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[. . . ] These universal switches provide customers with a choice of over 1500 configurations, so there's literally a model for every requirement! Total safety switching solutions from Omron Many of the new features in these switches are unique. Make-before-break contacts, for example, provide enough time for vital process information to be saved before the system is shut down. More contacts have been added to the switches so that one is available to provide feedback data to the control system. Gold-clad contacts have been included for switching micro-loads and higher current more reliably. [. . . ] In applications like moulding and machine tooling, where interlock switches are required, our 5-contact D4NL and D4GL switches are ideal. When access to a critical process is required, the internal solenoid-locking device gives the machine time to switch off without damaging the process before enabling the door to be safely opened. Plug and play connection with the M12 All two-contact single conduit switches (D4N, D4NS, D4NH and D4NR) can be ordered with a pre-assembled M12 connector. Installing this four-pin connector is simply a matter of plug and play, which reduces the need for especially skilled personnel during periodic maintenance. Standard key for safety-door interlocking The key used in all key-operated switches (D4NS, D4NL and D4GL) is four-times coded to prevent any tampering. And one size fits all models for easy replacement! Environmentally friendly Clever solutions that work for you - make-before-break (MBB) contact Once a door with a safety switch is opened the Normally Closed (NC) contact in the safety switch opens and the Normally Open (NO) contact closes. If there is an NO contact connected to a PLC, any data inside is lost as soon as the power switches off. That's why Omron has incorporated innovative make-before-break (MBB) contacts in the D4N, D4NS, D4NH and D4NR switches. With an MBB contact the normally open contact closes before the normally closed contact opens. This provides enough time for the control system (PLC) to save the process condition or similar vital data. In line with Omron's environmental policy for all electronic components, these safety switches contain no lead, cadmium or hexavalent chrome. What's more, they already comply with the EU directive on hazardous substances (RoHS), which will be law in every European country by 2006. Ready for the Chinese market The People's Republic of China has implemented a mandatory certification on a wide range of products manufactured or sold in China. Labelled the CCC mark, this certification combines the former CCIB (safety) mark and the CCEE mark for electrical components. All of these safety switches are CCC approved for this market. Gold-clad contact for high reliability A special gold-clad contact makes each switch suitable for switching both standard loads and micro-loads. The switches are tested to operate reliably at least one million times. Maximum positioning flexibility One switch fits all actuation directions. The key operated switches can be actuated from the side and top (giving 8 possible directions). Complete safety solutions ­ anywhere in the world! Omron has recognised that in a dynamic market, the only way to be a valuable partner is to offer total system solutions. That's why we have introduced a complete line-up of products with the D4N series to cover safety switch requirements for at least 95% of the market. And this range is just part of Omron's complete Safety concept to provide technologies and solutions that can seamlessly be integrated and networked to save you time as a machine builder, no matter where in the world you are! The safety door switch ensures that hazardous movements are stopped, as long the door remains open. Depending on the application, an interlock switch keeps the door closed and safe until the process is in a condition to stop without damaging goods. DeviceNet safety remote modules support efficient wiring and control safety-related signals in parallel with standard messaging. The status of the safety device is available in the standard PLC for diagnosis. [. . . ] This very compact device saves space in the cabinet and provides superior features for a highly productive safety solution. The S8 range of power supplies ensures a constant and reliable power source for your control system. Depending on the series, they can support diagnosis and preventive maintenance. Smart safety solution Safety modules provide dedicated safety functions. In addition to the conventional safety relay units, there are `intelligent safety units' that define a new area of applications. The G9SX intelligent safety units have a unique and clever dynamic logical combination facility. [. . . ]


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