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[. . . ] MP3 WMA CD Player/Receiver with CD Changer Control CQ-C1400N MP3 WMA CD Player/Receiver CQ-C1300AN/C1300GN (CQ-C1400N) Operating Instructions Bedienungsanleitung Manuel d'instructions Gebruiksaanwijzing Bruksanvisning Manuale di istruzioni Manual de Instrucciones Instrukcja obugi TEXT Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and keep this manual for future reference. Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung vor der Verwendung dieses Produktes aufmerksam durch und bewahren Sie sie danach fr sptere Nachschlagzwecke sorgfltig auf. Prire de lire ces instructions attentivement avant d'utiliser le produit et garder ce manuel pour l'utilisation ultrieure. Leest u deze instructie alstublieft zorgvuldig door voor u dit product in gebruik neemt en bewaar deze handleiding voor later gebruik. [. . . ] q : Front enhanced w : Rear enhanced TA Volume Set Traffic announcement are broadcast at the TA volume level. Default : 18 Setting range : 1 to 40 Press [VOLUME] (SEL: Select). Turn [VOLUME]. : TA volume 1 : TA volume 40 30 CQ-C1400N/1300AN/1300GN CQ-C1400N/1300AN/1300GN 31 E N G L I S H 23 Anti-Theft System This unit is equipped with a removable face plate. Removing this face plate makes the radio totally inoperable. Fuse q Use fuses of the same specified rating (15 A). Using different substitutes or fuses with higher ratings, or connecting the unit directly without a fuse, could cause fire or damage to the unit. If the replacement fuse fails, contact your nearest authorized Panasonic Service Centre. E N G L I S H 24 Remove the Removable Face Plate q Switch off the power of the unit. w Press the release button [ ]. Maintenance w Your product is designed and manufactured to ensure the minimum of maintenance. Removable Face Plate Case e Pull on the right side of the unit. r Gently press the bottom of the case and open the cover. Place the face plate into the case and take it with you when you leave the car. Notes on Discs Notes on CD/CD Media (CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM) If you use commercial CDs, they must have either of these labels shown at right. TEXT Install Removable Face Plate q Slide the left side of the removable face plate in place. w Press the right end of removable face plate until "click" is heard. w How to hold the disc Do not touch the underside of the disc. When not in use, keep disc in the case. Label side q Do not use irregularly shaped discs. Do not leave discs in the following places: Direct sunlight Near car heaters Dirty, dusty and damp areas Seats and dashboards Panel Removal Alarm This alarm sounds to warn you not to forget to remove the panel before leaving your car. Disc cleaning Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe from the center outward. Do not use irregularly shaped discs. <Correct> <Wrong> "PANEL !" is displayed and an alarm sounds when turning off the power of this unit or turning the ignition switch of your car to OFF. Do not attach any seals or labels to your discs. Do not write anything on the disc label with a pointed pen or hard-point pen. Caution: This face plate is not waterproof. Do not place the face plate on the dashboard or nearby areas where the temperature rises to high level. Do not touch the contacts on the face plate or on the main unit, since this may result in poor electrical contacts. If dirt or other foreign substances get on the contacts, wipe them off with a clean and dry cloth. To avoid damaging the front panel, do not push it down or place objects on it while it is open. Notes on CD-Rs/RWs You may have trouble playing back some CD-R/RW discs recorded on CD recorders (CD-R/RW drives), either due to their recording characteristics or dirt, fingerprints, scratches, etc. CD-R/RW discs are less resistant to high temperatures and high humidity than ordinary music CDs. Leaving them inside a car for extended periods may damage and make playback impossible. Some CD-R/RWs can not be played back successfully thanks to incompatibility among writing software, a CD recorder (CD-R/RW drive) and the discs. This player cannot play the CD-R/RW discs if the session is not closed. This player cannot play the CD-R/RW discs which contains other than CD-DA or MP3/WMA data. [. . . ] After connection, insulate the portions marked () with insulating tape. Note: For cars other than types standard, A and B, please consult your local car shop. A4 12 V Batteries (Continuous supply) 12 V-Batterie (Dauerversorgung) Batterie de 12 volts (alimentation continue) 12 V accu (doorlopende stroomvoorziening) L Use ungrounded speakers only. Allowable input : 45 W or more (CQ-C1300AN/C1300GN) : 50 W or more (CQ-C1400N) Impedance : 4 8 Distance between speaker and amplifier: 30 cm or more Verwenden Sie nur nicht geerdete Lautsprecher. Zulssige Belastbarkeit : 45 W oder mehr (CQ-C1300AN/C1300GN) : 50 W oder mehr (CQ-C1400N) Impedanz : 4 8 Entfernung zwischen Lautsprecher und Verstrker: 30 cm oder mehr Utilisez uniquement des haut-parleurs non relis la masse. [. . . ]


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