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[. . . ] E3Z PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Fo r m a c h i n e s t h a t n e v e r s t o p » Perfect for every environment » Proven performance » Unmatched reliability Millions installed - millions relied upon in Industrial Automation With more than a million units sold each year, the E3Z is among the world's most popular and successful photoelectric sensor families. And the family is still expanding to meet growing demands from our customers in both general purpose and specialist application areas. [. . . ] Intensive shielding prevents malfunctions due to inverter noise or wireless communications equipment. And a precision optical system with high-power LED minimizes the risk of malfunctions due to dirt or misalignment. E3Z-B The standard for bottle detection TheE3Z-Bseriesprovidessimpleandreliable detection of commonly used bottles or transparent objects. TheLEDpowerhasbeenoptimizedfor transparent PET bottles but the series provides easy adjustment by potentiometer for detecting a large variety of transparent standard objects either individually or in sets. E3Z Laser Ideal for precision applications TheE3ZLaserseriesfeaturesvisiblelaserlightforprecision positioninganddetectionofevensmallobjects. ThehighpowerlaserdiodeoftheClass1redlaserensuresahigh functionalreserve, whileprecisebackgroundsuppression andlowblack/whiteerrorensuresaccuratedetection. BeamaxisdeviationisminimizedbyOMROn'suniquehighprecision alignment technology. Standard object detection Precision positioning and detection Object detection and sensor condition monitoring Transparent bottle Detection E3Z E3Z Laser E3Z-[]G E3Z-[]J E3Z-B E3ZM - reliability and cost efficiency in stainless steel In hygienic or harsh environments, stainless steel is the material of choice. Thanks to a new moulding technology, OMRON has made sensors with stainless-steel housings available to a broader market. With an extended sensor lifetime of up to 20 times or more compared to other plastic or metal housing sensors, the E3ZM series reduces machine downtime and service costs due to sensor malfunctions caused by aggressive agents, high-pressure washdown or mechanical damage. E3ZM-B Enhanced PET bottle detection stability TheinnovativetechnologyoftheE3ZM-Buses thepolarizingeffectofPETmaterialstoachieve a higher signal margin. This ensures stable operation compensating for influences by temperature drift, bottle thickness or shape. E3ZM E3ZM E3ZM-C E3ZM-V E3ZM-B Sensor with stainless-steel housing TheE3ZMserieshasahigh-grade, detergent-resistant, SuS316Lstainless-steelhousingmanufacturedbyaspecial Object detection in harsh environments Object detection with enhanced oil resistance Print-mark detection PET bottle detection metal-injection-mouldingprocess. CompactandwithahighpowerLEDthatgivesanexcellentperformance-to-sizeratio, the series is both rugged and highly suited to operation in the mostdemandingenvironmentswherehygieneandresistance tocorrosionandwearareofparamountimportance. What E3ZM can do for you · Longer sensor lifetime in harsh environments · Higher protection against mechanical damage · Cost-efficient integration into stainless-steel machine design E3ZM-V For reliable mark detection TheE3ZM-Vseriesprovidesreliabledetectionofallcommon print marks in food packaging applications. This series featuresawhiteLEDforstabledetectionofprintmarkswith differentcoloursandhasaneasy-to-useteach-inbutton or remote teach. E3ZM-C For enhanced oil-resistance TheE3ZM-Cisanoil-resistantsensorinastainless-steel housingthatalsooffersthehighestwaterresistance. Highlyrecommendedforuseindirtyandmechanically demanding environments, such as automotive assembly lines, it has an enhanced functional reserve and offers reliabledetectionunderallcircumstances. ThehighvisibilityorangeLEDinthethrough-beammodelensures easy alignment. Harshestconditions Sensor condition monitoring Electromagnetic noise immunity Tight housing Highambientlightimmunity Robustconstruction Long and reliable operation guaranteed The E3Z family, like all Omron products, is manufactured to exceptionally high engineering standards that far exceed even the most stringent of today's international standards. Whatever the application or environment, you can take their reliability for granted. [. . . ] The sensors have special features, suchasextra-widebeamsor anti-tampering. OMROnEuROPEB. V. Wegalaan67-69, nL-2132JD, Hoofddorp, Thenetherlands. Tel:+31(0)235681300Fax:+31(0)235681388www. industrial. omron. eu Austria Tel:+43(0)2236377800 www. industrial. omron. at Belgium Tel:+32(0)24662480 www. industrial. omron. be Czech Republic Tel:+420234602602 www. industrial. omron. cz Denmark Tel:+4543440011 www. industrial. omron. dk Finland Tel:+358(0)207464200 www. industrial. omron. fi France Tel:+33(0)156637000 www. industrial. omron. fr Germany Tel:+49(0)217368000 www. industrial. omron. de Hungary Tel:+3613993050 www. industrial. omron. hu Italy Tel:+390232681 www. industrial. omron. it Middle East & Africa Tel:+31(0)235681100 www. industrial. omron. com Netherlands Tel:+31(0)235681100 www. industrial. omron. nl Norway Tel:+47(0)22657500 www. industrial. omron. no Poland Tel:+48(0)226457860 www. industrial. omron. pl Portugal Tel:+351219429400 www. industrial. omron. pt Russia Tel:+74956489450 www. industrial. omron. ru Spain Tel:+34913777900 www. industrial. omron. es Sweden Tel:+46(0)86323500 www. industrial. omron. se Switzerland Tel:+41(0)417481313 www. industrial. omron. ch Turkey Tel:+902164740040 www. industrial. omron. com. tr United Kingdom Tel:+44(0)8707520861 www. industrial. omron. co. uk More Omron representatives www. industrial. omron. eu Authorised Distributor: Control Systems ·Programmablelogiccontrollers·Human-machineinterfaces·RemoteI/O Motion & Drives ·Motioncontrollers·Servosystems·Inverters Control Components ·Temperaturecontrollers·Powersupplies·Timers·Counters·Programmablerelays ·Digitalpanelindicators·Electromechanicalrelays·Monitoringproducts·Solid-staterelays ·Limitswitches·Pushbuttonswitches·Lowvoltageswitchgear Sensing & Safety ·Photoelectricsensors·Inductivesensors·Capacitive&pressuresensors·Cableconnectors ·Displacement&width-measuringsensors·Visionsystems·Safetynetworks·Safetysensors ·Safetyunits/relayunits·Safetydoor/guardlockswitches SF8P_E3Z_EN_INT01 Although we strive for perfection, Omron Europe BV and/or its subsidiary and affiliated companies do not warrant or make any representations regarding the correctness or completeness of the information described in this document. We reserve the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice. [. . . ]


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