User manual OMRON WS02-CXPC-V9 REV 12-2009

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[. . . ] 9. @ Operation Manual Revised December 2009 OMRON CX-Programmer ­ Operation Manual About this Manual (W446): This manual describes the operation of the CX-Programmer and consists of the following three parts. · Part 1: CX-Programmer This part describes the CX-Programmer software that is a PLC Programming Device, and also provides the overall precautions and the version upgrades information. Part 2: CX-Server PLC Tools This part describes the CX-Server PLC Tools software, which is a collection of the following components: PLC Memory, IO Table, PLC Setup, Data Trace/Time Chart Monitor, PLC Error, Memory Card, PLC-Clock, and CX-Net Network Configuration (including Data Link Editor and Routing Table). · Part 3: CX-Server Runtime This part describes the CX-Server software that is a communications middleware. Note: References within each part are references to the pages or chapters within that part. · Related Manual For details on the function block functions and ST programming, refer to the CX-Programmer Operation Manual Function Blocks and Structured Text (Cat. [. . . ] 3. Press the Key to move the cursor to "Auxiliary Relay Area" in area 2. Move the cursor to an item in the list to select it. · Selecting a Symbol or Address Registered by the User 1, 2, 3. . . Press the Key to move the cursor to "Auxiliary Relay Area" in area 2. If the order of candidate operands is Symbol name ­ Address ­ Comment, the range of candidate symbol names will be automatically narrowed down when the first character of a symbol name is input. For example, when "L" is input, the range of possible symbols will be automatically narrowed down to symbol names starting with "L, " and only those symbols will be displayed in the list of user-registered symbols. Changing the Display of Candidate Operands You can change the display of candidate operands in the Options - Diagrams Dialog Box, as shown below. (Select Options from the Tools Menu to display the Options - Diagrams Dialog Box) Selecting Displays with or without I/O Comments The following dialog box for inputting an I/O comment is displayed by default after an address is input. To program without inputting I/O comments, clear the I/O Comments Option in the Ladder Diagram Options Dialog Box. Order of Display of Candidate Operands In the Parameter List in the Ladder Diagram Options Dialog Box, you can select any of the following orders for displaying candidate operands. · · · Symbol name ­ Address ­ Comment Address ­ Symbol name ­ Comment (default) Address ­ Comment CX-Programmer _Page 150 OMRON PART 1: CX-Programmer GLOSSARY OF TERMS - CX-Programmer GLOSSARY OF TERMS Address A location in memory where data or programs are stored. Examples of applications are CX-Programmer, CX-Server, CX-Protocol and Microsoft Excel. Binary Coded Decimal A data format supported by CX-Programmer: each group of four bits in the data is a representation of a digit (0-9). The value of a bit, or combination of bits, can represent the status of a device or can be used in programming. Boolean A type of point or symbol where the value can be one of two states. Essentially the two states are `0' and `1', but these states can be assigned a meaningful designation. Central Processing Unit The part of the PLC that can store programs and data, execute the instructions in program, and process input and output signals in order to communicate with other, external, devices. Clipboard An area within the windows environment where data can be stored temporarily or transferred between applications. Components The CX-Server application, as utilized by CX-Programmer, is made up of six components accessible from an invoking application. CPU type The type of CPU available to a specific device, the amount of memory available to a PLC varies according to the CPU involved. CS/CJ/CP-series Indicates any one of the following types of PLC: CS1G, CS1G-H, CS1H, CS1H-H, CJ1G, CJ1G-H, CJ1H-H, CJ1M, CP1H, CP1E. C-Series Indicates any one of the following types of PLC: C2000H, C200H, C200HE, C200HE-Z, C200HG, C200HE-Z, C200HS, C200HX, C200HX-Z, C1000H, C**H, C**K, C**P, CQM1, C500, C120, C20, CPM1 (CPM1A), CPM2*, CPM2*-S*. CV-Series Indicates any one of the following types of PLC: CVM1, CVM1-V2, CV500, CV1000 or CV2000. When using SYSMAC NET, CV series PLCs can operate in either CV mode (where the datagrams contain FINS commands) or C mode (where the datagrams contain C SYSNET commands). CX-Net Network Configuration tool A of a suite of programs allowing the management of Routing Tables and Data Link Tables in OMRON PLCs. CX-Programmer A PLC programming application for the creation, testing and maintenance of programs associated with the OMRON CS/CJ/CP-series PLCs, CV-series PLCs and C-series PLCs. It provides facilities for the support of PLC device and address information and for communications with OMRON PLCs and their associated network types. [. . . ] It can be read and, for CV-series PLCs, written to by the CX-Server software. Root group The highest level group in a CX-Server project. CX-Server Runtime_Page 90 Revision 2. 0 Node number OMRON PART 3: CX-Server Runtime GLOSSARY OF TERMS ­ CX-Server Runtime Rotary switch Routing table Routing RS232 RS422 Serial Connection Server Slots Stop bits Symbol SYSMAC LINK SYSMAC NET SYSMAC WAY System area System configuration Tagged database Target PLC Taskbar TCP/IP Temperature Controller Temporary Relay Area Text Timer area Toolbus Tools Transfer from PLC Transfer to PLC UDP Unit number Units Revision 2. 0 Indicates the method of calling a device by generating a series of pulses. A table containing the information necessary to allow communications between different networks including local and gateway network address details. The direction of data across a network from its source to its destination. [. . . ]


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