User manual OMRON WS02-CXPC-V8 V8.2

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[. . . ] 8. 2 Operation Manual Revised May 2009 OMRON CX-Programmer ­ Operation Manual About this Manual (W446): This manual describes the operation of the CX-Programmer and consists of the following three parts. · Part 1: CX-Programmer This part describes the CX-Programmer software that is a PLC Programming Device, and also provides the overall precautions and the version upgrades information. Part 2: CX-Server PLC Tools This part describes the CX-Server PLC Tools software, which is a collection of the following components: PLC Memory, IO Table, PLC Setup, Data Trace/Time Chart Monitor, PLC Error, Memory Card, PLC-Clock, and CX-Net Network Configuration (including Data Link Editor and Routing Table). · Part 3: CX-Server Runtime This part describes the CX-Server software that is a communications middleware. Note: References within each part are references to the pages or chapters within that part. · Related Manual For details on the function block functions and ST programming, refer to the CX-Programmer Operation Manual Function Blocks and Structured Text (Cat. [. . . ] Networks affect CX-Programmer in that further Network associated options are available if the computer is Network connected. The status of a device when it is not being controlled by a computer (although it may be physically connected to it). Used to transfer and share information between Microsoft Windows based applications and accessories. The status of a device when it is under the direct control of a computer. A type of PLC instruction that appears at the right of a ladder rung ­ it cannot be connected to at the right. An area of the CX-Programmer display reserved for compilation messages and search results. The CX-Server application, as utilized by CX-Programmer, displays and manages PLC errors. The CX-Server application, as utilized by CX-Programmer, allows the user to view, edit and monitor either channels (words) or individual bits in areas of the PLC. The CX-Server application, as utilized by CX-Programmer, permits the configuration of PLC settings. A point is used to hold a value of a predefined type - Boolean, Integer, Text, etc. The contents of a point may be controlled by an object or IO mechanism such as DDE. The contents of a point may control the action or appearance of an object, or be used for output via an IO mechanism. Projects consist of ladder program(s), address and network details, memory, IO, expansion instructions (if applicable) and symbols. Each CX-Programmer project file is separate and is similar in concept to a document. An area of the CX-Programmer reserved for displaying and selecting project content. Turning a bit or signal OFF or changing it to its set value or to zero. PLC mode of operation during which device information is typically read-only. A logical circuit of a ladder program (a connection from the left to the right bus-bars). The sections are combined in order to form a program, and scanned in order by the PLC. CX-Programmer _Page 141 PART 1: CX-Programmer GLOSSARY OF TERMS - CX-Programmer OMRON Server application Server Signed Decimal Slots Symbol Target PLC Taskbar Text Transfer from PLC Transfer to PLC Units Upload Watch window An application that can be used to view or interact with. Server is used in DDE functions to contain a link to an outside application. A Server is the central processing point of a Network that is accessible to all computers. An address that has been given a name to make the address information more flexible. [. . . ] It can be read and, for CV-series PLCs, written to by the CX-Server software. Root group The highest level group in a CX-Server project. CX-Server Runtime_Page 88 Revision 2. 0 Node number OMRON PART 3: CX-Server Runtime GLOSSARY OF TERMS ­ CX-Server Runtime Rotary switch Routing table Routing RS232 RS422 Serial Connection Server Slots Stop bits Symbol SYSMAC LINK SYSMAC NET SYSMAC WAY System area System configuration Tagged database Target PLC Taskbar TCP/IP Temperature Controller Temporary Relay Area Text Timer area Toolbus Tools Transfer from PLC Transfer to PLC UDP Unit number Units Revision 2. 0 Indicates the method of calling a device by generating a series of pulses. A table containing the information necessary to allow communications between different networks including local and gateway network address details. The direction of data across a network from its source to its destination. [. . . ]


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