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[. . . ] H090-E1-01B E5CK Digital Controller (Programmable Type) USERS MANUAL Preface The E5CK T is a high performance programmable digital controller. The E5CK T al lows the user to carry out the following: · Set program patterns to each step by time or ramp rise rate · Execute advance, hold and reset step operations · Execute continuous operation of all patterns and repeated operation of same patterns · Check the start of each step or program end time by signals. · Count time from the beginning of each step (time signal) · Select from many types of temperature and analog input (multi input) · Select output functions such as control output or alarm output (output assignment) · Monitor the control loop by LBA (Loop Break Alarm) · Use the communications function · Calibrate input or transfer output · The E5CK T also features a watertight construction (NEMA4: equivalent to IP66). Before using your E5CK T thoroughly read and understand this manual in order to ensure correct use. [. . . ] · To select this mode, press the RUN/RST and RUN/RST keys simultaneously for 1 second and keys simultaneously again minimum. To exit this mode, press the for 1 second minimum. · The following table shows the parameters supported in this mode and the page where the parameter is described. Symbol Parameter Name Security Key protect Page 5-3 5-4 Security · This parameter specifies which parameters are protected. Note that the protect mode and manual mode cannot be protected. Function Setting · Only the modes indicated by the F" mark in the table below can be selected on the menu display. For example, when this parameter is set to 3", only levels 0 and 1 and the program mode can be selected. Mode Calibration Option Expansion Setup Level 2 Level 1 Program Level 0 0 F F F F F F F F 1 F F F F F F F Setting value 2 3 4 5 6 F F F F F F F F F F *1 *1 The "PV/Present SP" parameter is only displayed. · When this parameter is set to 0", the protection function is disabled. · When this parameter is set to 5", only the parameters in the level 0 mode can be used, and the menu display is not selected. · When this parameter is set to 6", PV/Present SP" parameter can only be displayed. (Only the calibration mode is protected. ) F Related description 3. 6 Protect Mode (page 3 19) See 5­3 CHAPTER 5 PARAMETERS Protect Mode Key protect · Disables key operation of the RUN/RESET or AUTO/MANUAL. For example, if and AUTO/MANUAL key operation is disabled (by simultaneously pressing the Function keys) in the key protect" parameter (protect mode) during automatic operation, manual operation is no longer possible. · The following table shows the relationship between set values and protected keys. Set value Description No keys are protected. AUTO/MANUAL key operation cannot be selected. RUN/RST "RUN/RST" key cannot be selected. Setting 1 2 3 4 Both the AUTO/MANUAL and RUN/RESET key operations cannot be selected. · Default is 0" (all keys can be operated). F Related description 3. 6 Protect Mode (page 3 19) See 5­4 Manual Mode · In this mode, manual operation is possible, and the MANU" LED lights. · When this mode is selected, the manipulated variable that was active immediately before the mode was switched to is output. If this mode is switched to during auto tuning, auto tuning is canceled. · To select this mode when in the level 0 to 2 modes, press the and keys simul taneously for 1 second minimum. To exit this mode, press the and keys simultaneously again for 1 second minimum. · Manual MV" is the only parameter available in this mode. Manual MV · Sets the manipulated variable for manual operation. When you press the keys, the manipulated variable is changed. Function or · The process value is displayed on the No. 1 display and the manipulated variable is displayed on the No. 2 display. · The manual MV is held when the power is interrupted. Control Method Standard Heating and cooling Setting Range -5. 0 to 105. 0 -105. 0 to 105. 0 Unit % % Default 0. 0 0. 0 Setting F Related description 3. 8 Adjusting Control Operation/Manual operation (page 3 22) See 5­5 CHAPTER 5 PARAMETERS Level 0 Mode · The parameters in this mode can be used only when the security" parameter (pro tect mode) is set to 0" to 5". Only the PV/Present SP" parameter can be used when the security" parameter is set to 6". · The parameters in this mode comprise step operation parameters and parameters required for monitoring program operating states. [. . . ] During heating and cooling control, the setting range becomes 105. 0 to 0. 0%. HEAT/COOL/AL 1/AL 2/AL 3/HBA/LBA/TS 1/TS 2/PEND/STG AL 1/AL 2/AL 3/HBA/LBA/TS 1/TS 2/PEND/STG/S. ERR/E333 A­7 APPENDIX Mode Parameter Name Set point upper limit Set point lower limit PID / ON/OFF Operation at power ON End condition Number of patterns Program time unit Step time/Rate of rise programming Setting Range Set point lower limit +1 to scaling upper limit Scaling lower limit to Set point upper limit -1 Unit EU EU None None None None None None None None None None None None Sec %FS %FS None bit bit None kbps None None *10 *10 Default 1300 -200 PID CON RST 1 HHMM OFF OFF SP ON OFF 0. 65 1. 0 0 0. 2 0. 2 NON 2 7 EVEN 9. 6 0 SP 10 *10 Remarks Setting *9 *9 PID / ON/OFF CON/RST/RUN/MAN RST/SP 1 to 4 HHMM/MMSS TIME/PR M/H PV/SP ON/OFF ON/OFF 0. 00 to 1. 00 0. 1 to 10. 0 0 to 99 0. 1 to 9. 9 0. 0 to 999. 9 NON/RST/MAN/HOLD/ADV/PTN0 to 1 Expan Expansion i Time unit of ramp rate PV start Alarm during ramp step enable Run all enable AT calculated gain Automatic return of display mode AT hysteresis LB detection width Event input assignment 1 Communication stop bit Communication data length Communication parity 1/2 7/8 NONE/EVEN/ODD 1. 2/2. 4/4. 8/9. 6/19. 2 0 to 99 SP/PV/O/C-O *10 *10 Option p Communication baud rate Communication unit No. Transfer output type Transfer output upper limit Transfer output lower limit *9 When temperature input is selected, the range of the sensor selected in the input type" parameter (setup mode) corresponds to the scaling upper and lower limit value. *10 Set the transfer output type parameter according to the following table. 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