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[. . . ] As another face, Omron supplies key components built in PV inverters such as world-respectable relays or switches world-wide, while helping to make PV systems attractive and profitable by offering quality PV inverters. Definitely, Omron is a brand to choose along the entire value chain in the PV industry from manufacturing to components. Commitment to the society and environment Commitment to environment protection is one of our corporate creed and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as being a part of community members. Omron is committed to contributing to protection of the environment by supplying state-of-the-art, quality products such as PV inverters to the renewable energy fields. [. . . ] 07 · Transformer-less, light and compact · Various monitoring option available; - Dedicated display terminals - Monitoring software run on PC Model KP KP40G Specifications and Performance Unique MPPT controls technology provides unparalleled tracking performance. A | High MPPT efficiency MPPT(Static characteristics) 100. 0% MPPT Efficiency 99. 0% 98. 0% 97. 0% 96. 0% 1 2 Pout(kW) The KP40Gs MPPT controls work to get the output of PV modules maximum in order to yield as much energy from the KP40G as possible. 3 4 B | High MPPT stability and agility (to change in irradiation) MPPT stability and response C | High efficiency Efficiency Global irradiation (kW/m2) . Time(min) (A) (B) (C) (D) (F) Efficiency . Pout(W) Note: All data in this document measured immediately after started · Less than 1000 m above sea-level. · Utility voltage: 230VAC+/-3% /50Hz · Input voltage: 380VDC Input current · Ambient temperature: 25 °C · Tolerances according to IEC 61683 PV voltage (A) (B) (C) (D) (F) The KP40Gs MPPT controls provide a smooth, stable tracking performance (See the period (A) and (C) of the input current of the Omron KP40G in the figure) and also a quick response to a rapid change in irradiation without any critical delays in its response or disruptive operation (See the period (F) of the input current of the Omron KP40G in the figure), making the energy yield maximised on any conditions. KP40G Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverter Quality design provides maximum reliability Designed with necessary and sufficient margin or leeway for usage of components, Omron KP40Gs obtains a reasonably and practically long enough lifetime to serve you profitably. Twenty years life expectancy is a central part of the product design policy to make sure it offers a 10 year chargeable warranty. Heat sink Omron develops an "air tunnel" mechanism to cool down the heat sink to indirectly dissipate the generated heat inside the enclosure, kind of which gets in popularity nowadays. Thus the KP40G fulfill the IP55 enclosure rating and realizes high output derating without any cost of product quality and reliability. Air flow Air flow Characteristics Model Rated output power Peak output power MPP voltage range Max. efficiency MPPT efficiency Ambient temperature range Relative humidity Cooling ENS (applicable to Germany market) Protection degree Size HxWxD in mm Weight Standby consumption power Night time consumption power DC socket type Standards KP40G-OD-1/ KP40G-OD-2 4kW (at 25 degree C) 4kW (at 25 degree C) DC225V to 600V DC600V DC380V 19A max. -20 to 55_ 100% Forced ventilation Yes (with KP40G-OD-2) IP55 400x430x200 mm Approx. 23kg < 2W (at 230VAC/50Hz), from utility < 0. 15W (at 230VAC/50Hz), from utility Multi-Contact VDE0126-1-1 (ENS) CE marking; EN50178, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2 Conforms to Spanish Royal Decree 1663/ 2000 Conforms to Italy's ENEL DK5940/ Apr. 07 KP40G Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverter Omron KP40G communications and monitoring options Monitoring versatility from domestic/ residential use to large installation It is important to monitor the energy data of your PV system for interests and benefits, no matter whether it is domestic or commercial use, and also know if it operates well as expected. [. . . ] Overall performance of a PV system can be viewed at once in the multicolor display, all parameters are visualized with trend graphs, instant B | PC software for small-medium sized system, mostly fit up to 100kW system RS-232 comparisons with bar graphs, and, of course, data logging in Compact Flash of all stored data. RS-232 RS-485 D | Solution for a large PV system A complete solution for a large scale PV system or Solar park. Omron provides, without a doubt, the definitive system solution based on scalable architecture with a multitude of options, its nucleus is an Up to 32 KP40G-OD industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which guarantees a required system reliability and maintainability for large PV applications. Communications converter K3SC Powerful solution with minimum investment for monitoring your PV system. The PC software features advanced diagnosis functions with around-clock monitoring of your system. [. . . ]


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