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[. . . ] R7D SmartStep 2 servo drive Another step forward in drive simplicity · Easy set up and on-line auto tuning · The footprint is only 48% that of the SmartStep series · Two torque limits · Electronic gear, four internal speed settings and wide range of pulse settings · Adaptive filters for suppresion of vibration and resonance · Configuration and commissioning with CX Drivesoftware AC Servo systems Ratings · 230 VAC single-phase 50 W to 400 W (0. 16 to 1. 3 Nm) System configuration (Refer to chapter SmartStep servo motors) SmartStep 2 Servo Motor SmartStep 2 Servo Drive Personal computer Encoder cable Power cable Brake cable Position control unit Position control unit Connector terminal block General purpose controller (with pulse output) Servo drive type designation R7D-BP01H SmartStep 2 Servo Drive Drive Type P: Pulse input control Source voltage H: HH: Single-phase 200 VAC for 100/400 W Single-phase 200 VAC for 200 W Capacity 01 02 04 100 W 200 W 400 W SmartStep 2 servo drive 1 Servo motor supported Servo motor Family Cylindric 50 - 400 W Voltage 230 V Speed 3000 min-1 Rated torque 0. 16 Nm 0. 32 Nm 0. 64 Nm 1. 3 Nm Flat 100-400 W 0. 32 Nm 0. 64 Nm 1. 3 Nm Capacity 50 W 100 W 200 W 400 W 100 W 200 W 400 W Model R88M-G05030H-@S2 R88M-G10030H-@S2 R88M-G20030H-@S2 R88M-G40030H-@S2 R88M-GP10030H-@S2 R88M-GP20030H-@S2 R88M-GP40030H-@S2 Servo drive specifications General specifications Item Ambient operating temperature Ambient operating humidity Ambient storage temperature Ambient storage humidity Storage/operating atmosphere Vibration resistance Impact resistance Insulation resistance Dielectric strength Protective structure International standards Specification 0 to 55°C 90% max. Acceleration 19. 6 m/s2 max. , 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions, Between power supply/power line terminals and frame ground: 0. 5 M min. [. . . ] put, or 90º Phase difference Pulses -CW/ PULS/ FA (Phase A) Line-driver input: Maximum response frequency: 500 kpps +CCW/ SIGN/ FB Forward Pulses Input, Direction signal, Open-collector input: Maximum response frequency: 200 kpps or 90º Phase Difference Pulses -CCW/SIGN/ FB (Phase B) /ALM Alarm Output When the Servo Drive generates an alarm, the output turns OFF. 2 INP/TGON Positioning Completed Output or Servomotor Rotation Amount Detection Output BKIR Brake Interlock Output Outputs the holding brake timing signals. WARN Warning Output The signal selected in the Warning Output Selection (Pn09) is output. OGND Output Ground Common Ground common for sequence outputs (pins 9, 10, 11, and 12). Common +A Encoder These signals output encoder pulses according to the Phase-A Output Encoder Dividing Ratio Setting (Pn44). -A -B +B +Z -Z Z Encoder Phase-B Output Encoder Phase-Z Output Phase-Z Output Outputs the phase Z for the Encoder (1 pulse/rotation). This is the line-driver output (equivalent to RS-422). Some alarms cannot be cleared using this input. This is OFF for approximately 2 seconds after turning ON the power. Encoder connector (CN2) specifications Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 Shell Symbol E5V E0V NC NC S+ S- FG Name Encoder power supply +5 V Encoder power supply GND Function Power supply output for the encoder 5 V, 70 mA Do not connect anything to these pins. Encoder + phase S I/O Encoder - phase S I/O Shield ground RS-485 line-driver I/O Cable shield ground Power supply and alarm indicator (PWR and ALM) Indicator PWR Status Main power is ON. Flashes at a 1-second intervals when there is a warning (i. e. , overload, excessive regenerative energy, or fan speed error). Lights when an alarm has occurred Color Lit green Lit orange ALM SmartStep 2 servo drive 3 AC Servo systems Dimensions Servo drives R7D-BP01H (200 V, 100 W) 35 15 5 5 20 dia . 5. 2 Mounting Hole Dimensions Two, M4 5 PWR ALM C N 3 C N 1 C N 2 C N B C N A 5. 1 5. 2 70 105 5 15 130±0. 5 140 130 120 140 20 R88D-BP02HH/04H (200 V, 400 W) 40 15 5 20 dia . Mounting Hole Dimensions Two, M4 5 5 PWR 5. 2 ALM C N 3 C N 1 C N 2 C N B C N A 5. 1 5. 2 70 105 5 130±0. 5 140 130 120 140 15 25 Filters R7A-FIB104-RE Mounting 3 x Ø5. 0 7. 5 9 179±1 165±1 7. 5 drive mounts 2 x M4 output flexes 2 x 170 mm 1 x 130 mm + M4 40±1 Filter model R7A-FIB104-RE Rated current 4A 44±1 Leakage current 3. 5 mA 7. 5 20 Rated voltage 250 VAC single-phase 4 AC servo systems Installation Single-phase, 230 VAC L1 L2 L3 N Thermal switch Contactor Noise filter L1 L3 CNB U V W Servo motor SMARTSTEP2 Servo drive CNA P Regeneration resistor *1 Optical encoder CN2 B1 CN1 Reverse pulse +CW 22 -CW 23 220 +CCW 24 -CCW 25 220 4. 7 k 9 /ALM Alarm Output Forward pulse 10 INP Positioning Completed Output 11 BKIR Brake Interlock 12 to 24 VDC 24VIN 1 4. 7 k . [. . . ] @J-B28 XW2B-34G4 XW2B-34G5 XW2D-34G6 1 m or 2 m (the cable length goes in the empty boxes. ) --Terminal block with M3 screws Terminal block with M3. 5 screws Terminal block with M3 screws Cable for CN3 Symbol Name Personal Computer Monitor Cable K Connected to Windows Lengh 2m Model R88A-CCG002P2 Filters Symbol Applicable servo drive R7D-BP01H/ 02HH/ 04H L Filter model R7A-FIB104-RE Rated current 4A Rated voltage 1 pH, 230 V Connectors Specifications Main Circuit Connector (CNA) Servomotor Connector (CNB) Control I/O Connector (CN1) Encoder Input Connector (CN2) Servomotor Connector for Encoder Cable Servomotor Connector for Servomotor Power Cable Brake Cable Connector Model R7A-CNB01P R7A-CNB01A R88A-CNW01C R88A-CNW01R R88A-CNG02R R88A-CNG01A R88A-CNG01B External regeneration resistor Specification 80 W, 50 80 W, 100 220 W, 47 Model R88A-RR08050S R88A-RR080100S R88A-RR22047S External regeneration resistor cable Specifications External Regenerative Resistor Connection Cable, 2 meters Model R7A-CLB002RG Parameter unit & computer software Specifications Parameter copy unit (with cable) Configuration and monitoring software tool for servo drives and inverters. (CX-drive version 1. 8 or higher) Model R88A-PR02G CX-drive ALL DIMENSIONS SHOWN ARE IN MILLIMETERS. [. . . ]


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