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[. . . ] PalmOne, Tungsten, the Tungsten logo, “T” (Stylized), Addit, Blazer, Graffiti, HotSync, the HotSync logo, Palm, Palm Powered, Palm OS, the Palm logo, and VersaMail are among the trademarks or registered trademarks owned by or licensed to palmOne, Inc. All other brand and product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify products or services of, their respective owners. Uses the Bluetooth wireless technology trademark under express license from Bluetooth SIG, Inc. This product includes technology owned by Microsoft Corporation and cannot be used or distributed without a license from Microsoft Licensing, GP . [. . . ] € If automatic send retry succeeds, the message is moved to the Sent folder. € If automatic send retry fails after the third try, you have to send the message manually. Send retry notifications If automatic send retry fails after the third try, a notification appears on the Reminders screen. Send retry notification features include the following: • A broken envelope icon shows that automatic send retry has failed. € The Reminders screen shows only the most recent notification for an email account, no matter how many automatic send retries have been attempted for that account. Com manuals search engine CHAPTER 15 Sending and Receiving Email Messages Tip If you perform a soft reset or synchronize during send retry, the retry cancels. Outbox icons in the VersaMail application The icons to the left of a message in the Outbox show the message’s status. Message is waiting either to be manually sent or to be sent during the next send retry. Send retry is currently in process; you cannot edit, move, or delete a message in this state. You must manually send a message in this state by selecting Get & Send. Com manuals search engine CHAPTER 15 Sending and Receiving Email Messages Working with email folders By default, the VersaMail application displays the messages in a given account’s Inbox folder. You can also customize the appearance of the message list in your email folders, move messages between folders, and create and edit folders. Viewing another folder 0 1 In the Inbox or on another folder screen, select the folders pick list in the upper-right corner of the screen. Com manuals search engine CHAPTER 15 Sending and Receiving Email Messages Tip The customization options you choose apply to all email folders, not just the one you are currently viewing. Customizing the appearance of the message list You can change display options on the message list, as well as the size of columns in the list. 0 1 2 In the Inbox or on another folder screen, select Display Options. Customize any of the following: Sort by Select the Sort by pick list, and then select the column name. One- or two-line summary view Select the Show pick list, and then select one-line or two-line view. Columns shown Check the box under the Show pick list for each column you want to show. The column options change depending on whether you choose a one-line or a two-line view. Select each pick list in the Select Font dialog box (Font, Size, Style) and select the option you want. Read and unread message color Select the Read and Unread pick lists, and then select the color you want for each type of message. [. . . ] Com manuals search engine creating 269 displaying 170 downloading 329 importing information from 100 managing files for 28, 169 opening 171, 327 sending information to 442 transferring to handheld 66, 70 Microsoft Exchange accounts 336, 340 Microsoft Internet Explorer See Internet Explorer Microsoft Outlook See Outlook Microsoft Windows systems See Windows information Microsoft Word application 233 Microsoft Word documents attaching to email 332 creating 269 displaying 170 downloading 329 managing files for 28, 169 opening 171, 327 transferring to handheld 66, 70 Mini-USB connector icon 21 missing applications 25, 573 missing icons 573 mobile devices 117, 123 mobile phones accessing email accounts from 286 accessing Internet with 247 attaching modems to 530 beaming to 271 compatibility 251 connecting to 247, 256, 535, 584 connecting to Internet from 256 creating trusted pairs for 250, 584 dialing 125, 126, 420 dialing in to networks from 77 key exchanges and 265 passkeys and 252, 584 requirements for 128 setting up connection 250 Modem Sync Prefs dialog box 79 Modem Wait option 370 modems connecting to IR port from 530 dialing in to networks with 77 entering initialization strings for 370, 534 setting up connections for 533, 537 Money category 481 money. See usernames; contacts naming connections 533 Tungsten™ E2 Handheld 619 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine email accounts 276 expansion cards 557 handhelds 249, 526 mail folders 317 photo albums 184 playlists 206 user profiles 12, 13 navigating through websites 393, 396 navigational controls 23 navigator 19, 23, 34–37 negative numbers 453 Network Preferences dialog box 80 Network Preferences screen 536, 539, 540, 542, 543 network services 286 network settings 536–547 Network Setup screen 78, 83 networks accessing accounts for 252 accessing corporate 273 accessing email from 247 closing connections for 539 connecting to 80, 82, 536, 539 corporate email accounts and 272, 273 creating login scripts for 543–546 customizing connections for 533 deleting service profiles for 542 dialing in to 77, 530 losing connections to 571 selecting communications protocol for 541 setting IP addresses for 541 setting service for 80 setting up connections for 253, 262, 539 setting up service profiles for 536, 537 specifying as trusted device 263 synchronizing over 68, 77–84 new lines 231 New Profile screen 12, 13 next arrow icon 23 No-time icon 155 Normal view (Web Pro) 394 Note Pad See also notes backing up information in 27 categorizing information in 481, 485 clearing 238 creating notes from 238 deleting notes in 243 displaying notes in 242 getting help with 244, 245 overview 237 related topics for 245 selecting pens 239 setting color preferences 239 synchronizing information for 69 troubleshooting 582 updating information on 67 Note Pad icon 25 notes See also memos; Note Pad attaching alarms to 240 attaching to email 245 backing up 27 categorizing 238, 245 creating 238 deleting 243 editing 238, 242 marking as private 238, 245 saving 238 selecting 36, 242 setting background colors for 239 sorting 242 synchronizing 96 notification options (email) 296, 310 Notify Sound pick list 296 number formats 451, 515, 517 number keyboard 23, 57 number keyboard icon 22, 23 numbers backward compatibility for Graffiti 2 46 entering from keyboard 58 entering on calculator 453 Graffiti 2 writing and 44, 48, 519 O off-line viewing 403, 404 Office files 169–171 See also specific program files omitting passkeys 250 omitting passwords 537 Online Troubleshooting Guide 575 onscreen keyboards See keyboards operating systems 2 options 24, 85 order forms 412 organizing applications 41, 481 information 41, 480 Outbox 305, 310 Outbox icons 311 outgoing mail options 281, 283, 364, 366 Outgoing mail server option 361 outgoing mail servers 272, 277 Tungsten™ E2 Handheld 620 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine Outlook entering information from 96 marking completed tasks and 223 setting as default mail program 342 synchronizing with 10, 67, 89, 96, 576 requirements for 109 time zones in Calendar 143 troubleshooting 577 Overdue task icon 155 overdue tasks 154, 163, 222, 227 overlapping events 161 overwriting information 90, 92 owner information 526 Owner Preferences screen 526 P pager 117 Palm Desktop Installer icon 7 Palm Desktop software completing repeated tasks and 223 creating user profiles from 12, 13 described 2, 27 entering information in 96, 97, 99 importing information to 100, 102 installing 3, 7, 26 online help for 97 opening applications from 97, 98 requiring password entry for 463 restoring archived items to 110 synchronizing with 10, 67, 96, 576 system requirements for 2 troubleshooting 568 uninstalling 109 updating information in 66 upgrading handhelds and 7 Palm Dialer software. [. . . ]


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