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[. . . ] Operating Instructions Air Conditioner 2-15 Operating Instructions Air Conditioner Before operating the unit, please read these operating instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference. The included Installation Instructions should be kept and read by the installer before installation. Remote control is packaged in the indoor unit and removed by the installer before installation. Français English Provides maximum comfort and clean air with optimal energy saving methods. [. . . ] € New batteries of the same type must be inserted following the polarity stated. Power supply Do not disconnect the plug by pulling the cord to prevent electric shock. Indd 7 12/22/2016 9:08:09 AM Safety precautions After a long period of use or use with any combustible equipment, aerate the room regularly. English CAUTION Prevent water leakage by ensuring drainage pipe is: -Connected properly, - Kept clear of gutters and containers, or -Not immersed in water 7 How to use Indicator POWER TIMER ECONAVI nanoe AIR SWING To adjust airflow direction Upper direction Lateral direction • Do not adjust the flap by hand. To adjust fan speed AUTO FAN • For AUTO, the indoor fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the operation mode. POWERFUL: To reach the preset temperature quickly • This operation stops automatically after 20 minutes. qUIET: To enjoy quiet operation • This operation reduces airflow noise. To maximise comfort while sleeping This operation provides you with a comfortable environment while sleeping. It will automatically adjust the sleep pattern temperature during the activation period. This is not applicable if the indicator brightness has been manually dimmed. € This operation can be cancelled by pressing This operation is incorporated with the the respective button when the sleep timer activation timer (0. To set the timer 2 sets of ON and OFF timers are available to turn ON or OFF the unit at different preset times. 1 ON TIMER OFF CANCEL 2 3 SET 1 Select ON or OFF timer • Each time pressed: Cancel Example: OFF at 22:00 2 Set the time 3 Confirm • To cancel ON or OFF timer, press or to select respective or then press . € If timer is cancelled manually or due to power failure, you can restore the timer again by pressing or to select respective or then press . • The nearest timer setting will be displayed and will activate in sequence. € Timer operation is based on the clock set in the remote control and repeats daily once set. To improve humidity and moisture level (Not applicable for Multi split system) • This operation reduces air dryness during COOL mode only. To save energy To purify the air • When manual AIR SWING is selected, the ECONAVI operations will be cancelled. Note , , , , • Can be activated in all modes and can be • Cannot be selected at the same time. Cancelled by pressing the respective button • Cannot be activated during MILD DRY. Single • Unit selects operation mode every 10 minutes according to the setting and room temperatures. € Unit selects operation mode every 3 hours according to setting temperature, Multi outdoor temperature and room temperature. [. . . ] AUTO OFF/ON ■The indicators are too bright • To dim or restore the unit’s indicator brightness, press and hold for 5 seconds. –Conducting a seasonal inspection after extended non-use • Check the remote control batteries. € Check that there is no obstruction around the air inlet and outlet vents. After 15 minutes of operation, it is normal to have the following temperature difference between the air inlet and outlet vents: COOL: ≥ 8 °C / 14. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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