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[. . . ] · Sensing by means electrostatic capacity and is not influenced by the color of the pipe or liquid. · Built-in amplifier for space-saving. Applications Liquid surface level detection Ordering Information Sensor type Applicable pipe diameters Shape Output form Model 8 to 11 mm dia. E2K-L13MC1 Electrostatic capacity method NPN open-collector output NO 12 to 26 mm dia. E2K-L26MC1 E2K-L D-203 E2K-L Rating/Performance Model E2K-L13MC1 Non-metal Material External 8 to 11 mm dia. [. . . ] Install the Sensor with the setting position (notch) in line with the liquid level to be detected. Pipe 2. After Sensor installation adjust the detecting sensitivity using the (12-step) sensitivity adjuster in the way shown below. Status of the indicator when Sensitvity adjuster the liquid level is aligned with the setting position 1 Adjustment procedure Sensor Not lit Level of liquid surface Setting position (notch) 2 1 Turn the sensitivity adjuster clockwise using a screwdriver until the indicator lights. Turn the sensitivity adjuster counterclockwise using a screwdriver until the indicator turns OFF. Then, turn the sensitivity adjuster clockwise until the indicator lights up again. Lit Note: 1 . During sensitivity adjustment do not put your hand on the Sensor and make sure that the cable is properly secured. When using more than one Sensor (e. g. , to detect for upper and lower limits), adjust the sensitivity of the Sensors in order starting from the bottom. Adjusting the sensitivity of a Sensor may affect the detection level of the Sensor above it. 2. First set the lower limit. E2K-L D-205 E2K-L Precautions Correct Use Design Influence of Surrounding Objects Performance may be adversely affected by conductive objects (e. g. , metals) in the vicinity of the Sensor. Ensure that any conductive objects are separated from the Sensor and set at a minimum distance as shown below. Pipe Sensor Installation Sensor installation Attach the Sensor securely to the pipe using the 2 binding bands and the 4 nonskid tubes provided (2 tubes per band) in the way shown below. Install the Sensor in such manner that the pipe is in contact with the entire sensing face of the Sensor with the pipe and Sensor in parallel. Pipe Sensor Operation indicator Sensitivity adjuster A Object on Opposite Side B Level of liquid surface Setting position (notch) C Binding bands Slip-prevention tubes Side View Pipe Sensor Front View Object on One Side Objects on Both Sides Influence of Surrounding Objects (Units: mm) Shape Length A B C E2K-L13MC1 E2K-L26MC1 25 5 0 45 40 Binding bands Slip-prevention tubes Mutual Interference When installing 2 or more Sensors in series, in parallel, or facing each other, be sure that they are separated by at least the distances shown below. Top View Wiring Considerations Power Supply · If separate power supplies are used for Sensor and load, be sure to turn on the Sensor power supply first. · If a commercially available switching regulator is used, the Sensor may malfunction because of switching noise. Operating Environment Ambient Conditions · Although this product has waterproof specifications, do not use it in locations where it may have a direct contact with liquids (e. g. , water or cutting oil). [. . . ] three conductors vinyl-insulated round cable (cross-sectional area of conductors:0. 14 mm2; insulation diameter: 0. 9 mm) Standard length: 2 m 6 E2K-L D-207 E2K-L 5 ALL DIMENSIONS SHOWN ARE IN MILLIMETERS. D094-E2-01-X In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. D-208 Capacitive Sensors [. . . ]


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