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[. . . ] And FA Communications Software can be used to access PLC data by using only tag names to enable more flexible and higher-speed access of PLC data from personal computers, and that lowers costs by eliminating the need for a special board for data links. Simultaneous Upgrade for All OMRON FA Communications Software Application Two types of access are supported. CX-Compolet, etc. NEW Tag access Tag access Virtual PLC memory Personal computers become nodes on EtherNet/IP data links just like PLCs. Flexibility You can easily handle changes to specifications. Data links NEW High-speed, large-capacity data links are possible. SYSMAC CJ2 SYSMAC CJ2 FA Communications Software System Applications Device-embedded Applications Product Positioning SYSMAC Gateway SYSMAC Gateway can be used as the communications driver on most networks. It is the successor to FinsGateway and has inherited all FinsGateway functionality. Access to collected data in personal computers High-speed access Personal computer EtherNet/IP CX-Compolet (formerly SYSMAC Compolet) Easy PLC Data Reading and Writing with VB. NET and VC#. NET Control Objects As-needed access to PLCs on networks Easy No special Board required. NEW Reduced costs and greater communications capacity. CX-Compolet CX-Compolet software enables easily reading and writing PLC data using Visual Basic. NET and Visual C#. NET. [. . . ] · Notification of data changes is provided immediately, eliminating wasted communications time. Note: USB and Ethernet can also be used for communications. Situation Problem Developing or Modifying PLC Applications Is Too Much Work Solution with SYSMAC Gateway Cyclic data checking is not required. Application Costumers who have created their own communications programs Modifying programs for different networks is a lot of work. A B Networks C Time spent on programming communications can be reduced by absorbing the differences between networks. Application SYSMAC Gateway Application A B C CX-Compolet SYSMAC Gateway Network differences are absorbed. -Insufficient speed. -Insufficient data link capacity. Using EtherNet/IP enables high-speed, large-capacity data links with no need for a special communications board. Large capacity Insufficient speed EtherNet/IP Fast Insufficient capacity Customers who are already using FinsGateway Main SYSMAC Gateway Functions Programming communications to send and receive messages for each node or block of data is too much work. Programming is required for each node or block of data. Environment for SYSMAC Gateway Item Languages Supported OS Description English or Japanese Windows 2000, XP, or Vista and 2003 Server Item Application Description SYSWAY, SYSWAY-CV, Peripheral Bus (Toolbus), FINS, and CIP CJ2, CJ1, CS1, CP1, C, and CVM1/CV Communications efficiency can be optimized by using EtherNet/IP data links. Supported protocols Notification of changes is sent. Supported PLCs CIP Service Specifications No special board is required. High-speed, large-capacity data links Supported networks RS-232C (SYSWAY, SYSWAY-CV, Peripheral Bus (Toolbus)) USB, EtherNet/IP1, Ethernet (FINS), Controller Link (FINS), and SYSMAC LINK (FINS) 1 Number of connections Allowable communications bandwidth 256 5, 000 pps 1 to 10, 000 ms (unit: 1 ms)1 184, 832 words max. 722 words (1, 444 bytes) max. CIP connectionless (UCMM) and CIP connection (Class 3) communications CIP connectionless (UCMM) and CIP connection (Class 3) communications Tag data links Refresh period (RPI) Link data capacity Data links are supported. Customers who want to standardize personal computer applications Having to modify personal computer applications whenever the PLC memory map is changed is too much work. Personal computer applications must also be modified. For the CJ2 with EtherNet/IP functionality, tag access and tag data links (1) provide freedom from PLC memory maps. 1 Data size per connection Message send function (client) Personal computer applications do not need to be modified. Virtual event memory CIO, Auxiliary (A), Holding (H), Work (W), DM, and EM1 to EM1F Changes to PLC memory map Tag data links are not possible from a C language library. They are possible only with . NET. Even when the PLC memory map is changed. Explicit messages Tag access For the CJ2 (with EtherNet/IP functionality), access by tag name is enabled. Message receive function (server) Data size CIP routing 1 502 bytes Not supported. The RPIs that can be set depend on the number of connections. 4 5 CX-Compolet Easily Create Programming to Read and Write PLC Data using VB or VC#. Software Configuration System Configuration Examples CX-Compolet can access the PLCs in all of the following configurations. CX-Compolet CX-Compolet CX-Compolet . NET Control Objects ActiveX Control Objects are also included. CX-Compolet is a package of software components that make it easy to program reading and writing OMRON PLC data. Read and write I/O memory in the PLC, change the operating mode, read error logs, and perform other operations. For the CJ2 with EtherNet/IP functionality, I/O memory in the PLC can be accessed by using tag names rather than addresses. NEW Array variable access is possible. NEW Press the button to read the value (D0 in this example). VB. NET/VC#. NET USB Commercially available USB cable CJ2/CP1 RS-232C Special Cable CJ2/CJ1/CS1 CX-Compolet SYSMAC Gateway USB CX-Compolet CX-Compolet RS-232C Data links CJ2 Data links CJ2/ CJ1/ CS1 CJ2/ CJ1/ CS1 CJ2/ CJ1/ CS1 User-created Applications VB. NET or VC#. NET CX-Compolet CX-Compolet EtherNet/IP CJ2/ CJ1/ CS1 Controller Link CJ2/ CJ1/ CS1 CJ2/ CJ1/ CS1 CX-Compolet NEW . NET Controls Simply paste to the form and specify the tags (addresses). Example CJ2/ CJ1/ CS1 SYSMAC PLC Ethernet EtherNet/IP Example: Reading I/O Memory Controller Link Support Board Controller Link SYSMAC Gateway Application Example D0 1234 Note: The above configurations are only examples. Communications are also possible with PLCs other than those shown here. For details, refer to page 8. Easily Program Device Alarm Monitoring. Using the control components provided by CX-Compolet frees the application designers from having to program the communications portions of the application. Data for device alarms and other data are sent to the applications using non-solicited EtherNet/IP communications events. Standardization is made easy by specifying data using tag names (such as "Alarm A" and "Alarm B") in the applications. SYSMAC PLC Situation Problem Creating and Modifying VB/VC# Communications Programming Is Too Much Work Solution with CX-Compolet Having to program communications frame assembly, reception response interpretation, and monitoring is too much work. Having to change communications processing, e. g. , for Ethernet and serial communications, is too much work. For a block of data of the same data type, it is too much work to have to specify the addresses one by one rather than being able to view them as one group and access that data as an element. (The tag name below is "PV. ") Methods Reading and writing I/O memory Development environment Creating I/O tables 4 Set the remote PLC in Force-setting, force-resetting and clearing bits the properties. Text1=SYSMAC CJ2. ReadVariable "PV") Communications with SYSMAC PLCs FINS service execution Events Scheduled events Note: Only the components compatible with SYSMAC Compolet version 2003 are supported. A development environment of . NET 2003 or higher is required for CIP communications. 6 7 Ordering Information SYSMAC Gateway (Communications Middleware) Product name Specification Model Standards Communications middleware for personal computers running Windows. Supports CIP communications and tag data links (EtherNet/IP) in addition to FinsGateway functions. WS02-SGWC1 Supported communications: RS-232C, USB, Controller Link, SYSMAC LINK, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP 10 additional licenses (This product provides only additional licenses. ) Software development kit for creating communications programs using SYSMAC Gateway. SYSMAC Gateway SDK Development languages: C, C++, Visual Basic. NET, Visual C#. NET WS02-SGWC1-L10 WS02-SGWC1S SYSMAC Gateway1 CX-Compolet Product name Specification Supported OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and 2003 Server 1 One license is required per computer. Model Standards Software components that can make it easy to create programs for communications between a computer and controllers. [. . . ] Never use the products for any application requiring special safety requirements, such as nuclear energy control systems, railroad systems, aviation systems, medical equipment, amusement machines, vehicles, safety equipment, or other application involving serious risk to life or property, without ensuring that the system as a whole has been designed to address the risks, and that the OMRON products are properly rated and installed for the intended use within the overall equipment or system. OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC One Commerce Drive Schaumburg, IL 60173-5302 U. S. A. 438A Alexandra Road # 05-05/08 (Lobby 2), Alexandra Technopark, Singapore 119967 Tel: (65) 6835-3011/Fax: (65) 6835-2711 OMRON (CHINA) CO. , LTD. Room 2211, Bank of China Tower, 200 Yin Cheng Zhong Road, PuDong New Area, Shanghai, 200120, China Tel: (86) 21-5037-2222/Fax: (86) 21-5037-2200 Authorized Distributor: Regional Headquarters OMRON EUROPE B. V. [. . . ]


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