User manual OMRON WS02-9094G V1.0

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[. . . ] 1. 0 Operation Manual Produced July 5, 2005 iv Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use by a trained operator and only for the purposes described in this manual. The following conventions are used to classify and explain the precautions in this manual. Always heed the information provided with them. !DANGER !WARNING Indicates information that, if not heeded, is likely to result in serious injury or loss of life. Indicates information that, if not heeded, could possibly result in serious injury or loss of life. [. . . ] Note In the current version of CX-Profibus, the Watchdog setting made in the Generic Slave DTM is overruled by the Watchdog setting in the Master DTM (see also section 3-4-2 Setting the Bus Parameters). Module Configuration The I/O module configuration defines the I/O Data which the slave will be exchanging with the Master Unit, when it is in data exchange mode. The upper window in the Configuration tab contains all possible modules, which are in the GSD file. The user has to select the modules, which are associated with the physical configuration of the slave device. copying the module from the upper window of the lower window can be done in several ways. · Double-click the left mouse button on the selected module in the upper window. · Select the module in the upper window and click the Insert button or Append button. Insert will insert the module above the row selected in the lower window. The user can select multiple rows (in both windows) by simultaneously holding the SHIFT or CTRL key on the keyboard and selecting the rows using the left mouse button. The amount of I/O modules and data which can be selected depends on the slave device. The four rows of information above the module display the maximum amounts as well as the selected totals. Removing one or more selected modules from the list is done by · double-clicking the left mouse button on the module in the lower window. · selecting the module in the lower window and click the Remove button. In this case selecting multiple modules is also possible. 59 Generic Slave Device DTM Parameter Tab Section 2-5 The Parameter tab lists all settings to be made for the Parameter message. The Parameter tab is shown below (Example shown is the Parameter tab for an OMRON CJ1W-PRT21 PROFIBUS DP Slave Unit). Common Parameters The PROFIBUS DP parameter message contains a number of settings for the slave device. It is transmitted to the slave device before the I/O configuration message. In most cases a slave device requires a block of Common Parameter settings, i. e. However, there are also more sophisticated - modular - devices which require parameter settings per I/O module selected. The specific parameters blocks can be selected from the drop-down list at the top of the Parameter tab. This particular device does not support module parameters, so the parameters shown are the only ones. The Parameter list consist of a left column containing the name of the Parameter and a right column containing the settings options. In order to change the parameter setting, double-click the row, with the left mouse button. [. . . ] · The slave has deactivated this · Check Slave timeout parameter service. · The slave does not have sufficient memory space for the request data. 'New address' and/or 'Ident number (hex)' are/is empty. Fill-in both the 'New address' and the 'Ident number (hex)' fields. 17 129 Appendix Number 18 Message Slave/Master DTM does not accept the specified address. [. . . ]


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