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[. . . ] Long Distance Square Inductive Proximity Sensor E2Q4 Square Proximity Sensor · Slim, compact size · M12 Plug-in connection · Integrated short circuit and reverse polarity protection · Active face positioning: Y-axis 15°, X-axis 90° incremets Ordering Information DC type Sensing distance 20 mm shielded 30 mm non-shielded 40 mm non-shielded Plug-in connector Changable Connection Active face NPN PNP NPN PNP NPN PNP Output NO E2Q4-N20E1-M1 E2Q4-N20F1-M1 E2Q4-N30ME1-M1 E2Q4-N30MF1-M1 NO + NC E2Q4-N20E3-M1 E2Q4-N20F3-M1 E2Q4-N30ME3- M1 E2Q4-N30MF3-M1 E2Q4-N40ME3-M1 E2Q4-N40MF3-M1 E2Q4 D-77 E2Q4 Rating/performance shielded non-shielded E2Q4-N20 # # -M1 E2Q4-N30M # #- M1 E2Q4-N40M # 3- M1 20 mm ± 10% 30 mm ± 10% 40 mm ± 10% 60 x 60 x 1 mm 90 x 90 x 1 mm 120 x 120 x 1 mm 0 to 16, 2 mm 0 to 24, 3 mm 0 to 32, 4 mm 150 Hz Ferrous metals 15% max. E2Q4-N # # #E1- ## : NPN - NO E2Q4-N # # #E3- ## : NPN - NO + NC E2Q4-N # # #F1- ## : PNP - NO E2Q4-N # # #F3- ## : PNP - NO + NC Load 200 mA max. [. . . ] If AC power (100 VAC or more) is supplied to the sensor, it may explode or burn. Do not use the Sensor in locations with explosive or flammable gas. Correct Use Effects of Surrounding Metal Provide a minimum distance between the Sensor and the surrounding metal as shown in the table below. E2Q4 Design B A C Be sure to abide by the following precautions for the safe operation of the Sensor. Effects of Surrounding Metal (Unit: mm) Model E2Q4-N20 ## -M1 E2Q4-N30M ## -M1 E2Q4-N40M ## -M1 Length Wiring Power Supply Voltage and Output Load Power Supply Voltage Make sure that the power supply to the Sensor is within the rated voltage range. If a voltage exceeding the rated voltage range is supplied to the Sensor, it may explode or burn. Load Short-circuiting Do not short-circuit the load, otherwise the Sensor may be damaged. Connection without Load Do not connect the power supply to the Sensor with no load connected, otherwise the internal elements may explode or burn. A 45 90 120 B 0 250 300 C 0 30 40 Mutual Interference If more than one Sensor is located in parallel, ensure to maintain enough space between adjacent Sensors to suppress mutual interference as provided in the following diagram. Side-by-side A Mutual Interference (Unit: mm) Model E2Q4-N20 ## -M1 E2Q4-N30M ## -M1 Length A 40 120 E2Q4 D-81 Mounting Side-by-side A Mounting the Sensor The Proximity Sensor must be subjected to excessive shock with a hammer when it is installed, otherwise the Proximity Sensor may be damaged or lose its water-resistivity. Mutual Interference (Unit: mm) Model E2Q4-N40M ## -M1 Length A 150 Maintenance and Inspection Periodically perform the following checks to ensure stable operation of the Proximity Sensor over a long period of time. · Check for mounting position, dislocation, looseness or distortion of the Proximity Sensor and sensing objects. · Check for loose wiring and connections, improper contacts and line breakage. · Check for attachment or accumulation of metal powder or dust. · Check for abnormal temperature conditions and other environmental conditions. Never disassemble or repair the Sensor. Power Reset Time The Sensor is ready to operate within 300 ms after the Sensor is turned ON. If the load and Sensor are connected to independent power supplies respectively, be sure to turn ON the Sensor before supplying power to the load. Power OFF The Proximity Sensor may output a pulse signal when it is turned OFF. [. . . ] Inrush Current A load that has a large inrush current (e. g. , a lamp or motor) will damage the Proximity Snesor, in this case connect the load to the Proximity Sensor through a Relay Wiring High-tension cables Wiring through Metal Conduit: If there is power or high-tension line near the cable of the Proximity Sensor, wire the cable through an independent metal conduit to prevent against Proximity Sensor damage or malfunction. ALL DIMENSIONS SHOWN ARE IN MILLIMETERS. D02E-EN-01A In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. D-82 Inductive Sensors [. . . ]


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