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[. . . ] TEXT CQ-C3503N ¡Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and keep this manual for future reference. 1 2 Dossier racine Root Folder (Répertoire racine) (Root Directory) q 4 3 Sélection de dossiers Folder Selection e w In the order Dans l’ordre 1 – 8 5 6 Sélection de fichiers File Selection Dans l’ordre In the order – q r 8 y t y Tree 8 Arbre 8 (Max. [. . . ] (YEP0FZ5699) Installation/Einbau/Montage/Installatie How to install the unit/Einbau des Gerätes/Mode de montage de l’appareil/Installeren van het toestel Caution ● Wear gloves for safety. How to remove the unit/Ausbau des Gerätes/ Dépose de l’appareil/Verwijderen van het toestel Vorsicht ● Tragen Sie Handschuhe, um sich vor Verletzungen zu schützen. ● Achten Sie vor dem Einbau darauf , dass die Verdrahtung fertiggestellt ist. Connection of power connector e Anschluss des Versorgungssteckers e Raccordement du connecteur d'alimentation e Aansluiten van de stroomstekker e Main unit securing q w e Remove the face plate. Caution When this unit is installed in dashboard, ensure that there is sufficient air flow around the unit to prevent damage from overheating, do not block any ventilation holes on the unit. Using the Rubber bushing (Option) Verwendung der Gummibuchse (Option) Utiliser la bague d'amortisseur en caoutchouc (Option) Gebruik van het rubber stootkussen (optioneel) Rubber Bushing (Option) Gummibuchse (Option) Bague en caoutchouc (Option) Rubber stootkussen (optioneel) Mounting Bolt w Befestigungsschraube w Boulon de fixation w Bevestigingsbout w Snapping point Einschnapppunkt Position de rupture Breekpunt 5 5 Trim plate r mounting Anbringen der Abdeckplatte r Installation de la plaque de garniture r Bevestigen van de afwerkingsrand r Battery Cable reconnection Wiederanschließen des Kabels Rebranchement du câble Opnieuw aansluiten kabel 6 4 Pull out the unit with both hands. Model: CQ-C3503N/C3303N English Before Installation/Vor dem Einbau/ Avant l'installation/Voor de installatie Before Wiring/Vor der Verdrahtung/ Avant le câblage/Voor het aansluiten van de bedrading Wiring/Verdrahtung/Câblage/Bedrading CQ-C3503N Preamp Out Connector (Front) Vorverstärker-Ausgang (Vorderseite) Connecteur de sortie de préamplificateur (avant) Uitgangsaansluiting voorversterker (voor) Caution To prevent damage to the unit, do not connect the power connector until the whole wiring is completed. (R)/(R)/(D)/(R) (Red)/(Rot)/(Rouge)/(Rood) C1 : C3 : (Brown w/black stripe)/(Braun mit schwarzem Streifen)/ (Brun à rayures noires)/(Bruin met zwarte streep) External Remote Control Lead When using a non-Panasonic external remote control, refer to the manufacture for their product before connecting. (Orange)/(Orange)/(Orange)/(Oranje) External Mute Lead To the Navi Mute lead of the Panasonic car navigation system or car telephone mute lead. ISO Connector ISO-Stecker Connecteur ISO ISO aansluiting A A A A A5 ACC A8 : (Black)/(Schwarz)/(Noir)/(Zwart) Ground Lead To a clean, bare metallic part of the car chassis. 100 mA) (This lead is not intended for use with a switch actuated power antenna) Amp· —Please check that the pin arrangement of the connector in your car conforms to ISO standard. —For car types A and B, change the wiring of the red and yellow leads as shown at below. [. . . ] Caution ●Do not connect more than one speaker to one set of speaker leads. (except for connecting to a tweeter) ●Do not use a 3-wire type speaker system having a common earth lead. [. . . ]


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