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[. . . ] The test piece is sprayed with water at 80°C at a water pressure of 80 to 100 BAR using a specified nozzle shape at a rate of 14 to 16 liters/min. The distance between the test piece and nozzle is 10 to 15 cm, and water is sprayed horizontally for 30 seconds each at 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90° while rotating the test piece on a horizontal plane. For reflectors and mounting brackets refer to Accessories. Engineering Data (Typical) Parallel Operating Range E3FZ-B Range (mm) Excess Gain vs. Distance E3FZ-B Received detecting signal (mV) 100 E39-R1S 30 20 10 0 -10 E39-RS2 -20 E39-R1S -30 -40 0 E39-RS2 10 1 E39-RS2 E39-R1-S 0. 1 200 400 On-Point (right) 600 800 1000 1200 1400 Distance (mm) On-Point (left) 0 0. 5 1 1. 5 2 Sensing distance (m) E3FZ-B 3 Output Circuit Diagram PNP Output Model E3FZ-B8@ Operation Timing charts mode Light ON Light Incident Light Interrupted Operation indicator ON (yellow) OFF Output transistor Load (e. g. , relay) ON OFF Operate Reset Connection method Connect the pink wire (Pin(2)) to the brown (Pin(1)) or open the pink wire (Pin(2). [. . . ] (5) Pounding the Photoelectric Sensor with a hammer or other tool during mounting will impair water resistance. (6) Mount the Sensor either using the bracket (sold separately) or on a flat surface. (7) Be sure to turn OFF the power supply before inserting or removing the connector. When cleaning the product, do not apply a high-pressure spray of water to one part of the product. Otherwise, parts may become damaged and the degree of protection may be degraded. High-temperature environments may result in burn injury. Precautions for Safe Use The following precautions must be observed to ensure safe operation of the Sensor. Sensitivity adjustment Setup is completed by teaching the sensor to the reflector (without object). For transparent object detection or detection of very small objects: Turn the sensitivity adjuster slowly from minimum to maximum and stop at the position where the output LED changes state (orange LED turns from on/off to off/on) and green stability LED is on. Confirm correct operation by testing stable detection with reference object. Operating Environment Do not use the Sensor in an environment where explosive or flammable gas is present. Connecting Connectors Be sure to hold the connector cover when inserting or removing the connector. Be sure to tighten the connector lock by hand; do not use pliers or other tools. If the tightening is insufficient, the degree of protection will not be maintained and the Sensor may become loose due to vibration. The appropriate tightening torque is 0. 39 to 0. 49 N·m for M12 connectors. Cleaning Never use thinner or other solvents. Otherwise, the Sensor surface may be dissolved. Power Supply If a commercial switching regulator is used, ground the FG (frame ground) terminal. Load Do not use a load that exceeds the rated load. Rotation Torque for Sensitivity Adjustment Adjust with a torque of 0. 05 Nm or less. Power Supply Reset Time The Sensor will be able to detect objects 100 ms after the power supply is tuned ON. Start using the Sensor 100 ms or more after turning ON the power supply. If the load and the Sensor are connected to separate power supplies, be sure to turn ON the Sensor first. Environements with Cleaners and Disinfectants (e. g. Food Processing Lines) Do not use the Sensor in environments subject to cleaners and disifectants. They may reduce the degree of protection. Modifications Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, or modify the Sensor. Turning OFF the Power Supply Output pulses may be generated even when the power supply is OFF. Therefore, it is recommended to first turn OFF the power supply for the load or the load line. Outdoor Use Do not use the Sensor in locations subject to direct sunlight. Cleaning Do not use thinner, alcohol, or other organic solvents. Otherwise, the optical properties and degree of protection may be degraded. Load Short-circuit Protection This Sensor is equipped with load short-circuit protection, but be sure to not short circuit the load. Be sure to not use an output current flow that exceeds the rated current. If a load short circuit occurs, the output will turn OFF, so check the wiring before turning ON the power supply again. The load short-circuit protection will operate when the current flow reaches 1. 8 times the rated load current. [. . . ] CHANGE IN SPECIFICATIONS Product specifications and accessories may be changed at any time based on improvements and other reasons. It is our practice to change model numbers when published ratings or features are changed, or when significant construction changes are made. However, some specifications of the product may be changed without any notice. When in doubt, special model numbers may be assigned to fix or establish key specifications for your application on your request. [. . . ]


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