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[. . . ] As functionality increases, the number of parameters that must be programmed in general purpose controllers already exceeds over 100 parameters. This requires significant programming time during the installation, especially if you have a large number of applications and use a variety of controllers. Omron recognises that today's temperature and process controllers and signal processing instrumentation require advanced software tools to support you and help you save valuable set up time. [. . . ] Listing details of the machine, customer or application can be done in the notes section, for quick and easy recognition or retrieval. If required you can also reset all parameter values in the controller back to their factory defaults by pressing the 'Reset to factory settings' button. 2 ThermoTools Speeding up installation The parameter pages allow you to rapidly make all the necessary settings for your application. With the versatile monitoring functions you can check, test and modify the operation of your application instantly. Your PC can be used to display the controller front and with the graphical view you can also monitor in bar graph format the active setpoint, process and output values. Full support Depending on the controller that is connected to your PC, the functions of ThermoTools change instantly, allowing access to all functions available for that model. Full support is included for the whole functionality of the selected product, so that maximum product capabilities are at your disposal. For example: When using the E5K-T programmable controllers, the 'recipes' can be set, numerically and seen graphically. Once these are set changes to the 'Ramp's and Soak's' can be made easily by selecting that particular step. ThermoTools supports several different types of file handling functions: saving, loading, exporting to CSV or HTML format. ThermoTools also supports the saving of full sets of parameter values to a controllerfamily specific file. These files can then be copied, loaded and run by the ThermoTools application. Either as a list of all parameters or only the parameters that have been changed compared to the factory default. Your project, application or quality documentation can than be easily created and maintained. Including many advanced functions ThermoTools does not only allow you to upload or download and store your parameters, but also offers several advanced functions. Personal fine-tuning All modern controllers from Omron can perform Auto-tuning, which will tune the PID parameters for a 'standard preferred performance'. Due to our vast experience with controllers, we were able to incorporate a knowledge-based functionality that enables you to further fine-tune your process to a greater level of detail. You can give more emphasis to reduce the over-shoot, increase the speed or improve stability. Though these three parameters are in contradiction with each other you can even combine two of these parameters to improve your process according to the precise needs of your application or customer requirements! ThermoTools 3 Logging and trending facilities ThermoTools offers you a very sophisticated logging function and data log viewer. ThermoTools allows you to select which parameters need to be logged, for how long, at what rate and within what limits. [. . . ] Comprehensive help system, including introduction to the Omron control components. The right software & the right hardware. . . your IDEAL combination. Combining ThermoTools software with OMRON controllers and intelligent signal processors enables you not only to easily configure our advanced equipment saving valuable set-up time when installing, configuring or commissioning, it will also help you to store all your important process parameters, copy them to other controllers for multiple applications and to make use of the maximum capabilities of your products. Technical specifications PC requirements MS Windows. Recommended: Windows2000 Pentium 133 MHz 64 MB 650 MB Space CD-ROM Drive SVGA (800x600). [. . . ]


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