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[. . . ] One-side operation not possible means that only operation on both sides is possible. Model Rated voltage Non-inductive load Resistive load NC 115 VAC Standard, overtravel (except high-sensitivity), 12 VDC and high-precision 24 VDC 48 VDC 115 VDC Overtravel (High-sensitivity) Inrush current NC NO 115 VAC 115 VDC 10 10 6 3 0. Model Rated voltage Non-inductive load Resistive load NC DC 12 VDC 24 VDC 48 VDC 115 VDC AC Note: 1. Operating speed Operating frequency Rated frequency Insulation resistance Contact resistance Dielectric strength The figures in parentheses for dielectric strength, are those for overtravel (high-sensitivity) or connector models. [. . . ] Light-ON when not operating means the lamp remains lit when the actuator is free, or when the Limit Switch contacts (NO) close when the actuator rotates or is pushed down. When the indicator lamp is set to light-ON when operating, connect the load on the NC side, and set so that the load turns ON when the actuator is free. Release Plunger Hardening method changed for greater abrasion resistance. Head The Head can be mounted in any of the four directions by removing the screws at the four corners of the Head. Shaft Section Seal By fitting a double seal consisting of an oil seal and an X-ring to the rotary shaft, even greater sealing properties are achieved. With roller lever models, the actuator position can be set anywhere within 360°. Oil seal X-ring Smoother Movement A grease holder is provided on the shaft to prevent the grease from running out. ) Cover Seal By using a packing seal as the cover seal, an optimum squeeze can be obtained and high sealing properties are assured as well. Terminal Screws Four, M4 screws Cover Separator The separator has outstanding insulation properties and prevents the generation of any gases which may corrode the internal parts. Conduit Opening In addition to level screws which use G 1/2 tube, directwired and pre-wired connectors have been added. Note: By changing the direction of the operational plunger, any one of the three operational directions (both sides, left, or right) can be selected. Item Appropriate model/actuator Details Changing the installation position of Roller Levers: WLMCA2@, WLMH2@, WLMG2@, WLMGCA2@ the actuator By loosening the Allen-head bolt on the actuator lever, the position of the actuator can be set anywhere within 360°. With Lamp-equipped Switches, the actuator lever comes in contact with the top of the lamp cover, so use caution when rotating and setting the lever. Roller Levers: WLMCA2@, WLMH2@, Installing the roller on the inside By installing the roller lever in the oppo- WLMG2@, WLMGCA2@ site direction, the roller can be installed on the inside. (Set so that operation can be completed within a 180° level range. Changing the orientation of the head Roller Levers: WLMCA2@, WLMH2@, By removing the screws in the four cor- WLMG2@, WLMGCA2@ ners of the Head, the Head can be set in any of the four directions. be sure to change the plunger for internal operations at the same time. (The operational plunger does not need to be changed on overtravel general-purpose and overtravel high-sensitivity models. Roller Levers: WLMGCA2@ Changing the operating direction By removing the Head on models which can operate on one-side, and then changing the direction of the operational plunger, one of three operating directions can be selected. The output of the Switch will be changed, regardless of which direction the lever is pushed. [. . . ] To install the Switch, make a mounting panel, as shown in the following diagram, and tighten screws using the correct torque. Either the easy-to-use Allen-head nut or the SC Connector can be used as connectors. 25-mm lead wires and M4-insulation covered crimp terminals for wiring. After operation, set the slit on the rubber cap so that the fluorescent color on the shaft section can be seen. [. . . ]


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