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[. . . ] Operating: -20°C to 55°C/Storage: -30°C to 70°C (with no icing) Operating: 35% to 85%/Storage: 35% to 95°C (with no condensation) 20 M min. Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1-mm double amplitude or 150 m/s2 for 2 hrs each in X, Y, and Z directions Destruction: 500 m/s2 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions IEC60529 IP67 (with protective cover) Connector Pre-wired Connector Pre-wired Connector Pre-wired Connector Pre-wired Approx. 100 g Case: Polybutylene terephthalate Lens: Acrylic (PMMA) Instruction manual Remote control input1 Remote control output1 Bank selection Circuit protection Response time Ambient illumination (on receiver lens) Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Insulation resistance Dielectric strength Vibration resistance2 Shock resistance3 Degree of protection Connection method Weight with package box Material Others 1. 3. Remote controll input and answer-back output share the same signal line. [. . . ] Refer to Remote Control Function. If teaching is successfull, move the mark and press the SET button at the base. · If teaching is successfull, all the green detection level indicators are ON. · If teaching is unsuccessfull, all the red threshold level indicator flash. Green detection level indicators are ON. Then all the red threshold indicators are ON. Mark Sensor Base Mark Push Teaching is OK Base Push All the red threshold level indicators will flash if there is no difference in incident. Red threshold indicators are ON. The output will be ON whenever the set mark is detected. Note: By teaching on the base, reversed output as shown above (base: ON, mark: OFF) can be obtained. 4 If teaching is successful, set the mode selector to RUN to complete the teaching operation. If teaching is unsuccessful, restart from the above step 2. Note: Follow the above steps so that the output will be turned ON whenever the mark is detected. By taking the opposite steps, the output will be turned OFF whenever the mark is detected and turned ON whenever the base is detected. A-138 Standard Photoelectric Sensors Auto-teaching Check that the mode selector is set to either RUN or ADJUST. Input a 0. 9-s pulse signal into the remote control I/O terminal. 1 Auto-teaching starts when the mark is moved. If teaching is successful, answer-back output from the remote control I/O terminal will turn ON for 0. 3 s. (Teaching will be unsuccessful if there is no difference in incident between the mark and base. ) 4. If the answer-back signal is ON, the whole teaching operation will be completed. The output will be turned ON whenever the mark (i. e. , the color with shorter passing time) is detected. · · Auto-teaching Teaching starts Teaching completes and detection starts Remote control input/ Answer-back output Auto-teaching Answer-back Time Incident Mark (shorter passing time): Output ON Optimal threshold level set Base: Output OFF Dummy sampling (1st mark) Sampling (5th mark) Time Threshold Level Adjustments Example of Connection to Programmable Controller Sensor Programmable Controller I/O Unit It is possible to make fine adjustments of the threshold level after teaching. Refer to Remote control Function (Bank Selection, Mark Registration, and Threshold Adjustments) on page A-140 . 1 Set the mode selector to ADJUST Select the upper or lower threshold selector. Two indicators will be lit together when the threshold level is an even level. The threshold level increases. Upper threshold limit Remote control I/O Output Input Note: Be sure to connect the E3M-V to the Programmable Controller as shown above. Precautions when Using Automatic Teaching Incorrect discrimination may be caused by automatic teaching in the following cases. · Sensing objects have protrusions or surface level differences. Press 2 The threshold level decreases. Lower threshold limit Threshold indicators Threshold level 3 After setting the level, set the mode selector to RUN. 1. Make sure that the input tolerance of each pulse is within ±0. 1 s. E3M-V A-139 E3M-V Detection Level Indicator Detection Level Indicator The control output of the E3M-V will be turned ON if the detection level exceeds the threshold level. The indication of the detection level varies with the teaching method. Control Signals No. mounting holes M2. 6 nut Mounting Holes Two, M4 M12 Connector Pre-Wired Models 47. 8 45 Two, 4. 5 dia. [. . . ] If power is supplied to the E3M-V and the load independently, be sure to turn on the E3M-V first. M12 Metal Connector Make sure to connect or disconnect the metal connector after turning off the E3M-V. Make sure to hold the connector cover when connecting or disconnecting the metal connector. Do not use any tool, such as pliers, otherwise the metal connector may be damaged. If the metal connector is not tightened securely, the metal connector may be disconnected by vibration and the proper degree of protection of the E3M-V may not be maintained. Power OFF The E3M-V may output a single pulse when the control power supply is turned OFF. [. . . ]


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