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[. . . ] I63E-EN-01 VS mini J7 Compact General Purpose Inverter USER'S ManUal Thank you for choosing this VARISPEED J7-series product. Proper use and handling of the product will ensure proper product performance, will lengthen product life, and may prevent possible accidents. Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with care. To ensure safe and proper use of the OMRON-YASKAWA Inverters, please read this USER'S MANUAL (Cat. [. . . ] · In order to use this function, set n39 for multi-function inputs 4 to 34. Then the multi-function input 3 (S4) and multi-function input 4 (S5) terminals are set as described below. Multi-function input 3 (S4): UP command (The value in n38 for multifunction input 3 is ignored. ) Multi-function input 4 (S5): DOWN command · The output frequency held by the UP/DOWN function will be stored in the memory if n62 for UP/DOWN command frequency memory is set to 1. · By setting n62 to 1, the frequency reference kept on hold for 5 s or more will be retained even after a power interruption, and operation will be restarted at this frequency the next time the RUN command is input. · The stored output frequency will be cleared from the memory if n62 is set to 0. The retained frequency is initialized with n01 for parameter initialization set to 8 or 9. Note While this function is used, frequency references can be used with the UP/ DOWN command or inching frequency command. All multi-step speed references are disabled. Changes during operation Default setting No 0 n62 Setting range 0, 1 Frequency Hold Function Selector Unit of setting 1 85 Other Functions Set Values Value 0 1 Description The frequency on hold is not retrained. The frequency on hold for 5 s or more is retailed. Chapter 6-7 Operation of UP/DOWN Function RUN command (Forward rotation) UP command (S4) DOWN command (S5) Output frequency Upper limit Time Time Time Lower limit Status Frequency detection Note Status U: UP (acceleration) D: DOWN (deceleration) H: Hold U1: Frequency acceleration restricted by upper limit. Time Time The following ON/OFF combinations of UP and DOWN commands are possible. Command S4 (UP command) S5 (DOWN command) Acceleration ON OFF Deceleration OFF ON Hold OFF OFF ON ON Hold With the UP/DOWN function used, the output frequency has the following restrictions for upper and lower limits. Upper limit: The maximum frequency in n09 or the frequency reference upper limit in n30, whichever is smaller. Lower limit: The minimum output frequency in n14 or frequency reference lower limit in n31, whichever is smaller. 86 Other Functions Chapter 6-7 · When the RUN command for forward or reverse rotation is input, the Inverter will start operating at the lower limit regardless of whether the UP/ DOWN command is input or not. · When the UP/DOWN function and inching frequency command are both assigned to multi-function inputs, an inching frequency command input will have the highest priority. · If n62 for UP/DOWN command frequency memory is set to 1, the output frequency held by the UP/DOWN function for 5 s or more will be stored in the memory. The output frequency will be held by the UP/DOWN function when both UP and DOWN commands are ON or OFF together. 6-7-8 Error History (n78) · The J7AZ stores information on the latest error. · The information on the latest error recorded is displayed by pressing the Enter Key after n78 for error history is displayed. · The details of the information are the same as that obtained from the multi-function monitor U09. n78 Setting range --- Error History Unit of setting --- Changes during operation Default setting ----- Note Display Example The information is read only. · Fault display uU 1 · No error stored Fault code To clear the error history, set n01 for parameter write-prohibit selection/ parameter initialization to 6. 87 Other Functions Chapter 6-7 88 CHAPTER 7 Communications 7-1 RS-422/485 Communications Unit . 7-1-1 7-1-2 7-1-3 7-1-4 7-2 7-2-1 7-2-2 7-2-3 7-2-4 7-3 7-4 Overview . 90 90 90 91 91 93 93 96 96 97 98 101 101 103 106 108 109 111 111 112 115 116 Inverter Settings. . 89 RS-422/485 Communications Unit Chapter 7-1 Using a SI-485/J7 (3G3JV-PSI485J) RS-422/485 Communications Unit allows J7AZ Inverters to participate in RS-422/485 serial communications. This makes Inverter control input, frequency reference input, monitoring of the Inverter's operating status, and reading and writing of parameter settings all possible via communications. Up to 32 Inverters can be connected to the Unit to enable easy creation of networks. [. . . ] Check the load torque characteristics of the machine to be used with the motor to set a proper V/f pattern. The J7AZ Series employs high carrier PWM control to reduce motor vibration. When the motor is operated with the Inverter, motor vibration is almost the same as when operated with a commercial power supply. · Resonance with the natural frequency of the mechanical system Take special care when a machine that has been operated at a constant speed is to be operated in variable speed mode. [. . . ]


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