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[. . . ] · The spot diameter for BGS models is 0. 5 mm (typical example at 300 mm). Combined with an hysteresis of only 5%, even minute differences can be detected. · Models with a response time of 0. 5 ms (E3Z-LL@3/@8) are available as standard models for fast-moving objects. Map liquid crystal glass. 2 Laser Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier Ordering Information Sensors Sensing method Appearance Connection method Pre-wired (2 m)*1 Through-beam Standard M8 Connector Pre-wired (2 m)*1 Retro-reflective with MSR function *3 (Using E39-R1) Red light Response time Sensing distance *2 Model NPN output PNP output E3Z-LT61 E3Z-LT81 E3Z-LT66 E3Z-LR61 E3Z-LT86 E3Z-LR81 60 m *4 15 m (300 mm Standard M8 Connector 1 ms (Using E39-R12) (Using E39-R6) 7m (200 mm) E3Z-LR66 E3Z-LR86 7m (200 mm) Pre-wired (2 m)*1 E3Z-LL61 E3Z-LL81 E3Z-LL86 E3Z-LL83 E3Z-LL88 20 to 40 mm (Min. distance set) Standard M8 Connector Distance-settable (BGS Models) Pre-wired (2 m)*1 Standard M8 Connector 0. 5 ms 20 to 300 mm (Max. [. . . ] Stability indicator (green) Operation indicator (orange) Sensitivity adjuster Distance adjuster (5-turn endless) Stability indicator (green) Operation indicator (orange) Mode selector switch Mode selector switch E3Z Laser Models 11 Safety Precautions Refer to Warranty and Limitations of Liability on page 20. !Warning This product is not designed or rated for ensuring safety of persons. To ensure safe use of laser products, do not allow the laser beam to enter your eye. Direct exposure may adversely affect your eyesight. Correct Use Do not use the product in atmospheres or environments that exceed product ratings. Usage Environment Water Resistance The Sensor is rated IP67. Ambient Environment Do not install the product in the following locations. · Locations subject to excess dust and dirt · Locations subject to direct sunlight · Locations subject to corrosive gas · Locations subject to organic solvents · Locations subject to shock or vibration · Locations subject to exposure to water, oil, or chemicals · Locations subject to high humidity or condensation !If AC power (100 VAC or more) is supplied to the Sensor, it may explode or burn. Precautions for Safe Use Be sure to abide by the following precautions for the safe operation of the Sensor. Operating Environment Do not use the Sensor in locations with explosive or flammable gas. Designing Power Reset Time The Sensor is ready to operate 100 ms after the Sensor is turned ON. If the load and Sensor are connected to independent power supplies respectively, be sure to turn ON the Sensor before supplying power to the load. Wiring Power Supply Voltage and Output Load Power Supply Voltage Make sure that the power supply to the Sensor is within the rated voltage range. If a voltage exceeding the rated voltage range is supplied to the Sensor, it may explode or burn. Applying a voltage exceeding the rated range may damage the Sensor or cause burning. Load Short-circuiting Do not short-circuit the load, otherwise the Sensor may be damaged or it may burn. Connection without Load Do not connect the power supply to the Sensor with no load connected, otherwise the internal elements may explode or burn. Always connect a load when wiring. Wiring Avoiding Malfunctions If using the Sensor with an inverter or servomotor, always ground the FG (frame ground) and G (ground) terminals, otherwise the Sensor may malfunction. Mounting Mounting the Sensor · If Sensors are mounted face-to-face, make sure that the optical axes are not in opposition to each other. · Always install the Sensor carefully so that the aperture angle range of the Sensor will not cause it to be directly exposed to intensive light, such as sunlight, fluorescent light, or incandescent light. · Do not strike the Photoelectric Sensor with a hammer or any other tool during the installation of the Sensor, or the Sensor will lose its water-resistive properties. · When mounting the case, make sure that the tightening torque applied to each screw does not exceed 0. 54 N·m. 12 Laser Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier Metal Connectors · Always turn OFF the power supply to the Sensor before connecting or disconnecting the metal connector. · Use a tightening torque of 0. 3 to 0. 4 N·m for M8 connectors and 0. 4 to 0. 5 N·m for M12 connectors. Vibration may cause the connectors to become loose and reduce the degree or protection is the tightening torque is not sufficient. Mounting Direction for Distance-settable Models · Make sure that the sensing side of the Sensor is parallel with the surface of the sensing objects. Normally, do not inSensing side cline the Sensor towards the Surface of sensing sensing object. object Install the Sensor as shown in the following illustration if each sensing object greatly differs in color or material. Correct Incorrect Moving direction Moving direction Adjusting Distance-settable Models Indicator Operation Distance threshold (settable) Unstable NEAR Stable NEAR NEAR region Unstable FAR Stable FAR FAR region If the sensing object has a glossy surface, however, incline the Sensor by 5° to 10° as shown in the illustration, provided that the Sensor is not influenced by background objects. Glossy object BGS Stability (green) Operation (orange) Stability (green) Operation (orange) ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF L/ON D/ON Note: If the stability indicator is lit, the detection/no detection status is stable within the rated ambient operating temperature (- to 55° C). 10 · If there is a mirror-like object below the Sensor, the Sensor may not operate stably. Therefore, incline the Sensor or separate the Sensor from the mirror-like object as shown below. Inspection and Maintenance Cleaning Never use paint thinners or other organic solvents to clean the surface of the product. Sensing object Mirror-like object · Do not install the Sensor in the wrong direction. [. . . ] Please consult with your OMRON representative at any time to confirm actual specifications of purchased products. SUITABILITY FOR USE THE PRODUCTS CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT ARE NOT SAFETY RATED. THEY ARE NOT DESIGNED OR RATED FOR ENSURING SAFETY OF PERSONS, AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON AS A SAFETY COMPONENT OR PROTECTIVE DEVICE FOR SUCH PURPOSES. Please refer to separate catalogs for OMRON's safety rated products. OMRON shall not be responsible for conformity with any standards, codes, or regulations that apply to the combination of products in the customer's application or use of the product. [. . . ]


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