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[. . . ] Sprint, the "Going Forward" logo and other trademarks are trademarks of Sprint Nextel. 343 Welcome to Sprint We are committed to bringing you the best wireless technology available. With Sprint, all your services work the same wherever you go on the network. We built our network right from the start, so no matter where you are on the network, all your services – whether it’s Voicemail, Caller ID, email, or Picture Mail – will work the same. [. . . ] Select the To pick list to address the message: Ⅲ Ⅲ Ⅲ If the recipient’s name appears in the To pick list, select it from the list. If the recipient is in your Contacts list, select Lookup in Contacts, and then start entering the first few letters of the recipient’s first or last name. Highlight the recipient’s mobile number or email address, and then press Center. If the recipient’s name is not in the pick list or your Contacts list, enter the full mobile number or email address. The Option Lock setting defaults to the setting you used the last time you addressed a message. Select one or more of the following: Ⅲ Ⅲ Ⅲ Picture icon lets you insert one or more pictures. You can take the pictures with the built-in camera (if included) or insert an existing picture. You can capture a video with the built-in camera (if included) or insert an existing video clip. If you capture a picture with the built-in camera (if included) and save it with a voice caption, the voice caption does not count as a voice memo. Your device uploads the picture or video to the Sprint PCS Picture Mail Website, creates a private Guest Book for the recipient on the Sprint PCS Picture Mail Website, and sends your message to the recipient. The recipient can then use a Web browser to access this private Guest Book to view this picture or video and to enter comments. You can view the comments later from the Sprint PCS Picture Mail Website. If you are out of a coverage area or if your device is off, outgoing messages go into the Outbox folder and are marked as pending. When you return to a coverage area, your pending messages are sent automatically. You can address messages to multiple recipients by separating the addresses with a comma. When entering a message, you can insert emotive symbols by pressing Center and selecting emoticons, or insert predefined QuickText phrases by selecting QuickText and then selecting a phrase. The Messaging application automatically replaces invalid characters before it sends messages. You can send and receive text messages even while you are on a phone call. 212 Section 3D: Messaging Receiving Messages When your device is on and in a wireless coverage area, you automatically receive an alert when a new message is ready for you to view. You can configure the alerts to use a ringtone and vibration or simply an onscreen alert. Messaging The new message alert may include any of the following buttons: ⅷ OK dismisses the alert and places the message in your Inbox. ⅷ Go To Msg opens the text message so you can view its full contents. [. . . ] See Sprint PCS Vision Accounts actions 38 activating keyboard backlight 42 screen items 40 Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device 12, 331 Active Call view 62, 64 active calls 172 active connection icon 183 adapters 165, 166 Add Bookmark command 227 Add Call button 63 Add Device view 79 Add New Contact prompt 69 Add Songs to Playlist screen 109 Add Voice Memo option 211 adding accessories 15, 133, 165 alerts 91 backgrounds 95 bookmarks 227–229 Caller ID pictures 68 343 Index categories 149 cities to World Clock 112 contacts 67, 72 events 89, 91, 92 favorite buttons 71–74 memos 103 passwords 14, 159, 161 private entries 161 QuickText phrases 212 songs to playlists 110 tasks 99 trusted pairs 79 voice captions to pictures 235 add-on applications 37 Address Book 175 See also Contacts application addresses adding multiple 73 creating links for 214 entering text messaging 208, 210, 212 highlighting 39 multiple recipients and 212 Sprint PCS Voice Command and 175 adjusting screen brightness 9, 147 adjusting volume 31, 108, 142 Advanced Mode (calculator) 114, 115, 116 Agenda view 88, 95 344 alarm 33, 34, 141, 145 See also alerts alarm clock 112 Alarm Preferences command 112 Alarm Preset check box 97 Alarm Sound pick list 97, 102 alarm tones 97 album pick list 235, 236, 239 albums adding pictures to 235, 240, 244 copying 241 creating 245 selecting 239 storing video clips in 236 Alert Manager symbol 265 Alert screen 91, 170, 213 Alert Volume and Vibrate settings 97, 141 Alert Volume pick list 141, 219 alerts adding 91 assigning to tasks 102 caution for incoming calls and 58 configuring message 213, 219 displaying pending 91 selecting tones for 97, 140 setting multiple 213 setting voicemail 141 silencing ringer for 145 untimed events and 91 Index Alerts command 219 aligning screen 148 Alt key 287 alternate characters 44, 45 anniversaries 91 Answer button 57 answering phone 13, 57, 75, 172 answering service. See voicemail antenna 34 applets 221 application buttons 36, 47, 151 Application favorite buttons 73 application icons 149 application preferences 149–150, 152 applications accessing Palm OS 48 arranging 149, 150 associating with buttons 151 backing up information in 124 beaming 122 copying 136 customizing 149 cycling through 49 displaying information about 132 displaying list of 150 displaying menus for 40 displaying private entries in 161 downloading 127, 224 expansion cards and 134, 136 installing 127–129, 281, 285 Index navigational control and thirdparty 37 opening 47, 136 phone conversations and running 64 power consumption for 9 removing 130, 131 searching 118 sending over Bluetooth devices 81 setting default 152 troubleshooting 280 uninstalling 259 upgrading 251, 263 viewing tips for iii Applications button 48 Applications settings 149, 152 Applications view 48, 136, 149, 150, 287 appointments. See Calendar application Archive folder 130 area conversions 115 arrow icons (documentation) 37 assigning passwords 14, 159, 161 assistance 16, 17 See also help; Customer Service attaching charger cable 6, 8 attachments 192–194, 196, 285 attendees 94 audio accessories 76 audio files 76, 104 audio formats 104 Audio icon 235, 238 345 Index audio player. See RealOne Player Auto Lock Device box 159 Auto naming pick list 243 auto shutoff intervals 155 Auto-Keyguard preference 157 automated invoicing information 16 automatic resets 283 auto-off interval 287 Auto-off setting 9, 155 B back view (Sprint PCS device) 32 Background check box 95 backgrounds 95 backing up information 20, 124 Backspace key 53, 54 Backup folder 131 band width 8 Basic Mode (calculator) 114 battery Bluetooth connections and 77 charging 6–7, 9 checking status 7 conserving power for 8–9, 155 disposing 300 inserting 5, 32 not charging 7 optimizing performance of 299 recharging 8 replacing 165, 261 viewing status of 60 battery charge indicators 60 battery door release 32 Battery Door Release button 5 battery icons 7 battery specifications 341 battery-ready indicator 6, 7 Beam Business Card command 70 Beam Category command 121 Beam command 120, 122 Beam Receive pick list 155 Beam Status dialog box 121, 122 beaming information 120–122, 287 beeps 35 See also alerts belt clip 165 billing information 184, 333 birthdays 91 blank screens 264 blinking asterisk 265 blocking caller ID 337 Bluetooth application 77, 79, 81, 83, 84, 86 Bluetooth devices connecting to 77–81 naming 77 sending information over 80 troubleshooting 267 Index 346 turning on and off 59 viewing status of 59 Bluetooth headsets 63, 75, 76, 78 Bluetooth technology 77 bookmarks 120, 227–229 Bookmarks view 227, 228 Bookmarks view icon 228 books iii brightness (screen) 9, 147 browser. [. . . ]


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