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[. . . ] I114E-EN-01 MX2 CompoNet Option Board Born to drive machines Model: 3G3AX-MX2-CRT-E USER'S MANUAL Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified operator and only for the purposes described in this manual. The following conventions are used to indicate and classify precautions in this manual. Failure to heed precautions can result in injury to people or damage to property. OMRON Product References All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The word "Unit" is also capitalized when it refers to an OMRON product, regardless of whether or not it appears in the proper name of the product. Trademarks and Copyrights Other product names and company names in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. [. . . ] Set parameter P033=6 to assign Torque command input selection to Option Board. Restart the Inverter or reset the Option Board for the new settings to take effect. The Inverter will only allow setting of torque related registers if it is configured to operate with CT rating in Std. Your input and output words should now have the following layout: Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Note Table 16 Extended Speed Torque I/O Output Words Word Bit Allocation 7 6 5 15 14 13 4 12 3 11 2 10 1 9 0 8 Description 0: Stop 1: Forward REV Reverse/Stop 0: Stop 1: Reverse RST Fault Reset Reset Fault/Trip condition on transition from 0 to 1 FFL Force Fault Force external fault/trip from network CI3 to Control/Override 0: Reset 1: Set override for Multi CI7 Input Function input 3 to 7. CO1, Set (Relay) Output 0: Reset 1: Set Multi Function 1 to 2 CO2, or Relay Output (CR). CR Bit Name FWD Forward/Stop Instance ID 123: Extended Speed and Torque Control Output n CI7 CI6 CI5 CI4 CI3 REV FWD CO2 CO1 CR RST FFL n + 1 Rotational Speed Reference (default [0. 01 Hz]) Rotational Speed Reference n + 2 Torque Reference [1 %] Torque Reference n + 3 Torque Compensation Bias [1 %] Torque Compensation Bias Table 17 Extended Speed Torque I/O Input Words Word Bit Allocation 7 6 5 15 14 13 4 12 3 11 2 10 1 9 0 8 Name Description During forward run 0: Stop/reverse 1: During forward run DZS During zero speed 0: Non-zero speed 1: During zero speed DRR During reverse run 0: Stop/forward 1: During reverse run ARF At reference 0: Accel/decel phase 1: At reference RDY Inverter ready 0: Inverter not ready 1: Inverter ready WR Warning 0: Normal 1: Warning FLT Fault 0: Normal 1: Fault/Trip CFN Control from net Run command input selection (0: local, 1: CompoNet) MO1, Monitor (Relay) 0: OFF MO2, outputs 1: ON MR Bit DFR Instance ID 71: Extended Speed Control Input n FLT WR RDY ARF - DRR DZS DFR - MO2 MO1 MR CFN n + 1 Rotational Speed Monitor (default [0. 01 Hz]) Rotational Speed Monitor n + 2 Torque actual [1 %] Torque actual n + 3 Output current monitor [0. 1 A] Output current monitor n+4 MI7 MI6 MI5 MI4 MI3 MI2 MI1 - Step 6 Set the maximum allowable output frequency in torque mode by configuring P039 and P040 for the forward- and reverse run directions. Set the Rotation Speed Reference (see Appendix B Assembly Specification on page 41) of the Inverter in the 2nd I/O output word to 10. 00 Hz. Set the Torque Reference of the Inverter in the 3rd I/O output word to 20%. Override the input terminal 3 (CI3) to enable torque command input. Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 24 Faults and Trips Section 4-5 The motor either accelerates or decelerates depending on the load. Step 11 To change the torque command direction, clear the FWD bit and set the REV bit. Note As an alternative for the overriding of input terminal 3 from the network at step 10, also the physical input terminal can be used. 4-5 4-5-1 Faults and Trips External Trip You may want to trip the Inverter from your PLC program. Not all assemblies support setting the external trip by using a bit in IO Data. Basically there are two options: · Select an assembly which support this trip set in the output data. · Using explicit message to set the Force Fault/Trip attribute in the Control Supervisor Object (Class 29 Hex, Instance 01 Hex, Attribute 11 Hex). The two Extended Control IO assemblies (Output 101, Input 151) contains the FFL (Force Fault/Trip) bit and can be used for this feature. Step 1 Step 2 Follow the instructions sections 3-1 Installation of EDS files and 3-2 Configuring the Option Board to configure the assemblies. Set bit 8 (FFL) of the first word of the output data to trip the Inverter. The alternative is to use the explicit message mechanism to generate the external trip. Please refer to Appendix E CompoNet Explicit Messages example 3 for a description how to do this. 4-5-2 Clearing a Trip When the inverter trips due to a fault condition first analyse the trip cause as explained in section 5-1 Troubleshooting Using the LED Indicators on page 31 or section 5-3 Maintenance and Inspection on page 36. Notice that the FLT bit is set (present in all output assemblies) when the Inverter trips. !WARNING In the event the Inverter is in a Trip state, be sure to investigate the cause of this Trip state thoroughly before clearing the Trip. Please clear the FWD and REV bits in your PLC program when a rising edge is detected on FLT. Always clear the run bits FWD and REV in your PLC program on the rising edge of the FLT bit. [. . . ] Set the following register values: · P160 = 1F01h: This gives you control over Modbus Coils 0000h through 000Fh using the first output word. These coils implement all the important control functions of the MX2-A@ Inverter. · P161 = 0001h and P162 = 0002h: This gives you control over the frequency reference using output words 2 and 3. · P170 = 1E01h: This allows you to monitor Modbus Coils 0010h through 001Fh as the first input word. [. . . ]


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