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[. . . ] H089-E1-02 Preface The E5EK-T is a high-performance programmable digital controller. The E5EK-T allows the user to carry out the following: · Set program patterns to each step by time or ramp rise rate · Execute advance, hold and reset step operations · Execute continuous operation of all patterns and repeated operation of same patterns · Check the start of each step or program end time by signals. · Count time from the beginning of each step (time signal) · Select from many types of temperature and analog input (multi-input) · Support position-proportional control (position-proportional type controllers only) · Select output functions such as control output or alarm output (output assignment) · Use the HBA (heater burnout alarm) function (standard type controllers only) · Monitor the control loop by LBA (Loop Break Alarm) · Use the communications function · Calibrate input or transfer output · The E5EK-T also features a watertight construction (NEMA4: equivalent to IP66). Before using your E5EK-T thoroughly read and understand this manual in order to ensure correct use. [. . . ] Changes smaller than the detection width due to LBA detection timing are not regarded as changes. · The following example describes what happens when a heater burnout occurs at maximum output. LBA detection time LBA detection time F LBA detection width F LBA detection example PV LBA detection width Output Time Heater burnout LBA=ON · LBA judgment is carried out at each LBA detection time from the point of maximum output. In the above figure, the process value (PV) is changing greatly at the 1st judgment time band, so LBA remains OFF. · At the 2nd judgment time band, the process value increases as indicated by the broken line if the process value is normal. This means that the change width exceeds the LBA detection width, and LBA output remains OFF. · If the heater burns out at the point shown in the above figure, the process value "decreases. " Accordingly, it is judged that "the process value is not changing in the increasing direction" at the 2nd judgment time band and the LBA output becomes ON. 4--26 4. 10 LBA F Setting the LBA detection time · The LBA detection time is automatically set by auto-tuning (except in heating and cooling control). · If the optimum LBA detection time cannot be obtained by auto-tuning, set the time in the "LBA detection time" parameter (level 2 mode). F Determining the LBA detection time · Calculate the LBA detection time as follows: (1) Set output to maximum. (2) Measure the time it takes for the input change width to reach the LBA detection width (factory setting: 0. 2% FS). Measurement time Tm PV 0. 2%FS Output Time LBA detection time = Tm x 2 (3) Take a value twice that of the measurement time as the LBA detection time. Parameters Symbol Parameter Name: Mode AT execute/Cancel LBA detection time : Level 1 : Level 2 Description For automatic setting of LBA detection time For setting LBA detection time For changing LBA detection width LBA detection width : Expansion 4--27 CHAPTER 4 APPLIED OPERATION 4. 11 How to Use Transfer Output · When using transfer output, add on the communications unit (E53-AKF). F Transfer output type · You can select the following five data items in the "transfer output type" parameter (option mode) as the transfer outputs: Present SP (default), Process value, Manipulated variable (heat), Manipulated variable (cool), Valve opening However, note that heating/cooling side manipulated variables can be output only on standard type controllers, and valve opening can be output on position-proportional type controllers. · If the output assignment is changed when either the "manipulated variable (heat)" or "manipulated variable (cool)" parameter is selected, the factory setting "set point" is returned to. F Transfer output scaling · These transfer outputs can be scaled according to the settings of the "transfer output upper limit" and "transfer output lower limit" parameters before output. Setting of an upper limit value smaller than the lower limit value is allowed, so reverse scaling can also be carried out. Also, the scale can be enlarged by the upper- and lower-limit width specified for each data item. The following example shows scaling of the heating side manipulated variable. (mA) Transfer output Reverse scaling Transfer output (mA) Enlarged scale 20 20 4 Transfer output upper limit: 0 Transfer output lower limit: 100 Manipulated variable (%) 4 Transfer output lower limit: 10 0 100 Transfer output upper limit: 80 Manipulated variable (%) Parameters Symbol Parameter Name: Mode Transfer output type Transfer output upper limit Transfer output lower limit : Option : Option : Option Description Transfer output designation Transfer output scaling Transfer output scaling 4--28 CHAPTER 5 PARAMETERS CHAPTER5 CHAPTER 5 PARAMETERS This chapter describes the parameters of the E5EK-T. Use this chapter as a reference guide. Conventions Used in this Chapter . . 5-2 5-3 5-5 5-6 5-11 5-17 5-24 5-30 5-38 5-46 5-52 5--1 CHAPTER 5 PARAMETERS Conventions Used in this Chapter J The meaning of icons used in this chapter Describes the functions of the parameter. Function Describes the range and defaults of the parameter setting. Setting Used for monitor-dedicated parameters. Describes the range of the monitor values. Monitor Describes a procedure using parameters in operating instructions. Example of use Describes related parameters and items. See Describes models of the E5EK-T or optional units that support the parameter being described. Model J About parameter display On the E5EK-T controller, only parameters that can be used are displayed. These parameters are displayed only when the "Conditions of Use" on the right of the parameter heading are satisfied. However, note that the settings of protected parameters are still valid, and are not displayed regardless of the conditions of use. AT Execute/cancel Conditions of Use The controller must be in operation. J About the Order in Which Parameters Described in This Chapter Parameters are described mode by mode The first page of each mode lists the parameters available in that mode. The parameter names in these contents are listed in the order that they are displayed on the controller. 5--2 Protect Mode · The protect function restricts key use to prevent unwanted key operation. Before changing parameters in this mode, first make sure that protecting the keys will not cause any problems in operation. keys simultaneously for 1 second · To select this mode, press the RUN/RST and minimum. [. . . ] Sec Default LCL 0. 00 0 0. 0 0. 0 105. 0 -5. 0 0. 0 0 0. 8 0. 02 0. 02 0. 02 0. 0 0. 0 2 100 0 0 _C NO HEAT AL-1 AL-2 AL-3 2 N-O 2 N-O 2 N-O OR-R Remarks Setting *1 *2 % % % % %FS sec % %FS %FS %FS °C/°F °C/°F None None None None None None None None None None None None None None None None None MV lower limit +0. 1 to 105. 0 *5 -5. 0 to MV upper limit -0. 1 *6 0. 0 to 100. 0 0 to 9999 0. 1 to 20. 0 0. 01 to 99. 99 0. 01 to 99. 99 0. 01 to 99. 99 -199. 9 to 999. 9 -199. 9 to 999. 9 0 to 21 Scaling lower limit +1 to 9999 -1999 to scaling upper limit -1 0 to 3 _C/_F Yes/No *7 *7 *8 *8 1 to 11 N-O/N-C 1 to 11 N-O/N-C 1 to 11 N-O/N-C OR-R/OR-D Level 2 MV change rate limitter Input digital filter Open/close hysteresis Alarm 1 hysteresis Alarm 2 hysteresis Alarm 3 hysteresis Input shift upper limit Input shift lower limit Input type Scaling upper limit Scaling lower limit Decimal point _C/_F selection Parameter initialize Control output 1 assignment Control output 2 assignment Auxiliary output 1 assignment Auxiliary output 2 assignment Alarm 1 type Alarm 1 open in alarm Alarm 2 type Alarm 2 open in alarm Alarm 3 type Alarm 3 open in alarm Direct/Reverse operation Temperature input Temperature input Analog input Analog input Analog input Temperature input Setup St Output assignment needed Output assignment needed Output assignment needed Output assignment needed Output assignment needed Output assignment needed *1 *2 *3 *4 *5 *6 *7 *8 During heating and cooling control, the lower limit becomes -105. 0% Use "Program List" (page A-11) for the setting value of each step. EU/time unit of ramp rate Program time unit During heating and cooling control, the setting range becomes 0. 0 to 105. 0%. During heating and cooling control, the setting range becomes -105. 0 to 0. 0%. HEAT/COOL/AL-1/AL-2/AL-3/HBA/LBA/TS-1/TS-2/P . END/STG AL-1/AL-2/AL-3/HBA/LBA/TS-1/TS-2/P . END/STG/S. ERR/E333 A--9 APPENDIX Mode Parameter Name Set point upper limit Set point lower limit PID / ON/OFF Operation at power ON End condition Program time unit Step time/Rate of rise programming Time unit of ramp rate Setting Range Set point lower limit +1 to scaling upper limit Scaling lower limit to Set point upper limit -1 Unit EU EU None None None None None None None EU None None None None Sec %FS %FS None None bit bit None kbps None None *10 *10 None None Sec EU Default 1300 -200 PID CON RST HHMM OFF OFF SP 0 ON OFF 0. 65 1. 0 0 0. 2 0. 2 NON NON 2 7 EVEN 9. 6 0 SP *10 *10 OFF OFF 30 0 Remarks Setting *9 *9 PID / ON/OFF CON/RST/RUN/MAN RST/SP HHMM/MMSS TIME/PR M/H PV/SP 0 to 9999 ON/OFF ON/OFF 0. 00 to 1. 00 0. 1 to 10. 0 0 to 99 0. 1 to 9. 9 0. 0 to 999. 9 NON/RST/MAN/HOLD/ADV/PTN0 to 2 NON/RST/MAN/HOLD/ADV/PTN0 to 2 Expan Expansion i PV start Wait width Alarm during ramp step enable Run all enable AT calculated gain Automatic return of display mode AT hysteresis LB detection width Event input assignment 1 Event input assignment 2 Communication stop bit Communication data length Communication parity Communication baud rate 1/2 7/8 NONE/EVEN/ODD 1. 2/2. 4/4. 8/9. 6/19. 2 0 to 99 SP/PV/O/C-O/V-M *10 *10 ON/OFF ON/OFF 1 to 999 0 to 9999 Option Communication unit No. [. . . ]


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