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[. . . ] Other third-party wireless transmitters have not been RF exposure evaluated for use with this computer and may not comply with FCC RF exposure requirements. <Only for model with wireless LAN/Bluetooth> This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment has been approved for mobile operation, and unless otherwise advised in separate supplemental instructions for individual wireless transmitter(s), requires minimum 20 cm spacing be provided between antenna(s) and all person’s body (excluding extremities of hands, wrist and feet) during wireless modes of operation. This equipment may use multiple installed transmitters, which may be capable of simultaneous transmission. [. . . ] Repairs to certified equipment should be coordinated by a representative designated by the supplier. Any repairs or alterations made by the user to this equipment, or equipment malfunctions, may give the telecommunications company cause to request the user to disconnect the equipment. Users should ensure for their own protection that the electrical ground connections of the power utility, telephone lines and internal metallic water pipe system, if present, are connected together. Caution: Users should not attempt to make such connections themselves, but should contact the appropriate electric inspection authority, or electrician, as appropriate. € “NOTICE: The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) assigned to each terminal device provides an indication of the maximum number of terminals allowed to be connected to a telephone interface. The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the sum of the Ringer Equivalence Numbers of all the devices does not exceed 5. € REN: See bottom of the computer RESTRICTIONS CONCERNANT LE RACCORDEMENT DE MATÉRIEL “AVIS: L’étiquette d’Industrie Canada identifie le matériel homologué. 25-M-5-1 Models for Europe <Only for model with a “CE” mark on the bottom of the computer> Declaration of Conformity (DoC) “Hereby, we declare that this Personal Computer is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the Directive 1999/5/EC. € Hint: If you want to get a copy of the original DoC of our products which relates to the R&TTE, please contact our web address: http://www. The terminal equipment is intended for connection to the following public network; In all the countries of European Economical Area; - Public Switched Telephony Networks Technical Features. The terminal equipment includes the following features; - DTMF dialing - Maximum bitrate receiving mode: 56 kbit/s - Maximum bitrate sending mode: 33. (“MEI”) has developed or otherwise obtained the Programs and hereby licenses their use to you. You assume sole responsibility for the selection of the Product (including the associated Programs) to achieve your intended results, and for the installation, use and results obtained therefrom. MEI hereby grants you a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right and license to use the Programs in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement. You acknowledge that you are receiving only a LIMITED LICENSE TO USE the Programs and related documentation and that you shall obtain no title, ownership nor any other rights in or to the Programs and related documentation nor in or to the algorithms, concepts, designs and ideas represented by or incorporated in the Programs and related documentation, all of which title, ownership and rights shall remain with MEI or its suppliers. You may use the Programs only on the single Product which was accompanied by the Programs. You and your employees and agents are required to protect the confidentiality of the Programs. You may not distribute or otherwise make the Programs or related documentation available to any third party, by time-sharing or otherwise, without the prior written consent of MEI. You may not copy or reproduce, or permit to be copied or reproduced, the Programs or related documentation for any purpose, except that you may make one (1) copy of the Programs for backup purposes only in support of your use of the Programs on the single Product which was accompanied by the Programs. You may transfer the Programs and license them to another party only in connection with your transfer of the single Product which was accompanied by the Programs to such other party. At the time of such a transfer, you must also transfer all copies, whether in printed or machine readable form, of every Program, and the related documentation, to the same party or destroy any such copies not so transferred. You may not remove any copyright, trademark or other notice or product identification from the Programs and you must reproduce and include any such notice or product identification on any copy of any Program. [. . . ] tHIS IS THE ONLY WARRANTY THAT PCI MAKES RESPECTING THE SOFTWARE MEDIA. Please refer to the software licensor’s written warranty (accompanying the copy of the software) for any software warranty claim. Claim Procedure – In the event of a defect in material or workmanship in the media during the sixty (60) day warranty period, and you return it, transportation costs prepaid, to Panasonic Canada Inc. , Computer Products Marketing, 5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2T3, within the warranty period, together with a copy of your purchase receipt, and an explanation of the suspected defect, PCI will replace in Canada the defective disk(s) or other media. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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