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[. . . ] Programmable Controllers From Machine Control to Information Management _ Multiple-application Controllers with a Wide Range of Functions Note: Do not use this document to operate the Unit. Printed on 100% Recycled Paper OMRON Corporation Industrial Automation Company Control Devices Division H. Q. Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8530 Japan Tel:(81)75-344-7109 Fax:(81)75-344-7149 Regional Headquarters OMRON EUROPE B. V. Wegalaan 67-69, NL-2132 JD Hoofddorp The Netherlands Tel:(31)2356-81-300/ Fax:(31)2356-81-388 OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC 1 East Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173 U. S. A. 83 Clemenceau Avenue, #11-01, UE Square, Singapore 239920 Tel:(65)6835-3011/Fax : (65)6835-2711 OMRON (CHINA) CO. , LTD. [. . . ] 3. 0, the enclosed CompoWay/F command is retrieved using a Serial Gateway Function and sent as a CompoWay/F command. FINS command received Serial Gateway: FINS command "capsule" opened and contents retrieved. Sent as a CompoWay/F command General-purpose protocol using BASIC in ASCII Unit Temperature controller, bar code reader, etc. The Fastest Communications in the Industry with High-speed NT Links Combine with one of the NS Series Programmable Terminals (NS8, NS10, or NS12) to enable connecting Highspeed NT Links. Using NT Link terminology together with a communications speed of 115 Kbps provides high-speed response. Protocol macros Protocol macros Host Links Sending Host Link and FINS commands Reading and writing of I/O memory and operating modes No-protocol CPU Unit RS-232C Port Serial Communications Unit TXD instruction or RXD instruction using Serial Communications Unit Serial Communications Board TXD instruction or RXD instruction using CPU Unit's RS-232 port or Serial Communications Board Temperature Controller OMRON Components Smart Sensor More Ports for Even More Serial Device Connections Protocol macros make it easy to create serial communications protocols (communications frames, error checks, retries, error processing, etc. ) to match those of remote communications devices. Each PLC supports up to 16 Serial Communications Units (32 ports total) and one Serial Communications Board (with 2 ports). This makes it possible to connect up to 34 devices with serial communications at a speed of 38. 4 Kbps. Message length has been increased from 256 to 1, 000 bytes to give communications more power than ever before. Windows-based Software Simplifies Serial Device Connections Protocol macros for Serial Communications Units and Boards can be created using the CX-Protocol, thus enabling message tracing and greatly reducing the time involved in connecting various serial devices. NT Links (1:N Mode) Device Response Data input from a bar code reader Data output to printer Programmable Terminal Programmable Terminal Supports No-protocol Communications (Serial Communications Units/Boards with Ver. 1. 2 or later) PLC-to-PT connection in NT Link (1:N mode) communications can be either one-to-one or one-to-many. No-protocol communications supported for Serial Communications Units and Serial Communications Boards This mode enables components to be connected to multiple communications ports using no-protocol communications. Serial port I/O instructions executable using noprotocol communications from Serial Communications Units and Serial Communications Boards (TXDU, RXDU, TXD, and RXD) are supported for CPU Units with Ver. 3. 0 or later. 12 13 Advanced management and resource inheri tance providing powerful support for maintenance and operation. The evolution of the SYSMAC CS1 is accelerating advances in the production site. Remote Maintenance 1. Send e-mail for errors from PLCs connected to Ethernet. Boost Program Security by Keeping Part of It Hidden (for CPU Unit Ver. 2. 0 or Later) Prevent Information Leaks from PLCs (for CPU Unit Ver. 2. 0 or Later) Write Protection from a Specific Node over the Network (for CPU Unit Ver. 2. 0 or Later) You can prevent access to special tasks by requiring the user to have a password to read them. Task 1 3. Task 2 Crucial programming cannot be read. In addition to applying read protection functions to the user program area and tasks, you can also protect against the transfer of user programs to a Memory Card. This prevents leaks of proprietary information by completely protecting against the reading of programs inside the PLC. CX-Programmer Ver. 4. 0 Read protection You can now stop specific nodes from writing over the network. By preventing unintentionally writes to the PLC while monitoring data over the network, you can prevent potential problems. Host Link Modem CX-Programmer Ver. 4. 0 Task 3 Reading possible Reading possible Write protection 1. Remote programming/monitoring via modem (See note. ) Phone line No transfer possible Write enabled This allows you to hide crucial parts of the program. 2. Remote programming/ monitoring via Host Link (See note. ) Modem Note: The same kind of programming and monitoring performed via normal Host Link is possible. By applying write protection, you can also prevent a user from inadvertently writing over the hidden part of the program. This provides additional protection for your program. Read protection Memory Card Easy Replacement of Existing Models Programs designed for existing models (C200HX/HG/HE, CVM1, or CV-series PLCs) using the CX-Programmer can be converted for use with the new CS1. The following functions are available to make the conversion to the new CS1 even easier. CV-CS address conversion instruction to convert programs designed for the CVM1/CV that include internal I/O memory addresses. C200HX/HG/HE: Region comparison (ZCP and ZCPL) instructions. C200HX/HG/HE Easy replacement Replace Malfunctioning Units without Turning OFF the Power (Online Unit Replacement) When an I/O Unit, a Special I/O Unit, or a CPU Bus Unit is malfunctioning, it is now possible to replace the faulty Unit while the system continues operating. This is particularly effective for systems that cannot be stopped when a problem has occurred in another part of the system. (This function requires a CS1D-CPU S CPU Unit, a CS1D-BC082 or CS1D-BI092 Backplane, and a CS1D-PA207R or CS1D-PD024 Power Supply Unit. ) Faulty Unit CPU PS Memory Cards for Data File Management User programs, I/O memory, or system parameters can be converted to Windows-based files and stored in Memory Cards or in EM file memory in the CPU Unit. [. . . ] (for both Duplex-CPU Systems and Single-CPU Systems) 24 V DC, Output capacity: 5 V DC at 4. 3 A, 26 V DC at 0. 56 A, total 28 W max. (for both Duplex-CPU Systems and Single-CPU Systems) 24 VDC, Output capacity: 5 VDC at 5. 3 A, 26 VDC at 1. 3 A, total 40 W max. (for both Duplex-CPU Systems and Single-CPU Systems) For long distance expansion exceeding 12 m (50 m max. ). (With 2 terminating resistors. ) For long distance expansion exceeding 12 m (50 m max. ). [. . . ]


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