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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before reading these instructions, please read the Safety Guide and the Quick Reference Guide enclosed with this unit. Please carefully read these instructions and the enclosed Safety Guide and Quick Reference Guide. introduction Introduction Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic Document Scanner. About the documentation The scanner documentation consists of 3 manuals: the Operating Manual (this manual), the Safety Guide and the Quick Reference Guide. [. . . ] Check that "Scan Button Setting Tool" is selected for "Send to this application" when each condition is selected in "Scanner events". €¢ If an application other than "Scan Button Setting Tool" is selected, change the application to "Scan Button Setting Tool". 28 Operating Manual Installation Deleting Installed Software If you want to remove the software that is installed on your computer, follow the procedure below to uninstall them. €¢ The software is displayed with the program names below: Software Device driver TWAIN ISIS Image Capture Plus Presto!XX" and the number that follows a program name are the software version. When you upgrade the software, the numbers above may be different from the actual software version. Operating Manual 29 Operation O p e r Preparing Documents Acceptable Documents The acceptable documents for this scanner are as follows. ) Paper thickness for Feeding: KV-S1026C: 20–209 g/m² KV-S1015C: 40–209 g/m² • The height of all the documents on the tray should be less than 5 mm. €¢ With the exception of ISO format cards, the minimum guaranteed feeding length is 70 mm (2. €¢ Single paper feeding is recommended for papers exceeding the legal size length. €¢ • The height of the total cards (the total thickness including the embossing on each card) should be less than 5 mm (0. Additionally, the embossing on each card must not get entangled with others. If the scanning fails, place the card upside down, and then try again. Use the mixed batch card guide (page 37) when scanning mixed media (cards and papers) at the same time. 30 Operating Manual Operation Unacceptable Documents The following types of documents may not scan properly: • Curled, wrinkled or folded documents Documents must also meet the following conditions. ) Feeding direction • • • • • • • • • • *1 Carbon paper Thick or irregular documents such as envelopes Perforated or punched paper Non-rectangular or irregularly shaped paper, such as document with tags Coated paper Torn or frayed documents Extremely smooth, shiny paper, or paper that is highly textured Carbonless copy paper Transparent or partially transparent documents such as OHP sheet and tracing paper Photographs*1 Photographs may become scratched or damaged, etc. Do not scan the following types of paper: • Damaged or notched document/card • Documents out of specified size, thickness, and weight • Documents containing hard attachments such as metal or plastic (ex. clips or staples) • Bound or glued documents • Cloths , metallic sheets , OHP sheets , plastic films , etc. €¢ Document with wet ink or cinnabar seal ink • Thermal or photosensitive paper Operating Manual 31 Operation Notes about documents for scanning • Documents may not be able to be scanned due to poor paper quality, even if the thickness is within the specified limits. If a paper jam or double feeding occurs, try scanning again after doing the following: – Clean the rollers and sensors. €“ Reduce the number of sheets of paper loaded on the feed tray. Notes about double feed detection • This scanner is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor to detect double feeding. [. . . ] Pack the scanner with the AC adaptor, power cord, USB cable, DVD-ROM, Safety Guide and Quick Reference Guide. KV-S1026C KV-S1015C Binary Scanning speed*1 (portrait, 200 dpi) Color Resolution Scanning Scanning mode 100–600 dpi (1 dpi step) Optical: 300 dpi / 600 dpi (Automatic switch) Binary, 256 levels grayscale, 24-bit color, MultiStream: Binary & Grayscale, Binary & Color Single touch scan (3 buttons) Place to scan Ultrasonic double-feed detection Double Feed Skip Skip button – Scanning function Compression Width Length Paper Thickness Paper thickness for Feeding Format Card *3 JPEG (color, grayscale) 48–216 mm When feeding one sheet: 70–2, 540 mm When feeding multiple sheets: 70–356 mm 0. ) Size Thickness Operating Manual 61 Appendix Item Feed tray capacity Exit tray capacity Scanning Life*4 Roller replacement*4 Maintenance External dimensions (Width´Depth´Height) Weight Power requirement Scanner Power consumption Scanning Ready Sleep Power OFF Operating Environment Storage Environment *1 KV-S1026C 50 sheets (80 g/m² New Paper) 50 sheets (80 g/m² New Paper) 300, 000 sheets 100, 000 sheets KV-S1015C Clean the rollers, sensors, and scanning glass once a week or every 2, 000 sheets scanned. 303 ´ 177 ´ 137 mm (When the exit tray and feed tray is closed) 2. [. . . ]


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