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[. . . ] I533-E1-04 SMARTSTEP A SERIES R7M-A@ (Servomotors) R7D-AP@ (Servo Drivers) Servomotors/Servo Drivers USER'S MANUAL Thank you for choosing this SMARTSTEP A-series product. Proper use and handling of the product will ensure proper product performance, will lengthen product life, and may prevent possible accidents. Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with care. To ensure safe and proper use of the OMRON Inverters, please read this USER'S MANUAL (Cat. [. . . ] For details on leakage breakers, refer to the manufacturer's catalog. The following table shows the Servomotor leakage current for each Servo Driver model. Driver R7D-APA3L to -AP04L R7D-APA3H to -AP04H R7D-AP08H 29 mA 14 mA 16 mA Leakage current (direct measurement) (including high-frequency current) Note 1. The above leakage current is for cases where Servomotor power line length is less than 5 meters. (It varies depending on the Servomotor cable length and the insulation. ) Note 2. (It varies depending on the temperature and humidity. ) Leakage Breaker Connection Example AC power supply side Surge absorber Noise filter 1 NF 4 2 5 3E6 Servo Driver side No-fuse breaker Leakage breaker 3-24 System Design and Installation Chapter 3 Harmonic Current Countermeasures (DC Reactor) The DC Reactor is used for suppressing harmonic currents. In September 1994, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry established guidelines for the suppression of harmonic waves emitted from home and general electric appliances. To comply with the guidelines, appropriate measures are required to suppress the influence of harmonic waves on power supply lines. Select the proper DC Reactor model according to the Servo Driver that is to be used. Servo Driver Model number 100 V R7D-APA3L/APA5L/AP01L R88A-PX5063 R7D-AP02L R88A-PX5062 R7D-AP04L R88A-PX5061 200 V R7D-APA3H/APA5H/AP01H R88A-PX5071 R7D-AP02H R88A-PX5070 R7D-AP04H R88A-PX5069 R7D-AP08H R88A-PX5061 DC Reactor Connection Example Servo Driver DC Reactor +1 +2 DC Reactor Rated current (A) Inductance (mH) 1. 8 10. 0 3. 5 4. 7 4. 8 2. 0 0. 85 40. 0 1. 65 20. 0 3. 3 10. 0 4. 8 2. 0 Weight (kg) Approx. 0. 5 Improving Encoder Cable Noise Resistance In order to improve the encoder's noise resistance, take the following measures for wiring and installation. · If lines are interrupted in the middle, be sure to connect them with connectors, making sure that the cable insulation is not peeled off for more than 50 mm. If cables are long and are coiled, mutual induction and inductance will increase and will cause malfunctions. · When installing noise filters for Encoder Cables, use clamp filters. The following table shows the recommended clamp filter models. Maker Tokin TDK Name EMI core Clamp filter Model ESD-QR-25-1 ZCAT2032-0930 ZCAT3035-1330 ZCAT2035-0930A · Do not place the Encoder Cable in the same duct as Control Cables for brakes, solenoids, clutches, and valves. 3-25 System Design and Installation Chapter 3 Improving Control I/O Signal Noise Resistance Positioning can be affected and I/O signals can error if control I/O is influenced by noise. · Use completely separate power supplies for the control power supply (especially 24 V DC) and the external operation power supply. In particular, be careful not to connect the two power supply ground wires. Install a noise filter on the primary side of the control power supply. · If Servomotors with brakes are used, do not share the 24-V DC power supply for brakes with the 24-V DC power supply for control I/O. · As much as possible, keep the power supply for pulse command and deviation counter reset input lines separate from the control power supply. Be particularly careful not to connect the two power supply ground lines. · It is recommended that a line driver be used for pulse command and deviation counter reset outputs. · Always use twisted-pair shielded cable for pulse command and deviation counter reset signal lines, and connect both ends of the shield to frame grounds. · If the control power supply wiring is long, noise resistance can be improved by adding 1-µF laminated ceramic capacitors between the control power supply and ground at the Servo Driver input section or the controller output section. [. . . ] The diode recommended for surge absorption is the ERB44-02 (Fuji Electric) or equivalent. Do not use the 24-V DC brake power supply for the 24-V DC control power. Do not use XDRST as a general-purpose output. 6-13 Appendix Main-circuit power supply OFF ON MC Chapter 6 Connection Example 13: Connecting to SYSMAC CQM1H-PLB21 NFB R Noise filter Single-phase 200/230 V AC 50/60 Hz Single-phase 100/115 V AC 50/60 Hz T Class D ground (Class 3 ground: 100 or less) R88A-CPU@S 24 V DC SUP PL X1 MC X1 Main-circuit contact Surge killer Servo error display CQMIH-PLB21 Contents 24-V input (for output) 0-V input (for output) CCW (with a resistor) CCW (without a resistor) CW (with a resistor) CW (without a resistor) No. 15 12 13 5 14 6 R7D-AP@ CN1 TB L1C L2C L1 L2 MC + +1 +2 - B1 B2 U V W Red White Blue Green/ Yellow 3 4 1 2 5 6 33 32 8 +CCW -CCW +CW -CW +ECRST -ECRST ZCOM Z INP DC reactor Servomotor cable · Integrated R7M-A@ · Separate (power and encoder) M 24 V DC 13 X1 14 18 10 35 34 7 Shell +24VIN RUN RESET OGND ALMCOM ALM BKIR CN2 E XB X1 24 V DC XB B FG 24 V DC Note Note Note Note Note 1. [. . . ]


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