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[. . . ] Our CX-One solution is based on a core architecture of open integration. This architecture not only allows all our applications to share core data and project design, but also we enable open connectivity by our reliance on key open standards such as FDT/DTM and OPC. · Common graphic user interface · One programming tool · Control, visualise, position, detect and regulate For more information visit: www. smartplatform. info Software Controlling, Visualization, Positioning, Sensing and Regulation One Software Programming Network Regulation PLCs Simulation HMI terminals Network configuration Configuration via FDT Temperature controllers Process control A single software for programming controllers, HMIs, networks, motion controllers, drives, control units, switches and sensors 518 Operation and Monitoring CX-Supervisor CX-Server LITE CX-Server OPC Motion & Drive Sensing Motion control Drives Positioning Laser measuring 519 31 Software 520 CX-One Software Integrated "One software" that covers all your requirements for complete machine automation This single programming and configuration environment is an integrated software management tool called CX-One that enables the user to build, configure and program networks, PLCs, HMIs, motion control systems, drives, temperature controllers and sensors. The result of a single software is to reduce complexity of the configuration and allow automation systems to be programmed or configured with minimal training. By registering a licence number at www. omron-industrial. com, users can benefit from free upgrades to their version of CX-One. [. . . ] CX-Motion can be used to create, edit, and print the various parameters, position data, and motion control programs (G code) required to operate Motion Controllers, transfer the data to the Motion Control units, and monitor operation of the Motion Control units. Increase productivity in every step of the motion control process, from development of the motion control program to system operation. The complete current range of Omron Yaskawa inverters and servos is covered in this software with full access to all parameters (with 3 different operator levels available). An easy overview of parameters is also included which includes filters to show values that are: different from default, different from inverter, invalid setting. Graphical overviews are available to further assist with configuration of some more detailed parameters such as jump frequencies, v/f profiles and analog setting. CX-Position simplifies every aspect of position control, from creating/editing the data used in Position Control units (NC units) to communicating online and monitoring operation. The software is equipped with functions that can improve productivity, such as automatically generating project data and reusing existing data. CX-ThermoTools is a configuration and monitoring product for E5CN and E5ZN-series Temperature Controllers. It provides easy setup, online data logging, and real-time monitoring. Users can easily create, edit, and batch-download parameters from a personal computer, reducing the work required to set parameters. It is possible to monitor data for up to 31 Temperature Controllers at the same time. CX-Process simplifies every aspect of loop control, from creating/transferring function blocks to running the Boards/units and debugging (tuning PID parameters, etc. ) operation. Function block programs can be created easily by pasting function blocks in the window and making software connections with the mouse. CX-Sensor allows configuration and monitoring of Omron's ZX range of sensors via a series of easy to use displays. The graphing dialog allows the outputs from several sensors to be reviewed and compared simultaneously, allowing configuration of complex processes. The software also includes a driver that allows sensor data to be accessed via an Omron serial control unit (SCU) and from other Omron applications such as CX-Supervisor. With the aid of Omron's CX-Server OPC application it is even possible to monitor sensor data in real time from Microsoft Excel. CX-Simulator CX-Designer Networks CX-Integrator CX-ConfiguratorFDT Motion & Drives CX-Motion CX-Drive CX-Postion Regulation and Switchting CX-ThermoTools CX-Process Sensing CX-Sensor 521 31 Software CX-Supervisor Powerful Machine Visualisation Software CX-Supervisor is dedicated to the design and operation of PC visualisation and machine control. It is not only simple to use for small supervisory and control tasks, but it also offers a wealth of power for the design of the most sophisticated applications. CX-Supervisor boasts powerful functions for a wide range of PC based HMI requirements. Simple applications can be created rapidly with the aid of a large number of predefined functions and libraries, and even very complex applications can be generated with a powerful programming language or VBScriptTM. [. . . ] No programming knowledge is required! Ordering information Description CX-Server OPC Media CD & Licence Order code CX-OPC-EV_ CX-Server LITE Simple but effective connectivity As a pair to our OPC product, CX-Server LITE is designed to meet a wide variety of programmers' needs from the simple to the advanced. Used to create PC-based simple HMI projects, CX-Server LITE allows designers of custom programs to send and receive PLC data and manipulate controllers within Omron networks. Based on ActiveX technology, it is easy to add a communications control to a VB project or an Excel spreadsheet. CX-Server LITE includes a set of graphical components designed to connect to the communications control. [. . . ]


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