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[. . . ] TRAJEXIA-PLC To t a l f r e e d o m i n m o t i o n c o n t r o l » Yo u d e c i d e » » Tr a j e x i a i n c o m p a c t f o r m a t Fr e e d o m t o d e s i g n Trajexia motion controller integrated with your PLC Trajexia, the family of advanced motion controllers that put you in control, now has a compact and integrated version. Meet Trajexia-PLC, the motion controller that has all the flexibility and modularity of Omron PLCs, plus the outstanding motion-control features of the Trajexia platform. If you want to add advanced motion control into your control system, Trajexia-PLC will help you to meet the most demanding requirements whilst minimizing space, saving on wiring, optimizing design and allowing easy integration with your HMI. In fact, it's just what you asked for. . . [. . . ] You don't have to invest time in re-learning to get started. . . . made possible with Data exchange is performed via the PLC bus, simplifying design, saving space and enabling easy integration with other devices. Control of 30 axes Coordinated over fast MECHATROLINK-II motion bus with selectable cycle time from 0. 5 ms to 4 ms. Encoder interface Allows connection of an external encoder to the system. Supports incremental, absolute encoder and pulse train output as well. Digital I/Os The motion controller has embedded and configurable I/Os. MECHATROLINK-II master port Drives Full connectivity to the same range of servo drives and inverters as other Trajexia controllers. Advanced programming tools The CJ1-MCH72 motion CPU uses the same advanced programming language as the Trajexia standalone CPUs and the new monitoring and debugging tool, Trajexia Studio. Actual size Controls up to 30 servos or inverters. Intuitive and easy to use programming tools New Trajexia Studio tool offers an easy and intuitive software environment, helping to program and debug your applications using advanced tools. · Improved user graphical interface · Multi device support · Drag & drop functionality · Offline programming and advanced download · Program compare tool · Axis configuration wizard · Advance editor features LEDs: CPU and I/O status Battery Mechatrolink-II port Encoder I/O Digital I/Os CJ1W-MCH72 - MECHATROLINK-II Motion control unit PLC Advanced Motion Controller Using MECHATROLINK-II Motion Bus · 30 physical axis advanced motion coordination over a robust and fast motion link: MECHATROLINK-II · Supports position, speed and torque control · Each axis can run complex interpolated moves, e-cams and e-gearboxes · Advanced debugging tools including trace and oscilloscope functions · Hardware registration input for each servo axis · Control of servos and inverters over a single motion network · Built-in Digital I/Os and master Encoder. System configuration NS-series HMI Ethernet/serial CX-One Trajexia Studio CJ1-series Motion control unit CJ1W-MCH72 Digital I/Os Encoder Input/Output MECHATROLINK-II Sigma-II series Servo Drive Frequency inverter 30 axes max. Total lenght: 50 m Input Terminator Fast registration input, home Sigma-II series Servo Motors JUSP-NS115 MECHATROLINK-II unit M Sigma-II series Linear Motors 6 Motion control unit Motion control unit 1 Specifications General Specifications Item Model Ambient operating temperature Ambient operating humidity Storage temperature Atmosphere Vibration resistance Shock resistance Insulation resistance Dielectric strength Protective structure International standards Details CJ1W-MCH72 0 to 55 C 90%RH (without condensation) -20º to 70º C No corrosive gases 10 to 57 Hz (0. 075 mm amplitude) 57 to 100 Hz, Acceleration: 9, 8 m/s2, in X Y and Z directions for 80 minutes 143 m/s² , 3 times each X, Y, Z directions 20 MOhm 500 V IP20 CE:IEC61131-2, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-4 cULus: UL508C (Industrial Control Equipment) Lloyds; RoHS compliant Motion Control Unit Item Number of axes Number of inverters Cycle time Programming language Details 30 (31 total with vitual axis) 8 maximum (Inverters in speed or torque mode) Selectable 0. 5 ms, 1 ms , 2 ms or 4 ms BASIC-like Motion language. Same function range as Trajexia TJ1-MC16 Note: MCH72 Trajexia uses and advanced instruction set; MCH 71 BASIC applications have to be redesigned to be used in the new controller. Multi-tasking Up to 14 tasks running simultaneously Built-in Digital I/O 16 inputs, 2 with registration functionality. 8 outputs, 1 with hardware position switch functionality Measurement units User definable Available memory for user programs 500KB Data storage capacity Up to 2 MB flash data storage Saving program data, motion controller SRAM with battery backup and Flash-ROM Saving program data, personal computer Via Trajexia Studio Software Firmware update Via Trajexia software tool Encoder I/O Position/ Speed Feedback Incremental and Absolute encoder Absolute encoder standard Supports SSI 200kHZ, EnDat 1MHz Encoder Input max frecuency 6 MHz Encoder /Pulse output max frecuency 2 MHz MECHATROLINK-II Controlled devices Junma ML-II, Sigma-II and Sigma III servo drives and V7, F7 and G7 frequency inverters master port Electrical characteristics Conforms to MECHATROLINK standard Transmission speed 10Mbps Stations Slave types Axes or servodrives and frequency inverters Transmision distance Max. 50 meters without using repeater Data Echange with PLC CJ1W-MCH72 exchanges data with memory areas in the PLC. Mapping for cyclic data exchange in the PLC CPU to memory areas in the motion unit can be freely configured. 2 Motion controllers Motion controllers 7 MECHATROLINK-II, Servo drive interface unit (JUSP-NS115) Item Type Applicable servo drive Installation Method Basic Power supply method specifications Power consumption MECHATROLINK -II Baud rate/transmission cycle communications Command format Operation specification Reference input Details JUSP-NS115 SGDH-@E models (version 38 or later) Mounted on the SGDH servo drive side: CN10. MECHATROLINK-II communications Positioning using MECHATROLINK-I/II communications. MECHATROLINK-I/II communications Commands: position, speed, torque, parameter read/write, monitor output Linear first/second-step, asymmetric, exponential, S-curve Position control with fully closed feedback is possible. 5 V differential line-driver output (complies with EIA standard RS-422A) A quad B line-driver 1 Mpps To be prepared by customer. [. . . ] I54E-EN-01 In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. 6 Motion controllers Motion controllers 11 OMRON EUROPE B. V. We reserve the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice. [. . . ]


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