear on the display. *1 When [Recorder] is selected, [Folder] does not appear on the display. *2 Files which cannot be recognized by this recorder are not included in the number of files. [. . . ] These highly sensitive omni-directional microphones are supported by plug-in power and are well-suited to recording musical performances. s Ni-MH rechargeable battery and charger set: BC400 (For Europe) BC400 comes with an Ni-MH rechargeable battery charger (BU-400) and 4 Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (BR401). This charger can quick charge Olympus AA or AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. s Compact Gun Microphone (unidirectional): ME31 This directional microphone is useful for various types of recording such as outdoor recording of wild birds singing. The metal body provides sturdiness and high rigidity. s Ni-MH rechargeable battery: BR401 High-efficiency rechargeable long life battery. s Compact zoom microphone (unidirectional): ME32 s USB connecting AC adapter: A514 5VDC AC Adapter for USB connection. 7 Accessories (optional) EN This microphone is integrated with a tripod, making it suitable for recording audio at a distance, such as from your table at a meeting or conference. s Connecting cord: KA333 This connecting cord has stereo miniplugs (ø3. 5) with resistance at both ends. Use it to connect from the earphone jack output of the recorder to the microphone input jack when recording. [. . . ]


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